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ARU statement on Quade Cooper


Australian Rugby Union has released a statement following Quade Cooper’s comments on the rugby show, The Rugby Club.

“In light of Quade’s interview last night, we feel compelled to respond because he has moved beyond his comments of the weekend.

“Much of what was said on The Rugby Club has left us utterly confused.

“Quade wants more of a say in the game plan, he wants to play his style of game.

“He certainly made that clear. Yet he also said he could adapt if required.

“He talks of an unhappy environment without elaborating.

“He uses the word toxic – an extremely strong descriptor.

“However, when pressed on the issues he turned to facilities and the Wallabies not having a dedicated place to train.

“We’ve never had these concerns raised previously.

“The fact is the Wallabies are a national team. They train, stay and play in cities all around the country and overseas.

“The Australian cricket team and the Socceroos, same thing.

“Suggesting the Wallabies are under resourced has equally come out of the blue.

“Most disturbingly, he was firm about not playing for the Wallabies unless things change.

“If that is how he feels, then that is his choice.

“The reality is a decision on whether or not he stays in Australian Rugby has to this point rested with him since he received an ARU offer in early July.”

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  1. You are not the only ones confused by this sudden outbreak.

    Methinks Quade has made up his mind to go and play league, he is using this as his reason to leave.

  2. He is looking for excuses for his inabilty to take the step up.

    Arrogant little shit. And as someone who knows him quite well ssays: He is as thick as a brick.

    He is being liked to Giteau with regards to his arrogance here

  3. Thick as a brick = a compliment!

    Hy’s so dom soos kak man, the arsehole is fighting with his bread and butter, trying to be the MAN!

    Be a man, and learn to tackle, this is UNION dude. :boks:

  4. Reply to Boertjie @ 1:56 pm:

    It’s quite ironic… this makes ZERO news in aussie sports at the moment…

    There is the AFL Grand Final happening… the entire nation is stopping (bigger than a RWC here in Victoria).. then the NRL Grand Final… and not one punter actually has heard of rugby union this weekend…


  5. Regardless of Cooper’s stupidity in burning his bridges like this, what he said about the team environment is probably true to an extent.

    Which means, Robbie Deans is going to be fired soon.

  6. Yep as one who has met him… brilliant foot-baller… definitely a few lunches short of a picnic… and add the Gen Y factor…

    On top of that… is it any surprise he shares the same manager as Sonny Bill????

  7. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 12:50 am: Is that Nasser? Can we expect Quade to change his religion like SBW – said to have been Nasser’s influence that made SBW turn his back on Christianity.

    Quade has an x-factor about him that can win games whether he is playing for the Reds or Oz but the kiwis love to hate him supposedly because he was one of their own previously. He has been unfairly targeted at games in NZ but his latest outbursts make you wonder whose side he is on – more valuable to the Bok cause than the Wallabies at the moment. :whatever:

  8. Reply to Boertjie @ 6:10 pm:

    I will say one thing for the game… it is older than rugby union, the ‘entire’ family (including Granny’s) gets into it, actually takes more skill than union (arguably)… and it’s quite a spectacle sitting amongst 100k+ fans watching a game scoping an entire cricket ground… very gladiator-esque…

    But because I’m union-bred… it’s hard to get over watching players ‘knock-on’ the ball, not being able to tackle from the front and the ‘off-the-ball’ fouls only being penalised a few days later…

  9. Reply to out wide @ 1:58 am:

    I too thought he was hard-done-by by Kiwi’s… at the end of the day I now think the hate is more due to him being an A-grade tosser… and his of course his fouls on Sir Richie…

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