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Boks new travel arrangements


The Springbok team will now leave on the away leg of their Castle Tri-Nations tour at 23h15 on Saturday on a specially arranged Qantas flight it was announced on Saturday.

The team is scheduled to arrive in Sydney at 19h05 (local time) on Sunday – 31 hours later than originally scheduled – after the team’s flight on Friday was forced to return to Johannesburg after suffering an engine failure.

“There has obviously been some disruption but we are on top of it and have made the necessary adjustments to our planning,” said Springbok coach Peter de Villiers.

“We had timed our departure with a view to managing the effects of jet lag and have had to re-examine those plans. We’ve looked at the programme and it has had an effect, but we will manage it.

“Obviously there were a few stressful moments but we have given the players a free day to relax before we get back together this evening.”

The team spent the night at the Intercontinental Hotel at OR Tambo International Airport and was informed of the new arrangements at a team meeting at 09h00 on Saturday.

“Qantas have been very good,” said De Villiers. “They kept us informed throughout the night and their general manager came through to the team meeting to explain the situation and answer any questions from the players.

“Things like this draw people closer together and hopefully that’ll be the effect on this team. But right now it’s all systems go and we’re looking forward to getting to Australia and preparing for a Test match.”

In a statement Qantas said a new aircraft had been despatched to Johannesburg on Saturday to accommodate passengers that were scheduled for Sydney.  All passengers were to receive their original seat numbers and the flight will carry the same flight number, QF64.

The new aircraft is scheduled to land in Johannesburg at 20h00 on Saturday and is scheduled for departure at 23h15 tonight.

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  1. Fucking Aussie bastards…. anything to get a little up on us… hope we fly another airline to Australia now…

  2. John ‘O Neill is pissed off so he arranged for our B team to get sabotaged…

    Hope he finds his ass in a CIA jail in some hellhole like Bangladesh…

  3. Another report says the engine “exploded” and carries what is being presented
    as photographic proof on News24.

    And here’s another ominous piece:

    “At the time of writing Qantas could not be reached for any further comment on the incident, nor could it be established whether or not it was related to other engine failures on recent Qantas flights as recently reported on MNET’s Carte Blanche.”

  4. Reply to DavidS @ 9:00 pm:

    Even the Boks know how shite SAA is… absolutely pathetic I refuse to ever fly with them… and expensive too…

    Every year I go back to RSA I travel Air Mauritius… it’s direct to Durban… far more leg space… French wine and Mauritian food… and with a stop over each way on the isle it’s still cheaper than SAA…

    This year I’ve included a trip to Rodrigues island and including that it’s the same price as SAA…

  5. Any thruth to the rumour that Qantas uses a lot of ex-SAA technicians to look after these planes/engines?

  6. How can it possibly be fucking related to the Singapore one….

    Only ill informed twats would ask that question? Typical News 24 sensationalism… or rather dumb clumsy attempts to create sensationalism…

    One was an Airbus A340 manufactured in France with British engines and the other was a Boeing 747 which is manufactured by … duh… Boeing in Seattle… with …. duh Pratt & Whitney American engines…

    It’s like if a a VW Polo crashed on the N1 near Plattekloof driven by an Australian and a Chevy Spark crashes near Rivonia Road on the N3 driven by an Australian and then suggesting that car car similar car trouble is responsible for both crashes…

    See why the media should rather just state what happened and leave the thinking for people with a brain Boertjie?

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