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Broadcasters with radical plan for Super Rugby and Rugby Championship


The Sydney Morning Herald have suggested that broadcaster Fox Sports (Australia), Super Sport (South Africa), Sky Sport (New Zealand) and UK broadcaster Sky Sports have come up with some radical suggestions for SANZAAR.

They have come up with a few suggestions to SANZAAR on how they see Super Rugby and Rugby Championship go forward from 2021.

One of the suggestions is to sell off Super Rugby final to the highest bidder.

The final normally goes to the highest ranked team that makes the final.

There is a few more changes they suggested in for one that the Rugby Championship move to a tour-based with midweeks games against Super Rugby teams.

They also are pushing for a pool of ‘marquee players” to be able to move across the SANZAAR nations without impacting their chances of paying for their countries.

They would also like to see a single sponsor for the Super Rugby across the region.

The Tri-Nations was once the best test championship in the world but Six Nations have taken that accolade long time ago.

They would like to see scrapping the two-week blocks in favour of moving to a “tours focused calendar.

Off-course this is just a proposal to SANZAAR and they will have to make the final decision.

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