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Bulls – Another player return injured from Japan


And here we go again…It seems like every week is like déjà vu as the Bulls have reported on Monday that Springbok lock RG Snyman has also returned from Japan with an injury.

Super Rugby is starting in two weeks time and the Bulls have been given another major blown.

RG Snyman will spend at least two months on the sideline after he return form Japan with an ankle injury

He will undergo an operation this week which add the the Bulls injury problems.

Visagie who also went and played in Europe in the offseason came back also with an injury which will keep him out for eight weeks.

Wonder when unions will stop players to play in the offseason. No player can play non-stop without a break, the body will break down.



  1. Not a brain in any of their heads.

    6 months out from a RWC and they mess up their own careers as well as bokke chances.

  2. The Lions insist that they contract their players to Japan and not the individual players so the players are monitored while there for fitness and injuries and playing time. Also the union gets an income from contracting the players out (hence Lions CC is used to look for talent and not to compete for CC)

    Zee Bulls allow players contract freedom… which means Japanese clubs have free reign to play them into the ground.

    Some of us will also have to start realizing that this is the way of the world. Japan and Europe offer better opportunities and better chances and better pay than this shithole.

    Players will go and if unions do not manage their players they will lose them. We are in a professional era… in sport and all other sports… if shithole will not accept and use talent, talent will find its appreciation and get its value elsewhere.

    Hence 47 000 skilled trained educated white professionals left just last year. This excludes their families and children who could also have been positive contributors.

  3. You reckon these guys are so badly paid in SA?

    I reckon this RG Snyman has just made a major fkup. If Yster goes down, which is quite possible, then our premier backup no 4 lock is also out. This is a huge blow. Snyman could have gone on to perform a key role in RWC and afterwards he’s market value in Japan or waar ook al would have doubled.

    Now he’s in the poep. Sometimes these dudes never really reach the track they were on pre-injury. For what, 2 months of Japanese yen playing for a team nobody heard of.

  4. @cab: so cab, you reckon they make close to what they earn in Japan, playing SuperRugby? Avg SuperRugby player earns R1, 5mil per year. Avg Japanese top league player earns about R8mil per year. They don’t care that you have never heard of the team they’re playing for. They get paid top dosh to go play in Japan.

    Till our shithole sorts out its economy, players will go play overseas in the off season. Its the only way unions can keep players in SA, by allowing them to earn big bucks in the off season.

  5. Sure – they can go where they want. They must also take all the responsibility for doing so. Not my problem, it’s his problem and also the coach of the Bulls and the Boks. If they want extra greenbacks in the bank, go play Gdam poker in vegas for all I care – this mamparra may have halved his market value overnight, rather than double it – but hey if you think it’s such a great idea encourage all the other bulls to do so too. Then zee bulls will really be left in the shithole.

  6. No one said its your problem. You were the one to give an opinion. He hasn’t reduced his market value at all. And if it means more players will stay at the Bulls rather than go overseas, I’m all for it

  7. But you okies keep talking of this great big shithole, which is your opinion. I’m saying it is being created by these stoopid decisions. I bet Pote Human and Rassie are livid who th this stooopid decision – one of their star players is not only out but not rested.

  8. @cab:

    In 2007 Victor Matfield played seven games for Toulon and earned R2 million

    A member of squad of a local SR side here gets R15 000, 00 per month +-. The unions add a bit to get the average ones about R30 000, 00 pm.

    Regular starters get about R80000 to R120 000 per game.

    CC players in the second tier can get as low as R3000, 00 per month at teams like Valke and Griffons

    A good player in the French top league gets E40 000 to E 60 000 per month. This EXCLUDES his sponsored stuff, like car, clothes, cell phone and the union pays his residence… as in his home.

    In second tier in France a player makes about E 8000 per month

    A good one can get as much as E12 000 per month




  9. @cab:

    I’m saying it is being created by these stoopid decisions.

    I am glad we finally have you agreeing this is a shithole

    And nobody ever said it was because of good decisions… it is, as you admit, a shithole de to exceedingly bad decisions bad by people who are incompetent, greedy and uncaring.

  10. They say opinions are like assholes… everyone has one

    In Cab’s case it’s the asshole opinion is from the cloaca of a slug…

  11. @DavidS:

    Absolute eye opener when you start quoting figures like that.

    You would be daft not to jump at an opportunity like that and maximise your earning potential in the limited playing time you have available.

  12. All this talk of shitholes makes me think the land issue can be resolved easily.

    Surely none of you blokes can place much value on registered ownership of any little piece of dirt full of shit in the shithole, can you?

    Just hand it over to Malema and hand him the shit showel also. Relax. Have some fun. Go watch top $ rugby in Japan and leave the Malemas to showel sjit.
    Ne happy.

  13. @DavidS: pretty naive to exclude the expense side of his financial position. Only a complete moron will convert earnings to FokkoliRand and then think this is Eutopia. As an example: I have relocated to Dubai – for a pretty crap 2 bedroom townhouse (and I mean 1970 decor like Brakpan!), you have to fork out the equivalent of R400 000 per year, for RENT. And you have to pay that up front – no monthly payments. Having experienced the UK and many European countries, that Rmillions does not go close to R100 000 in SA.

  14. @Craven: Only if you repatriate that foreign currency back to lovely Shitoli. It looks far less attractive when you have to pay your expenses in that same foreign country.

  15. I don’t think it’s a shithole – you and Aldo do. Any player at this level is pretty blessed actually. They not only going to be v well paid by their union but also bokke contracts and endorsements etc. I don’t think it’s a wise decision 8 months out from a World Cup at all. only thing I hope for is that it’s not chronic long term injury – 8 months out from a RWC – what is actually going through the kop?

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