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By: Benedict Chanakira (BC)




South African Stats XV 

15. Cheslin Kolbe (Stormers), 14. Ruan Combrinck (Lions), 13. Juan de Jongh (Stormers), 12. Damian de Allende (Stormers), 11. Lwazi Mvovo (Sharks), 10. Demetri Catrakilis (Stormers), 9. Rudy Paige (Bulls), 8. Warren Whiteley (Lions), 7. Warwick Tecklenburg (Lions), 6. Jaco Kriel (Lions), 5. Francois Uys (Cheetahs), 4. Carl Wegner (Cheetahs), 3. Marcel van der Merwe (Bulls), 2. Torsten van Jaarsveld (Cheetahs), 1. Steven Kitshoff (Stormers)

Australia Stats XV:

15. Israel Folau (War), 14. Taqele  Naiyaravaro (War), 13. Samu Kerevi (Reds), 12. Mitch Inman (Reb), 11. S. Naivalu (Reb), 10. Bernard Foley (War), 9. Nick Phibbs (War), 8. Scott Higginbotham (Reb), 7. David Pocock (Bru), 6. Sean McMahon (Reb), 5. Adam Coleman (Force), 4. Will Skeleton (War), 3. Greg Holmes (Reds), 2. Stephen Moore (Bru), 1. James Slipper (Reds)


Unfortunately  the New Zealand  side is not out yet. These are the two Statistic XV ‘s. They do not mean these are the best players in the respective countries but they do highlight overall contribution these players made the most positive of all players in their countries.
Torsten is a Namibian International and just edged Bismarck du plessis whom was dropped due to the early transgression of the red card.

Interestingly Vodacom’s Statistic app selected the Saffa side and of those selected only ten made it into the first Springbok squad of the year. Good to see reward of the Lions loose trio. It seems the front row features a Bulls prop as he scored a couple of tries and could easily have been Malherbe or Koch.

In was impressed with Nick Stirzaker and the Brumbies’ White and felt they where the form Australian number 9s. David was king of the entire tournament as a fetcher, while I would add  Paul Alo-Emile at tight head.  Rory Arnorld of the Brumbies was another player that managed to stamp his authority in Super Rugby.  The Australia side has 12 of those players feature in their Wallabies side.  Reward for the season.
It is also to be noted that it would have meant 8 debutants in the South African sides which was unrealistic, compared to the three from Australia.

I would love to see an Emerging Springbok side return with consistent games, a coach and a purpose. Imagine a small Rugby Championship with the Pampas, Maori All Blacks, Australia A and Emerging Springboks. They would feature in the same slot as the “real” sides and for the money hungry would mean an additional two games. Would it even work?
Stats can help in some areas and fail in most, my opinion is that SA side could easily feature another Stormer in the front row, Marco Wentzel at lock  to spice it up. So what are your thoughts on the two sides?
Do you agree?


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  1. Yes, yes and yes to that last paragraph BC… but a Bok ‘A’ and an Emerging Bok side…

    AS for the article one could not argue with 80% of those selections… the down side is that whilst the majority of the Aussies named are actually already in their RWC squad… our Bok side does not reflect the same…

    How the hell did the Cheetahs locks make the team?

  2. Adam Coleman is the other Aussie monster lock from Tassie coming through… becoming a conveyor belt which secretly irks me as RSA lock depth is the wain it seems…

  3. BC –
    I think you should use that question as your last “bookend” each interview.

    “I would love to see an Emerging Springbok side return with consistent games, a coach and a purpose. Imagine a small Rugby Championship with the Pampas, Maori All Blacks, Australia A and Emerging Springboks. Can I include you on the list for supporting such an endeavor to be delivered to SARU on New Year’s Day?”

    I picked NYD BC so that the interviewees would say why. That’s when you explain how your proposal is half celabratory & sober realism for the future of the game.

    Gonna be huge & I for one want it called the BC Championship. It is a very cool idea. That money grubbing guy that ran the Aus union last would be ALL over this. That guy would have had kangaroos selling beer in the stands if he could – he wanted to end kicking have fwd passes….eeeeeeish.

  4. @bryce_in_oz: Coleman was impressive. The two locks where consistent and despite Cheetah losses they did graft. Britz said the Cheetahs had their 3rd best season ever – WOW. It highlighted the weakness in the SA lock department? I felt Mostert was good this year, as was the Argentinian Manuel from the Stormers (He is not in their RC squad, is he?).

    I would like to find the NZ side, could also be a similar tale.

    @Americano: you see I will definitely look to see if such an innovation can be done. I will have a chat with Bunny to hear from the big guns above if we can see such a thing in the future. It would develop our game massively.

  5. BC –
    Asking as the closing of your interviews allows you to state – when you talk to the big guns-
    Hey here are xxx Rugby Union Stars that support this endeavour publicly – see the transcripts.

    Bit more oomph to bring to the table. Personally I don’t see how they wouldn’t be all over it from a $$$ perspective.

    Ask Morne. He is holding a Messerschmitt-Willie Griqua jersey for me – when you pitch SARU please wear that. They can’t say no to you BC cloaked in the autographed regalia…..
    Of the SunKing !

  6. @Americano: that’s what they say, I reckon its true would be beneficial with the game. We will check with Morne how the system works.

  7. @BC:

    Yes the NZ stats side would tell a similar tale… mostly Canes, Highlanders and a handful of Saders/Chiefs… don’t forget that despite that there are 12 Saders in the squad…


    NZ have their Junior All Blacks (which is their B team with no constraints), Maori AB’s (with obvious constraints) and the NZ Barbarians which is the experimental side of ‘up-n-comers)… that is more than 75 extra players on top of the AB training squad exposed to international rugby under AB structures, game-plans and coaches without having to cap them… and without them becoming disillusioned and leaving for OS…

    And it pays dividends!

    More than a third of the current AB squad have come through the above ranks and almost 1/2 playing this weekend.

    So yes we should be seeing our ‘A’ side playing a few games a year (mid-weekers) and a ‘real’ Emerging Boks playing anywhere (begging the Pacific Nations Cup for participation or touring Europe)…

    PS… useless fact for the day… Maori AB’s are on an 18 win consecutive streak which includes England and Ireland (and a BIL win just before a ENG loss)…

  8. See that is the mastery of succession. They are not the best for no reason. I made note of that. Should be something I will use in the years to come for Tier 3 nations.

  9. Bryce-
    I had no idea.
    Well no wonder. Do others in SA know of this bizarre discrepancy in national feeder funnels?
    Had no idea SARU was that casual about competing.
    This is scandalous. Not the fact that SA admins are essentially whistling Dixie while NZ is in full mechanization mode ( and has been for ages).
    The fact that it seems like too much a stretch to at least make all the money to be had on a competition like BC described – a “young’in” Rugby Championship.
    Wow just Wow.

  10. “3. Marcel van der Merwe (Bulls)”

    How, why? The Lions and Stormers scrums were streets ahead of the Bulls efforts this year.

    And even in this day and age, a thighthead should still be judged on scrumming ability, not just about how many metres he runs during a match.

  11. @Americano: Yep not rocket science is it… particularly with the flood-gates draining RSA depth…


    Also game-time… I presume the stats are skewed in that a player that participated in 20 games would win more scrums than a player participating in 15 games?

    As an aside… have you seen the latest in the Kane Douglas debacle. If they really want him in the RWC side they (ARU) have to pay R3.5mill to Leinster to get him out of his contract (so he can sign locally next year under the current Giteau law)…

    Catch 22… so do they pay that huge amount in the current financial climate and maintain their rule… or do they say ‘fuck it’ we will make this an exception and just use him for the RWC and not have to pay?


  12. @bryce_in_oz:

    Fairfax Media understands the figure is close to $370,000 (€250,000), which is more than the estimated $221,000 (€150,000) asking price to release Quade Cooper from his deal with Toulon. Well that’s interesting. Like you say, crap load of money. Will they help release Quade? Doubt it. Well, the Doug situation will probably see them pay. If they say stuff the law, It will cause a stir…

  13. @BC: @BC:

    Cooper is in the squad and training for a possible start against the Boks (as he has a good record against them).

    He only starts at Toulon next and played S15 this year so it’s all good, no need to buy out the contract…

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