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Blessing or curse, Hooper Aussies new captain


As we expected Michael Hooper was named the new full-time captain of the Wallabies with Moore also early decided to step down from test rugby.

Either way we expected that Hooper would be named the captain even before Moore stepped down as he has not been the number one player in his position as hooker.

Hooper is no stranger to the position as captain and he was maybe not the best but the only one that Cheika could pick as his captain.

Hooper has captain the same poor Waratahs team with plenty of Wallaby quality in the side, to only four wins this Super Ruby season ending a dismal forth place in the Aussie conference and only better than the Sunwolves and Rebels in the overall standings this season.

No many have tried and many will try again to convince me that Super Rugby form has nothing to do with Rugby Championship, but those people are fools.

Australian rugby is in serious trouble on and off the field and poor old Hooper is the man that will have to pull his national team together.

Hooper first captained the Wallabies in 2014 when Moore was injured, becoming the 82nd captain of the Wallabies and also the youngest ever skipper at just 22 years old.

Hooper’s appointment is a step in the right direction at least for the Aussies but there is still hard work to be done to get them back on track


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  1. I disagree on this one. Oz are in a low period, but one rarely sees any Australian national team getting totally whipped. With the likes of Falau and Hooper, they are always going to put up a challenge, especially at home.

  2. @Jacques:

    Nah they didn’t lose to Italy they beat them 40-27… the same team the Bok’s lost to last season. They didn’t play Samoa either… they played Fiji and beat them 37-14. The had a much better EOYT than the Boks whooping the Welsh team that whooped the Boks. The Scotland loss has been coming for awhile now… they are no longer the Scotland of old as the Boks saw last year and so too a few other sides.

    But I do agree they’re pretty much at their lowest right now… despite all the new blood Chieka brought into the June squads.

    So many new faces in this young squad he’s named too… many never really tested but certainly have the potential. Interestingly he’s also dropped a lot of experience I thought would still make the cut.

    Time will tell how they go… baptism of fire going straight into a Bledisloe with these youngsters… against a NZ team that will be seething to get their test journey back on track.

  3. I’m not that sure about Hooper at captain either… the virtue-signalling poof is going to be back soon… but yeah I don’t know who else with so many newbies and nobody really set in their place.

  4. Fiji yes, and did you watch those games, they were more useless than us last year…

    Aussies are in shit and that will show in Rugby Championship….

    I will admit otherwise if they proof me wrong….but I am worried they are going the wrong route….

    With you on Hooper not a fan he is also not the cleanest players and get involved in niggles but maybe captaincy will help him

  5. Oz def in the poo tho. Those super rugby beatings rub off in confidence. There’s normally at least 1 Oz side that is competitive. Not so this year.

    I would certainly hope the Boks would beat them, but could be a banana peel to slip on if the Boks don’t take it seriously enough. Still pride in the wallaby jersey.

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