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Bulls issie bang nie


The Blue Bulls do not fear Newlands or Western Province.

JJ Harmse – Sport24

In fact, it is the Currie Cup semifinal they were secretly hoping for because their previous visit to the stadium left a sour taste in their mouths.

A pushover try and a few swear words hurt the Bulls that day. And they will want to put that right on Saturday,l no doubt using their frustration and pent-up rage from the previous visit in their preparation before heading to Cape Town.

All Bulls coach Frans Ludeke’s leading players, including loose forward Pierre Spies and wing Bryan Habana, are fit and ready, and the team had a very strong second half against the Leopards.

“We are preparing for a tough week with the knowledge that we had a terrific second half in our last game. There are no injuries and we can pick the strongest side,” said Ludeke.

He was grateful for all the attacking opportunities in Rustenburg on Friday night as he believes WP’s defence is rock-solid.

“WP’s defence was the best of all the teams this year. They also play a good tactical game,” said Ludeke.

“That is why it will be very important to lay the platform up front. You have to be able to get out of your territory when you are under pressure.”

The Bulls are also happy that WP loosehead prop Wicus Blaauw’s illegal scrumming was penalised by referee Marius Jonker against the Lions.

In their previous game, Blaauw placed his hand on the ground in 9 successive scrums before he could get underneath Bulls tighthead Werner Kruger, but was not penalised once by referee Pro Legoete.

When Blaauw tried the same trick at Coca-Cola Park, he was penalised by Jonker and suddenly the WP scrum was not so dominant.

The Bulls’ scrum has improved a lot since then, but the return of Gurthrö Steenkamp, Bakkies Botha, Victor Matfield, Danie Rossouw and Pierre Spies had a lot to do with that.

Ludeke is particularly pleased by the experience in his team’s ranks.

“Semifinals are always tough encounters with close scorelines,” said the coach.

“It’s a good feeling knowing the players at your disposal are willing and able.”

Ludeke should know on Monday whether Chiliboy Ralepelle (toe) and Francois Brummer (groin) will be available for the substitutes bench, or whether he will need to utilise Bandise Maku and Burton Francis again.

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  1. In their previous game, Blaauw placed his hand on the ground in 9 successive scrums before he could get underneath Bulls tighthead Werner Kruger, but was not penalised once by referee Pro Legoete
    Wonder were idot Harmse get’s his stats and info from.
    But it is ok let’s see what happen on saturday when it comes to scrumtime. Talk all you want, what happen on Saturday will count. Bulls should dominate with the guys they have in there scrum but Werner Kruger struggled against Cheetahs as well, so is WP Nel also scrumming illegally?
    JJ you get the :asshole: of the week again.

  2. selfde meisie as gister vir babe of the day. Wat is fout.

    Bunny, bulle se scrum sal beter wees as vorige keer op boolands. Wonder of julle weer julle span gaan boo na die game?

  3. Reply to Bunny @ 8:47 am: He quoted Frans Ludeke… One assumes Frans watches videos…

    Reply to Aldo @ 9:34 am:
    Niks sal my meer plesier gee nie..

    Twee agtereenvolgende nederlae teen die “Dutchmen” aan die business punt van die seisoen…

    Die een waar ‘n Dutchman al voorheen gequote is waar die CC gewen word…

  4. Reply to Boertjie @ 11:00 am:

    Moet wees.

    Want sover ek kan sien sit die klub trofee, en die varsity cup sover in die Kaap???

    Miskien hulle jong laaities???

    O nee donner, hulle O/21 lyk my het ook die pypie gekak.

    Ten minste is hulle O/19’s 4 de op die log!

  5. Reply to onerb @ 9:56 am: You can not just take anything they say, but yeh if it is for your team the stats are good and you like stats, if it against yoour team or player it’s kak and the reporter is talking kak, please choose what you want

  6. Reply to Bunny @ 11:39 am:

    Ek verstaan Bunny, stats kan geswaai word om jou te pas. Maar as jy dit betwyfel dan moet jy mos jou kop op die blok sit en navorsing doen – ek weet nie of JJ sommer sal duim suig oor so iets nie, maar mens weet nooit.

  7. Reply to Bunny @ 8:47 am:
    Why not scan though the game yourself before you call someone an idiot?

    50sec, 1st scrum, WP, 1 hand is on the ground.
    Again at 3:30
    Again at 16:05

    That is only the 1st quarter and only what I can see on TV.

  8. Reply to fyndraai @ 5:40 pm:
    Dit is twee keer waar kom hy aan die 9 successive scrums before he could get underneath Bulls tighthead Werner Kruger, but was not penalised once by referee Pro Legoete.
    Komaan, JJ is ‘n een oog idot en die stats wat hy kry wil ek net weet waar hy dit kry. Die twee keer in die leeus game het ek nie ‘n probleem mee nie, ek kon dirt self sien, en gaan kyk bietjie op replay na al die wedstryde na hoeveel stutte doen dit en dan kom jy weer na my en praat oor wicus. Die ref het hom opgeblaas want hy het dit gesien, en daarna gekyk, en ek is seker JW het hom hieroor ingelig, maar ek sien nie ander refs hieroor blaas nie en sal intressant wees om te sien wat saterdag gebeur in die twee games op die selfde tegniese oortreding.
    50sec, 1st scrum, WP, 1 hand is on the ground.
    Again at 3:30
    Again at 16:05

    That is only the 1st quarter and only what I can see on TV.
    Ye you right, and that is the only ref that saw it in all the games this weekend

    JJ is ‘n doos :finger:

  9. Reply to Bunny @ 6:27 pm:

    Stutte met hande op die
    grond is algemeen. Ek
    sien selde dat dit
    opgeblaas word.

    Maar darem meer dikwels
    as skeef ingooi.

    Dit sal interessant wees om
    te hoor wat Andre Watson hieroor
    te sê het.
    Lyk my die skrums is reeds so ‘n
    gemors dat hulle maar oë toeknyp
    en dit toelaat.

    Hoekom kan stutte nie ordentlik
    bind nie? Is hulle te vet?

  10. Reply to Boertjie @ 6:36 pm:

    Ek werk aan hom, ek wil he dat ons hierdie algemene vrae aan hom vra en dan ook se om ons te antwoord sonder om die reelboek in onse gesigte te gooi – ons almal kan die reels gaan lees.

    Kom ons kyk hoe oop Andre en sy mede refs is om met supporters te gesels.

  11. Reply to Morné @ 6:48 pm:

    Miskien sal dit beter wees om
    die vrae telefonies aan hom te
    As dit op skrif is, het hy te
    veel tyd om stront antwoorde
    uit te dink.

    Onthou om die tags by môre se
    storie te sit.

  12. Reply to Morné @ 6:49 pm: My punt word bevestig,
    JJ claims that it is only wikus that does this, and that is totally wrong and just like JJ pointing finger at WP. Like I said go and watch how many of then does it even the Bulls. And becasue he was blown up two times during the game the asuption is that he did against Werner Kruger cause he kicked werners arsh in scrums at newlands.
    A old friend of myne said always asuption is the mother of all fuc.-ups. So please do not asume JJ is always right with some kind of stats he thinks out after sunday luch.

  13. Reply to Morné @ 7:02 pm: :agree:
    It is just that JJ went on and said in a article that he support the bulls but he he can not see why people phone him up and swear at him. And that everyone must just see how hard he is trying to give the news through, if JJ can open his other eye and see there is 13 other provinces that also needs some support from our media and need them to be boost.

  14. Reply to Bunny @ 6:27 pm:
    I’ll go slowly.

    If one look at 4 scrums in the 1st quarter and you can see him doing it 3 times then it is very likely that he did it 9 times (or there abouts) in the game.
    So don’t go calling someone an idiot or a doos without checking the facts, it only makes you look like one.

    If he did it that many times in a game it’s likely to be a planned tactic (an illegal one) that the referees have now caught onto and will watch, so he won’t be able to do it anymore (example: last Saturday).

    Rassie Erasmus and illegal tactics in the front row – sound familiar?

  15. Reply to Bunny @ 7:11 pm:

    Hi ou Hasie.

    Jy het darem vreeslik vinnig jou storie verander op die ander thread (WP / Lions). Eers gaan die Bergbokke die Bulle bliksem en dan dink jy die Bulle gaan te goed wees vir die klomp Poefters? Watter een is dit nou of begin jy sommer nou-al verskoning soek?

    Q: Why is a leaky faucet like a cowardly bunny?
    A: Because it runs.

  16. Reply to fyndraai @ 7:26 pm:
    I am glad you go slow because we do not like it fast in the cape.
    Again assumption is the mother of all …???
    And again and maybe I will go0 slow here. O..n..l..y h..e w..a..s b..l..o..w..n up do you really believe he is the only one that does it no!! he is not. Because Werner Kruger got is arsh kicked in the scrums e few weekends ago the assumption AGAIN is that he scrumed illegal, we are not gonna agree on this point cause there is no proof in his statement that he scrum illegal against Werner. So lets see what happen over the weekend on this controversial technical point. And try then to look at both sides not like your one eye friend.

  17. Reply to Minora @ 7:34 pm:
    Miskien moet ek afrikaans met julle praat dan verstaan julle miskien beter. Ek kyk na die halfeind met die wete dat as jy op papier kyk en na vorm sal die cheetahs en die bulle die finaal speel, my denke. ‘n Halfeind is lottery en ja die WP het nog nie verloor die jaar op nuweland nie en hulle speel op tye goeie rugby en as hulle die 20 min wat hulle goed speel kan omskep in 80 dan gaan die bulls hulle gatte sien saterdag, en al wil ek hoe graag dit sien gebeur is daar iets wat ‘n mens ‘n brein noem. Iets wat ek het, en my brein se dat die bulle gaan die wp wen en dat daar iets nie lekker is by die sharks nie, want hulle speel ook met al hulle springbokke soos die wp, in sarsies. As hulle ook hulle gatte in rat kry en speel soos hulle moet sal hulle die cheetahs wen, maar jy praat hier van ‘n span wat almal my inkluis afgeskryf het na vyf wedstryde in die CC. En ek se jou een ding jy gee nie ‘n cheetah ‘n halwe kans om daai beker te wen nie, want hy sal. Hulle speel met oortyging en selvertroue en het amper die bulls op loftus met hulle bokke gewen. So….. Ek reken die Cheetahs gaan die Haaie wen en ek reken die Bulls gaan die WP wen. Maar o my f.. ek sal dit baie geniet om die Bulls en die Sharks huis toe te stuur met hulle sterte onder hulle ….
    Dit is lekker om in die semi’s en finaal in te gaan so baie opsies

  18. Nee My span is daar maar ek dink net nie hulle kan 80 min rugby speel nie. Ek is realisties, maar soos ek se ‘n semi is ‘n 50/50 game wonder wie is die ref?

  19. Reply to Bunny @ 7:35 pm:
    Let’s see.

    I double checked 20min and saw him doing it 3 out of 4 times, but should not assume he did it possibly 9 times in the match.

    You however feels free to assume the number is incorrect without any checking and use it as a basis to call someone an idiot and a doos.

    Explain the reasoning, feel free to go slow.

    The fact that he, and he alone was penalized twice on Saturday for doing it, indicates that it is in fact illegal and that the referees are now keeping an eye on it.

  20. Reply to Minora @ 7:51 pm: Soos ek een jaar by loftus was en Wp kon nie ‘n wen koop teen die bulle nie. Voor die wedstryd soos jy sal weet het al die toeskouers buite gebraai gedrink en mekaar ka vertel. Ek het my wp trui aangehad en een bull ondersteuner het my gewvra/se dat ek vannaand gaan lekker huil want die bulle gaan wp op..Ek het om terug geantwoord met dit en ek se jou dieselfde:” Almal verwag dat wp gaan verloor teen die bulle, en ons weet al hoe dit voel om te verloor, want my doner ons doen die verloor aksie al van 2002 af, maar dink net daaraan as julle vannaand gaan verloor en ons wen, hoe erg gaan jy voel oor ‘n sogenaamde kak span met ‘n kak afrigter wat die bulle kom wen op loftus” Hy het vir my gelag en gese dit sal nooit gebeur nie. As my geheue dit reg het, het Roland daai aand drie driee gedruk en wp het gewen. So, soos dit nou maar is en almal haal ons kak span uit en ons het mos ‘n kak afrigter en op papier moet ons verloor, hoe kak gaan jy voel as wp wel die bulle wen op Nuweland saterdag?

  21. Reply to fyndraai @ 7:53 pm:
    That was one ref that blew him up in THIS GAME. At how many points must a ref look at in a game again? And because he was blown up by this ref does not mean it did not happen in the other games. And just a thought, did he not maybe struggled against his opponent on Saturday? Maybe the guy against him was better than him on the day, I was not a prop in my hay day, don’t know if you was?

  22. Nagse al die ou grotes ek is seker ons gaan nog mekaar lekker k vertel die week hoe k ons spanne is :cheers:

  23. nee wat bunny, ek sal nie kak voel as wp ons wen nie, is home en alles. Wat my wel sal afpis, is oor puke daar is. Ek kan nie wag dat hy loop nie, ek haat die aap.

    Go bulle!!!

    Puke, don’t let the door hit u on your vuil soutie gat. Ek vat eenoog jj bo puke anyday.

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