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All Blacks stink of hypocrisy


Hypocricy comes in many forms, but none more so apparent as the All Blacks “outrage”over the four-week ban for hooker Keven Mealamu.

Brenden Nel, SuperSport

His suspension was reduced after an appeal panel decided he had not intentionally meant to headbutt Moody during the match, which the All Blacks won 26-16.

His headbutt on English flanker Lewis Moody deserved more – perhaps not the nine-week suspension handed down to Bok lock Bakkies Botha – but a lot more than the month break he is forced to take.

But while most of us viewed the replays of the incident, shook our heads and muttered to each other : “he’s going to get cited for that”, the real surprise is how the All Blacks, those mighty custodians of what is good and right in the game, reacted to the suspension.

In a year when referees are almost terrified to penalise New Zealand because their boss Paddy O’Brien controls their appointments. (his thumbs up for Alain Rolland’s handling of Richie McCaw in the Tri-Nations is just one example), the way the All Blacks have come out in defence of Mealamu borders on the ridiculous.

Tarnished reputation

McCaw was right when he pointed out the inconsistencies of the judicial system, especially after the cheap shot from English hooker Dylan Hartley went unpunished by the citing commissioner. But for a respected captain who plays down controversy, his team management have tarnished more than just the All Blacks’ reputation.

Remember all those “thuggery”calls after the Botha incident. The Bok lock was indefensible and we all knew it. Botha took his punishment like a man, the Bok came home and apologised, served out his ban and we respected him for it.

The All Blacks were also mum when Tony Woodcock escaped censure for punching Saia Fainga’a during this year’s final Tri-Nations game.

But Mealamu has appealed (as is his right) and the All Blacks have gone on the offensive. While we are all wondering if a Bok player with a similar incident would have gotten off so lightly, the All Black management are trying every bit of spin to disguise a disgraceful incident.

All Black assistant coach Steve Hansen’s defence of the hooker must now rate up there alongside Peter de Villiers’s ill-timed defence of Schalk Burger during the Lions series last year. Consider the following:

“What we are talking about here is a guy whose character is being questioned and it shouldn’t be. Everyone is disappointed and gutted for Kevvy, everyone knows it is not in his nature to do that,” Hansen said.

“Everyone knows that if Kevvy said he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it.”

Hansen added that Mealamu was “a one-off special person. He hasn’t got a dirty bone in his body.

“He’s not a dirty player, he never has been. This is a case we’ll go to the death on.”

Ok, so that’s settled then. “Kevvy” said he didn’t do it, so he didn’t do it. A clean sportsman, according to the All Blacks, who has been slighted by the fact that Moody dared make contact with his head. Understandable, after all, Moody was on the ground and should have anticipated a flying Mealamu coming in.

Unpunished spear tackle

Strange too that Mealamu was one of the players who – according to the British press – “got away” with spear-tackling Brian O’Driscoll in the 2005 Lions tour. Only it wasn’t a spear tackle, and it wasn’t punished.

In the same series Danny Grewcock was banned for two months for biting Mealamu’s fingers. Grewcock claimed the hooker had tried to hook his mouth, a claim that was never substantiated and which have made some – like former English test player Brian Moore – wonder “why Mealamu’s fingers were in Grewcock’s mouth in the first place.”

All the spin aside. A headbutt is a headbutt. It is a top level offence according to the International Rugby Board. As such, if it is deemed a headbutt, it should be punished accordingly.

Mealamu may be a Christian, and a “nice guy” (as is Bakkies, by the way), but his actions should be judged on the moment of madness itself, and an appeal could always come back with a harsher sentence.

Four weeks is a light sentence and given the reaction from the All Blacks, you can’t help but understand if there isn’t a lot of love for them in Europe – or the rest of the rugby world – right now.


  1. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:54 pm:

    Well it’s new in SA Bryce

    And though Brendan is apparently chastised… I am not

    Damn effing right

    Come on Paddy No Brain…

    Just come out and wear you All Black jersey…

    What an out and out twat who should actually be neutral but clearly chooses sides and openly supports New Zealand in rugby circles… he is a disgrace to the IRB…

    In all honesty..

    Even with his “Ag Mistakes happen live with it” attitude Andre Watson is a far more neutral person to handle the IRB top job for refs…

    Let’s start a petition


  2. Reply to DavidS @ 4:18 pm:

    The ‘revolution’ has started here… Kev has been penalised… and more-so many of the fans, scribes and players have been made to look like tits…

    But jeez it’s getting boring… bump this thread when the appeal gets another week added to it…

  3. Here the fucknut dictates to refs in games involving New Zealand

    If the IRB has an ounce of integrity it cannot allow No Brain to keep working for them.

    It appears that No Brain has two propaganda settings:

    1. Support New Zealand against all comers

    2. UNLESS they are not playing… in which case always support the ref.





    (I wonder if South Africa will ever get an apology for Paul Honiss’ “Talk to your players gaffe in 2004 from the IRB chief of refs)

    As far as I can see No Brain is the Piet Poephol of refs media communication…

  4. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 4:38 pm:

    Ja the Kiwis have a point though

    Hey guys

    We’ve never been penalized for something like this before? How come we’re being penalized now? It’s unfair…

    Enter Paddy No Brain to have a go at the ref and judiciary… que change to judicial rules to disallow further citings of New Zealand players without his express written consent.

    Not overdone

    I said it before and I’ll say it again

    The reason these pigs keep escaping is cos the refs don’t have the guts to do it and it’s about time they grew fugging balls… and if it takes pressure from fans then so be it!

  5. Supersport should use the S15 and Tri-Nations next year to highlight Kiwi dirty play and play it on big screens over and over and over and over again in slow motion till the crowd bays for blood on back jerseys..

  6. Then we fans should extract clips to places like Rugby Dump and bombard the IRB for comment when the “three agreement” citing system fails the Bokke

  7. Boer ek het net een ding reggemaak

    Brendan is ‘n rugby speler

    Sy Engels is nie mooi deur die subredakteur reggemaak nie..

    Hypocrisy is die korrekte spelling

  8. Bryce, it might be boring but it is going to wreck the game.

    The last 3N was just the beginning of what is going to be happening in RWC11 in New Zealand. Make no mistake, the IRB wants an AB victory and the AB’s will do anything to ensure they win.

    Can you imagine the ignominy if they loose in their own tournament.

    So what do we see………their biggest threat has been neutered by Paddy’s refs, and have collected lots of “form’ (ie cards) while keeping their form clean. They have established boundaries for their being able to slow the oppositions ball in the loose – just watch how the whole team obstructs the opponentes at any breakdown – whilst others are still playing to the rules.They have publically (and make no mistake it has been particularly nasty and sneering) denigrated PDV (it’s OK if we do but they can’t) and the Boks. They have sacrificed their domestic competition -the ITM was an absolute joke this year as all the AB’s were rested – so that they can take fit players on tour for Henry to test his combinations and second and third choice players….. and they must not have this disrupted by having a banned player.

    Personally I’d like to see them get a really good snotting. They were ungraciuos in ther loss to Oz in HK – as in “how could this be happening to us, the greatest team in the world”?

    Their attitude and the fact that the playing field is not level will destroy the RWC unless the English press start getting into O’Brien and the IRB about refs and citing officers favouring the AB’s……………..and maybe, just maybe we will see a fair competition in NZ next year. If not, we might as well not turn up to watch. :Boertjie normaal: :dead horse:

  9. Reply to mawm @ 9:10 pm:

    They key is for other nations to also start complaining about what you mention. Otherwise it will just look like sour grapes from the Boks.

  10. Ja Boertjie, hence my comment about the English press. They weild a lot of power. Already Peter Bills has had a go or two at them.

  11. I have written a letter of protest to he IRB. I hope that a few of the other posters do so as well. Outwide?

    M. Bernard Lapasset
    International Rugby Board

    Dear Sir,

    Re; Kevin Mealamu – Reduction of term of suspension

    It is with some astonishment and great concern that I learn of the reduction of the term of suspension for the above named player.

    There can be no doubt that, in this particular instance, his entry into the ruck was dangerous and that it was a deliberate attempt to injure another player, and that his citing was the correct process to deal with such foul play. The original suspension of 4 weeks was a surprisingly light sentence relative to other such incidents and the sentences meeted out.

    That this sentence has been appealed, and that it has been reduced, draws attention to the inequality of the citing process and has created a great sense of unease about the future of the game. There can be absolutely no doubt that the impression is that some teams get off more lightly than others. In the run up to RWC11 in New Zealand any hint of favouritism or of an ‘uneven’ playing field, especially towards the host nation, will have a profound effect on the success of the tournament.

    The most basic principle of the game of Rugby is that there is fair competition and, as the ultimate authority, the IRB has a duty to ensure that this is so, and that is seen to be so, at all times.

    Yours sincerely

    Anthony Taylor
    New Zealand.

  12. Of course there is an autoreply….. we get so much mail that we can’t be bothered to read it. All your questions will be answered by a visit to our website.


  13. I’ll admit I missed this part “UPDATE:
    His suspension was reduced after an appeal panel decided he had not intentionally meant to headbutt Moody during the match, which the All Blacks won 26-16.” when I said boring…

    Why is it that the IRB are purported to be so ‘scared’ of penalising the AB’s… I mean it’s a tiny wee country across the Tasman and in some respects a bit of comedic value nothing more!

  14. This is what I would have preferred for Mealamu…

    And Hansen and McCaw

    Fuckit when we squealed about Bakkies’ suspension the IRB threatened to discipline us for protesting…

  15. Reply to Boertjie @ 2:53 pm:
    nee was besig om kak te soek, kan dit nie hier soek nie.
    ek sien jy uitdeel :Rule 9: op die anner thread.
    toe maar Boerman laat ons sien of die wee maestro een oor wallis kan slaan.

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