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Boks Carrot Ratings – All Blacks brings the best out of Boks


One needs to be careful to not get carried away with a win like this against the All Blacks and although it was an emotional win for the Boks and fans we need to understand that the stars aligned perfectly for this win.

Coach Erasmus said it himself that there was plenty of luck involved in this win but as the great Gary Player said, you make your own luck in sport.

It is actually nice to finally have to do the ratings with the Boks actually pitch up and play the game the way they should every weekend they run onto the pitch.

There are plenty of positives but there are still a lot of work to be done if we want to be able to compete against the best constantly and win.

It was a hell of an effort from all the players that took the field and you need that when you want to beat this All Black team. If you look at the stats you will understand how remarkable this win actually was.

The All Blacks dominate almost ever stat starting with 1091 against 418 ball carriers meters made during the game. They made 212 carriers and the Boks only 61. With so much ball they did make more handling errors, 23 against the 11 from the Boks and make 10 line breaks against the 2 of the Boks.

The All Blacks had 70% possession and only had to make 61 tackles against the 235 tackles the Boks had to made.  The emotions shown by Pieter Steph du Toit showed after the game how much these players put into the match and what it mean to them.

We can for now be proud of this performance but we need to be able to do this every time we play in the Springbok jersey.

There is still some issues and the biggest one is that we need to get a proper fetcher in the team. That will force Erasmus to make some hard calls in selection but we can not expect to get back to the top spots in World Rugby without it.

Erasmus also need to now settle on combinations and have to let his best team play consistently to get that experience at this level, we can not change every weekend anymore.

The protection of our ball needs to be better as well.

Here is the Highlights of the test if you missed it….


Here is how we saw the players in this test



15. Willie Le Roux (7,5)

Luckily for us the right Sunking got on the park. He showed again his class in the attacking play of the backline and scored an important try from a mistake by the All Blacks at a crucial time in the test. He did get a yellow card but it was more of a case taking one for the team than anything else.







14 Jesse Kriel – (6)

Jesse started at wing and had to move to midfield after injury to Am, he had one of his better test matches although missing some tackles he scrambled well when the Boks had to defend to safe the match.






13.Lukhanyo Am (6)

Had a decent test with his biggest contribution the turnover that led to Le Roux try at the end. Still not convince he is the answer but did nit let the team down on the day





12.Damian de Allende: (6)

Tried hard to get involved and was on Marx back to help the big man over the line for his try. His scrable defence was good on the day. He picked up a shoulder injury and had to be withdrawn in 48th minute.






11. Aphiwe Dyantyi (7,5)

Pure class on the wing and world class when he turns on his attacking mode. Score two brilliant tries but that second try showed that he will be a great wing for South Africa in year to come. Still need to work on his spot defence but getting better.





10. Handre Pollard (7)

His best test so far, had an awful start but was brilliant with the boot and defended his channel all day. He even took on the big boys and combined well with Jantjies when he had to move to inside center.



9. Faf de Klerk(7,5)

Was a monster in defence again and were 100% better with his general play, His box kicks are still a worry but he showed the heart of the Lion again in this test.





8. Warren Whiteley (8)

His best test by a mile, Whiteley does so much were it matters and were again one of the top defenders for the Boks on a day were we had to step up on defence. He took over the captaincy and was crucial in keeping the boys calm in that last few minutes.





Pieter-Steph du Toit: 9

The best player by far in the park in both teams. He gave it all he had for 81 minutes and it showed when the final whistle went. His work rate is world class. The man made 30 tackle in the match with some good carries and stood out in the lineout.





6.Siya Kolis(6.5)

The captain was a monster in defence making 22 tackle and somewhat restore the poor showing of last week. He did the hard work with Whiteley which is not so glamours and led the team well.





5. Franco Mostert: (7,5)

One cannot speak enough of the grafted where the sun doesn’t shine from this man, He made the second most tackles in the game and just do everything at 1000 km/h and with an 120% effort. One of my favourite players in this Boks side.




4. Eben Etzebeth(7)

We saw the old Ysterbeth in this test as the senior player he took charge and fronted up. He made a few mistakes and gave away penalties but he was part of the tackle brigade on the day for the Boks




3. Frans Malherbe (7)

He also step up and gave us his best test so far not just in the scrums but also at the breakdown. His general play was much better and he had a few carries as well.




2.Malcolm Marx (7,5)

He was a marked man but again stepped up. Much better with the lineouts and contributed to a solid scrum throughout the match. Scored another power try from a drive and were involved in Dyantyi try.






Steven Kitshoff: (8)

He has shown the last couple of test from the bench that he is the future and he showed it again. He delivered in all aspects of the game. He was a hand full on the drive and were one of the stars on the day






Man of the Match

Pieter Steph du Toit

He made 29 tackles, 4 dominate. Missed only 3 tackles and had 5 carriers in the test. Had 2 tackle breaks and made 35 meters with ball in hand. Absolutely brilliant from a down to earth guy

Here is the match stats


  1. Wow those stats are interesting… AB’s blitz them in almost everything except kicking from hand, conversions and tackling. 235 is a huge effort by presumably mostly the pack firing as a unit.

    Take note yet again Cabbo… ‘defence’ and accurate kicking wins games for big games.

    Bunny you should also give COSATU a 10/10 for finally sparking some ‘gees’.

    Maybe also Barret for missing 3 conversions.

    Will be back to the real world from the islands in a few days to be able to see the entire game and comment more. At least the bucket-list fishing has been insane so I don’t feel too bad having missed a classic win over the world number 1’s by the then world number 7’s.

    David and Goliath stuff no doubt.

  2. Yep gone fishing.

    Boks were up on the ABs by 14 points. They went into defensive mode, which skewed the stats. ABs were in uncharted territority. Boks too good.

    Gees is how you win in NZ against no 1 team in the world who full of confidence. The Boks now know they can beat ANY team ANYWHERE. It’s huge, it’s all confidence. The talent is there. Better than anyone.

    I reckon Bokke will beat these guys at Loftus too, with much better stats and forwaRd dominance.

  3. Agree with Bunny, Boks maybe miss a fetcher. Problem is that loosetrio is outstanding, so how do you split it, even if van Staden, JLDP and Thor available. That’s depth for you, the kind that wins RWCs.

  4. @cab: It will be a squad of 30-35 players going to WC, playing a max of 7 test in one month if you make the final, you will need more than just one combination. Although the three were good against NZ I have to agree with Bryce, we will need Thor in there and I would like to see Van Staaden in there.

    We may see more of Van Staaden in SA against Aus and at EOY tour.

    I am still worried about the midfield, would like to see what Rassie plan is with guys like Serfotein, Steyn.

    Must say Jantjies at 10 and Pollard at 12 was not bad when they were on.

    @bryce_in_oz: I struggle to find any other team who has scored five tries in recent years against NZ and also in NZ. This win does not change the mistakes of the past but hell it was a big one to do we must admit that.

    The stats show we had less ball and made almost 200 tackles like you mentioned. The fact is that teams that have less ball, kick more these days win more test matches like you say

    I suppose it may be hat you make less mistakes with ball in hand.

    COSATU are bunch of idiots, Rassie has his targets and it is not in the starting team it is in the squad and time on the field.

    They thought like many that the AB test is a given that we gonna loose and now we have won, so they have egg in their face.

    We must not be fooled by this one off we still a long way back

  5. Did you see Marx in that first try of Aphiwe Dyantyi ? He was critical in that move getting the ball to Le Roux and then to Dyantyi to score.

    I think we do not understand how much little things he does in the game apart from lineouts scrums and breakdown.

  6. We have beaten ABs at own game. They like to kick a lot and bully opposition off defence (just look at their stats in recent Argie game). Rassie said so much in the past few weeks / and I think Hansen got suck into that and decided to run everything at us (proving they are not kicking so much). It backfired. Hansen admitted afterwards they have tried new “structures” and will learn fromit.

  7. Also proven:
    – Stef is getting close to best 7 flank in the world (thankfully Rassie agrees with me that he is not a lock).
    – Cannot win if your one flanker (and captain!) watches the game from wing
    – more balls went from scrumhalve to flyhalve, than any of our previous 10 games (and less to dumb forwards standing on flyhalve).
    – rush defence works best

  8. Yep, midfield 12/13 and 9/10 still unclear for Boks. I’m also not sure about sunking on defense. But I have faith in Rassie big time.

    i think without one of DDA and/or Serfontein at centre Boks will struggle. They can try jantjies and pollard at 10 and 12, but I don’t think that’s a starting combo that is going to win Boks the big games. Faf’s brave for a little guy, but we need quicker ball to beat the top teams who match our pack. WLR defense and under high ball is also a worry. Maybe it’s WLR into 10 and pollard into 15.

    Backline still a long way to go, but the Bok pack is potentially awesome. The only thing that I’m worried about is the selection of an old Flo when we have younger players in SA that are better.

    As for Kolisi, ppl question his workrate. PSDT’s effort of 28 tackles amazing, but kolist made 22 tackles and was even subbed. So his workrate pretty much matched PSDt. Not too shabby for a winger. Check out the stats.

  9. 9. Kolbe 10. Goosen 12. DDA 13. Serfontein
    11. Sbu/JP 14. Aphiwe 15. Willemse

    That is the backline I’d try.

  10. Well finally I have managed to watch the game… jeez I understand many of the over-emotional posts by most of late… but watching the game for the first time without all the ‘euphoria’ I certainly see this game for what it was.

    It was a major upset by a once power-house team under the pump, with a traditional Bok ‘gees’ performance dominated mainly the forward pack’s insane defensive work-rate and a few moments of brilliance off scraps/counter-attacks and the rub of the green.

    The All Blacks can humbly under-play their post-match musings all they want, like ‘letting the Boks score too many points’. However the fact remains, booting 2 from 6 in a test match (with two other accomplished goal-kickers on the pitch) and the refusal to attempt a drop-goal and this game would have had an entirely different ending. They out-played the Boks everywhere but in defence and kicking/conversions and of course where it counts… the score-board.

    This was a ‘gees’ win a-la JW’s tactics (not even nearly as accurate with the boot), with a much improved defensive effort (albeit unsustainably so) and making the most of counter-ball. Best they keep up with the ‘pressure defence’ (in every test) and not revert back to allowing opposition all the time in the world with ball-in-hand. Still much work to do at the break-down from cleaning-out, counter-rucking on opposition ball and pick-n-goes up the middle for starters. Controlling possession better too is a must… you will lose 9/10 against a stronger side with 75% of the possession, outscoring you on tries… thanks Barret.

    As for the rankings… nah…

    The centres were average… you can take a point off both. Am still frail defensively, DDA as per normal hot-and-cold and neither showed anything other than what is expected of them (arguably even less) in the 40 and 50 minutes they were on the pitch. The needed substitutions could have gone horribly wrong on form… so kudos for the most part to both JAntjies and Kolbe (and those around them).

    Same to for Malherbe and Kolisi. So Malherbe showed he can change gears… about time he is a damn 23 capped test player after all… rewarding him for that is disingenuous. So Kolisi did what is required for a test open-sider (defensively) and for the most part refrained from lurking on the wings. Test open-siders do that (and then some) week-in-and-out… if they don’t they should not be starting in that position.

    Whiteley showed yet again the moxie he has, this time not having to carry his loose-forwards with PSDT carrying over his great form to blind-sider and then some. I could think of not many captains better suited to going into the most dangerous quarter-of-play in world rugby.

    Plenty of work to do, a few more days to reflect in what is one of the biggest upsets I can remember since Japan vs Springboks. A fluke, ‘gees’ or not… world rugby dynamics change for the better every time this brilliant AB’s side is beaten, even if only once a season.

  11. @bryce_in_oz: I agree with you on most you said, which is why I am extremely careful of becoming to excited. But the fact remains we beat the AB’s in NZ and that with us being down to 14 for 10 minutes. It was a great win but I hope the guys didn’t wollow in the post match euphoria for too long. We now have to beat the wallabies at home and put in one hell of a performance against the AB’s at Loftus, where we have a horrible record. Haven’t beaten them at Loftus since 1976 I think.

    Where I disagree, is with us getting the rub of the green.

  12. So I’m rather interested in why you say we got the rub of the green. The ref certainly didn’t favor us.

  13. @Aldo:

    Simple… Barrett is an 85% plus goal-kicker… he missed 4 from 6… just half of those went over and game-over. To a lesser degree decision not to even attempt a drop-goal on numerous occasions in the dying minutes, from a team usually so tactically aware (even during pressure play) was akin to Israel Folau not drawing his man and throwing a simple pass to Foley to cross for the match.

    IT matters only what’s on the scoreboard.

  14. @bryce_in_oz: same as there were two tries of AB 1. There was forward pass which was missed and card for Read shoulder charge to head which also after few phases let to try 14 men for Boks.

    50 meter advantage by ref and many more referee in both test was crap and not for just one side

  15. @Jacques:

    Yeah mate… could go on and on which is pointless looking at the score-board… Kolbe should not even have been where he was positionally for the intercept either… but I digress my post match thoughts (excluding backline play) are above…

  16. I think that is how it goes with a tight affair which we had with AB v Bok clash. Aussies I just think they are that bad at the moment, I starting to wonder if Cheika still has the dressing room or did he lost it

  17. @bryce_in_oz: Folau had a brain fart in a sense. But he is not known for his passing skills. He backed himself and in his defense was blindsided by the argentine tackler. Small margins make big difference

  18. Add to that, Barret kicking poorly wasn’t us getting the rub of the green. That I put squarely on Read’s shoulder. It showed poor captaincy, when he had 2 other kickers on the field. Same with dropgoal. The All Blacks had plenty of opportunity but since Carter, does not have players that value the dropgoal much.

    It is such a powerful tool. Boks win against England in the quarter final 1999 on the back of de beer’s drop goals, more steyn in the 2009 semi against the Sanders when the Bulls were down and out, kicked a couple of drop goals and we made a comeback. It is a skill that is very under valued in NZ with fans booing teams that do it and 10′ not working on it. If mounga was on the field, I’m sure they would’ve gone for it

  19. @Aldo:

    Yeah it might appear so… but there isn’t a single top tier rugby league player in any position that doesn’t have exceptional handling/passing/off-loading. Was a mistake he’d be ruing badly. Foley’s reaction said it all… much like Barrett’s shortly after his shocker throw-in that bounced into an un-expectant Willie for his try…

  20. @Aldo:

    More a case of NZ teams rarely needing to use the drop-goal no doubt. Mackenzie is one of the best in the business with the drop-goal.

    Yeah ‘missed kicks’ do not categorically fall under the definition of ‘rub of the green’ as don’t the uncharacteristic mistakes from the All Blacks when the Boks made many missed tackles in fairly crucial positions of the games, or for Kolbe’s intercept.

    If we’re being text-book then this is another…

    ”After the match, Le Roux was asked if it felt like he hit the lottery after the Barrett throw-in went astray.

    “I was actually going for the tackle full-on. I was going down to tackle [Rieko Ioane] and I think the ball back-spun into me. Like I said, luck of the bounce,” said Le Roux.”

    So many times over the years it seems 9/10 that would have unlucikily bounced the other way for a Bok team in NZ…

  21. @bryce_in_oz: barret’s quick throw in was on, just poorly executed. They had players and our defense wasn’t on their left. So easily could’ve led to a try for them. Again margins in a tight game are really small

  22. Saw the NZ version of Boots and All this morning before work. See they all say Folau is not known for being a great passer of the ball, his first try was what he does best finishing off.

  23. @bryce_in_oz: So we were just unlucky to lose against Oz then (with the missed kicks of Polly) – great to know. The intercept came from the pressure – ABs wanted to “up the pace” – so less “rub of the green”. But I am not interested in a long debate with people trying to make as if “we were just lucky” – like Gary Player said “the more you practice the luckier you get”.

  24. @Bekke: In test rugby as I said before I believe the margin of error is very small, the great thing about the All Blacks has always been that they can handle it and they do not make mistakes.

    The problem for them against the Boks was that the pressure was something they not used to and they could not respond or change.

    Be sure that they will work this out and make sure that they come better prepared to Loftus.

    Rassie will have to have a different plan at Loftus.

    We should have won the Aussie test by 20 that is a fact and that is how bad the Aussies are at the moment in my eyes.

    We had all the opportunities to put them away and failed. Individual mistakes not system or game plan cost us against Aussies.

    We cut out on that mistakes against NZ and took all the opportunities that came our way

    It is simple we do not have to take it further apart.

  25. @Jacques:

    Yet he’s the top off-loader this year in Super Rugby again. Was all but a school-boy pass required… he has to live with it… was the difference between a spotless home record against the Argies and now not.


    If you cannot fathom ‘context’ (if you did indeed read the previous posts)… don’t bother conversing with piss-weak analogies…

  26. My talking points:
    – Whiteley had his best game at this level and was very happy to see that. a nice and timely reminder to Vermeulen that he won’t have it all his own way in the 8 jersey…
    – Malherbe also looked like getting back to his best…
    – Kolisi IMO was immense. Defending like a demon but then again all put in a hard shift and deserve the praise.
    – Interesting to hear the plaudits Am is getting from the likes of Cullen…

  27. @JT: Interesting to hear the plaudits Am is getting from the likes of Cullen…

    Was also surprise how high they rate him in NZ JT. They also like Pollard and Whiteley

  28. They also rate Dyanti and Kriel. I think every single player in the team did their part in a famous victory. Am and Kriel made mistakes early on in defense, but both quickly adapted. An interesting thing for me was how well they read plays on the field. A couple of moves the AB’s broke the line, tried those same plays in the second half but it was read brilliantly, even if on the right where first it was on the left. We still have issues on defense that needs to be sorted out. But I think this week we should all laud the team for he effort.

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