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Book Review – New Rugbyland by Jonny King



In the June of 2014, England journeyed to New Zealand for a Three-Test Series against the World Champion, All Blacks, and the world of rugby watched on. This was much anticipated after the epic Tests of 2012 and 2013 at Twickenham. On three successive Saturdays the two sides would battle for the Hillary Shield that also had Everest implications toward Rugby World Cup 2015. 

This title, NEW RUGBYLAND, documents this Tour as never before. Jonny King will lead you on the journey of this rugby time; re-creating the experience for some to remember; re-counting for others to grasp anew, while doing so with the unique literary appeal and distinctives of this scribe. You can read more about his pedigree below. 

NEW RUGBYLAND is blazing a new trail in recording and retelling the stories of the sport we love. Yes, it is a book, but through the wonders of this mediated world, it has been produced only days after the Series has finished in Hamilton, New Zealand. It is a production of June. Yet, it pulls together other material that will help unlock some of the myth of this rugby part of the world. 

This document is a living witness of the journey through a rugby contest that captivates untold numbers strewn across this planetary system. 

If you love rugby, if you love the All Blacks, if you love New Zealand, if you love England, if you love all sports, and even if you simply love to enter into another’s story for a time; this is book for you. It is about rugby, but even more so, it is about how we do life. 

Jonny King is first and foremost a man of his words. He would be resident scribe of the-then All Blacks Official Fan Club – BackingBlack – throughout the entirety of its existence. His individual voice would attract further attention when he would collaborate with Springbok, 2007 World Cup Winner and SuperSport Media Personality – Bob Skinstad – on his RugbyJourney. Jonny has also traversed the broad new media context on places like Twitter, with his own unique online audio commentary, and with websites that have focused on the full gamut of the human experience; with a particular rugby focus. His unique and engaging style encouraged contacts in South Africa to describe him as – “the Shakespeare of Rugby” – because of his eccentric use of the English language, unique manner of expression, and eccentric voice in a rugby context. He is a reading experience, all on his own.

To get your hands on this book visit – http://www.amazon.com/NEW-RUGBYLAND-Englands-Journey-through-ebook/dp/B00LCRF12W/


  1. He certainly didn’t fcuk about getting this published… the tour only finished a few weeks back…

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