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All Blacks still miles in front of the rest


I been told the last couple of weeks that the All Blacks are beatable, that the Lions will beat them and now the Aussies are also saying that they will win against the All Blacks in this years Rugby Championship.

Is it just me or has the world gone absolutely mad?

I do not think people really see  the distance the All Blacks are in front of the rest in world rugby. The fact that they can loose their front line center and fullback early in a match and still make the British And Irish Lions look ordinary should tell the story to most but then you have those dreamers that will tell you otherwise.

Maybe we do not understand what the word  skill really means.

Skill is not just the ability to throw the ball around make a backward flip pass or a chip kick and pass kick, skill in the game of rugby are much much more.

It is the ability to see space, to stay calm when you up against it, to make something out of nothing and the ability to last longer than the other team in the game.

That is just a few I mentioned because the game of rugby today is all about skill and if you do not have it you cannot be compare to a team like the All Blacks. They are the best coached, conditioned and have reserve players that will be in most countries test teams who do not even have a test spot.

There is one team that have come closer to the New Zealanders and that is England but in the same breath they have not played the All Blacks in recent years so we cannot really compare the two.

Lions supporters are going on, on the fact that Ireland had the one win in USA last year and that England equal their wins in a row against tier 1 nations, but that counts for nothing as no team have been able to beat the All Blacks consistently in the past 10 years.

To win a once of match against the All Blacks or to run them close does not mean the gap is closing it just mean that on the day you came close or you succeed. Teams and coaches have tried many things to get under the All Blacks skin but did not really succeed. Gatland have tried as the last couple of weeks he first said they scrum illegal, then it was blocking and after the first test he suggest the All Blacks are going out to injure his star scrumhalf Conor Murray, this all just seems a bit desperate from a coach that knows he is under pressure.

The Lions are a great group of players but making so many mistakes in a test match will never get you pass the All Blacks as you need to be perfect and have some luck your way as well.

What does make the All Blacks better than other international teams?

It all starts with the way New Zealand rugby does things. For all New Zealanders it is about what is for  the better of All Blacks rugby, not provincial rugby not franchise rugby but All Black rugby. They all have this same common goal and they all work towards it and most important they have been lucky enough that the All Blacks jersey means more to most players in New Zealand than the big bucks in Europe and Japan.

Now for Cheika to come out and say that his awful Aussies have a chance against the All Blacks is not even a joke it is just a plain stupid comment.

Australia problems is not with Cheika and his national team it goes to the Super Rugby teams who have been absolutely horrible this year and they have now brought that culture to the national side. They do not look like a family in that team and the skills are absolutely a disgrace for Australian rugby. The players looked unfit with passion shown in their game.

The All Blacks and most New Zealand teams almost play the perfect game of rugby and to beat them you need to be near perfect everytime you run out against them and Australian rugby is not even close to that.

Skills and passing game has always been the one thing the Aussie teams had been good at if not the best, but to sit through any Australian Super Rugby match and now even their test team is worst than drinking “Kaster olie”

With a few weeks to go before the start of the Rugby Championship, one can only think that Cheika comments was what he had dreamed off on Friday night and not reality.

And for those still thinking the Lions will beat the All Blacks, you live in the same dream world as Cheika….


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  1. Depends what game we play. If it’s all about kicking away possession and defending, the Boks will be beaten badly. If the Boks dominate upfront, like they can do, and attack with their backs, like 2nd FR test, I be betting the Boks to cause one helluva upset, ala Japan

  2. I reckon Savea is going to go mental trying to get his test place back. Fancy being able to drop Savea, Milner Skudder and Barret.

    Reckon CJ Stander is going to go ape again too… he’s been brilliant… exactly the sort of player the Boks would need in their ranks for some balance.

  3. Yep, maybe you right Jacques. But I get the feeling something on the cards here..

  4. I don’t think anyone who seriously follow rugby would have tipped the Lions to take the first test.

  5. @Craven:

    More to the point… tipped against this AB’s side. Lions after losing a few were always a relative unknown entity in terms of clicking… definitely a few strange selections.

  6. @bryce_in_oz:

    Thing is, the ABs did not play the game the Lions were expecting. Gatland thought it would be another Maori AB game played at a higher tempo and the the ABs did not comply with that. They kept it a lot closer to the action and the middle of play.

    I expect them to turn up the gas this week.

  7. @bryce_in_oz:

    I think the biggest weakpoint in the Lions squad is Gatland. I would have enjoyed to see what a Jones, Schmidt or Cotter could have done with that team.

  8. Bunny this article is very on point.
    Doesn’t mean I have to like it.
    Where in this grim hell -scape yo describe is hope for the world in union to vanquish these beasts?
    At this time I can only think……..England

  9. @Americano: Ha, ha beasts indeed. You will have to wait 17 months for that game Americano. England equalled but failed to break the 18 match winning streak held by the AB’s and also failed to get the 4 Nov 2017 game at Twickenham for themselves. Apparently objections from their own Premiership sides on likely injuries a game v the AB’s would produce, the Barbarians reluctance to give up their fixture v the AB’s at Twickenham and disagreement on how the proceeds of the sellout 82 000 game at Twickenham would be split were, like Ireland, a bridge too far for England

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