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Bulls boss quits


Blue Bulls Rugby Union president Gert Wessels has resigned amid allegations of financial misconduct.

Wessels tendered his resignation after a faction within the union had tabled a motion of no confidence in him, citing his ‘reckless behaviour’ outside his mandate which ‘ruined’ the union financially.

Despite vacating his position, Wessels maintains his innocence, saying that the union – as an equal shareholder – has a responsibility to finance the company pro rata.

‘I decided to step down, but to single me out as the scapegoat is unfair and vindictive. As soon as the shareholders’ agreement was signed in 1998 – long before I took office as president – it became the union’s responsibility to finance the company,’ Wessels told Netwerk24.com.

‘For as long as the union has a 50% share in the company, its management has to look after the company’s best interests. The allegation that the union is facing bankruptcy is cheap media sensation. Like all other unions, the BBRU is under financial strain, but it still has a healthy bank balance.’

Wessels also vehemently denied the allegation that he was only willing to resign if the union nominated him for a position on the SA Rugby executive committee.

‘I never made such a proposal. What offends me most is the claims that I did not put the union first. I’d say 44 years of devoted service to rugby and the BBRU proves that is untrue.’


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  1. Irony is that Gert Wessels was canned for doing the EXACT SAME thing ZeeBulls have been doing to the sport of Rugby Union.
    Gert gets a big welcome to the ZeeBulls hall of shame amongst :
    Darth Ludeke, Deon Stegmann & Bikini Strauss.
    Surely their punishment is to wear the goof ball Brazil soccer team outfits for…….

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