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Bulls may lose Flip


Xerox Lions flank Trevor Hall, Vodacom Blue Bulls lock Flip van der Merwe and SWD Eagles centre Sinethemba Zweni will appear before SARU judicial committees on Tuesday after being cited for foul play during their Absa Currie Cup games this weekend.


Van der Merwe was cited under law 10.4 (a) for punching or striking an opponent. The Vodacom Blue Bulls lock punched the Xerox Lions hooker Martin Bezuidenhout in the face with his left fist during the third minute of the game. The Vodacom Blue Bulls defeated the Xerox Lions 32-18.

Hall was cited under law 10.4 (m) for acts contrary to good sportsmanship. The Xerox Lions flanker was on top of the Vodacom Blue Bulls No 4 Van der Merwe during the 81st minute of the match and with his open hands made contact in his face, near the eye area.

Zweni was cited for contravening law 10.4 (j) for lifting an unidentified Griffons player from the ground and dropping or driving that player into the ground. The incident occurred in the 19th minute of the game. The SWD Eagles defeated the Griffons 18-14 in this Absa Currie Cup First Division match.

The judicial hearings of all three players will take place on Tuesday at the Johannesburg Stadium from 09h30.

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  1. And still SA Players are hitting and sear tackling……..don’t understand were this come from, in my 15 years of playing rugby at school, and club level we never even knew something like a spear tackle.

    Hitting a player is not on, if I had a say I would ban such a player for 12 months. If you want to hit someone go into boxing you get paid to do that there.

    or am I just an :Boertjie normaal: fart

  2. Reply to Jacques(Bunny) @ 6:41 pm:

    Ja and exactly when did it become dangerous to spear and then safely put down the player…

    Oh yes

    Right after Jean De Villiers did it

    And what about cleaning out rucks…

    Oh yes… right after the Bakkies cleaned out a Lions ruck

    What are you dof?

  3. Flip deserves to learn a lesson
    early on in his career.
    Even if the Boks have to play
    with that useless Snor favourite
    called Hargreaves.

  4. Reply to Boertjie @ 7:19 pm:

    The bad thing about Flip is that he is seemingly modelling his game around Bakkies (the bad part) and he is already building a reputation which he will be struggling to shake if he does not act soon.

  5. Reply to DavidS @ 7:05 pm:


    I had to laugh this morning when I heard on the radio that the Bok management is backing PDV 100% in the SANZAR tribunal case against him.

    I had to think Andy Kalkoen read your article!

  6. Reply to farjan @ 7:34 pm:

    I actually asked him last week (Wednesday) on this very issue and he said he could not comment and unfortunately today I was offline when the bastards decided to confirm it.

  7. Reply to Morné @ 7:31 pm:

    Very impressionable young mind?

    Been thinking everybody is clamouring
    about the loss of Brussouw.
    But he will also be like a lost fart
    in a hurricane the way the Boks are
    competing the rucks.

    With the TN already lost – and bugger
    2nd place – this is the time for Snor
    to rest all the tired (and in the case
    of Fatty overweight) players and doing
    some experiments.

    Starting with Hougaard at 9,Lambie
    at 15 and wings like VDHeever and
    Bjorn Basson (whom I believe has the
    added value of being a POC.)

    But for heaven’s sake just leave
    the Ndunganes and Nokwe out of the

  8. Reply to Boertjie @ 7:40 pm:

    Boertjie would you (or anyone) be happy if we do select all these youngsters and lose by 50 points against the All Blacks?

    It is such a tough call and where I agree with the 3N being lost we need to experiment it stays a very delicate thing to do successfully, remember it is not only about the result, it is about the potential damage it can do to a youngster thrown in the deep-end and sinking in his first or 2nd test given our local media and how we scrutinize.

    Remember Gaffie?

  9. Doubt the public would be happy should we experiment. Any loss would be deemed a loss and PdV’s head would be called for(regardless of any stated long term objective). Hell, were calling for his head in 2009

    If i remember correctly there is a squad of 20 or so being pulled from the Currie Cup to rest. Imagine all top players will see out 3N then go on break till EOYT.

  10. Lets list players needing rest: Smit, Matfield, Burger. Reckon the backs are fine.

    Smit: let him share match time equally with Chilli. Also provides Chilli with an opportunity to cement his credentials
    Matfield: Locks are dropping like flies. Has to soldier on
    Burger: Struggling to think of another quality 6 available at the moment(Brussouw and Stegmann out).

  11. Reply to Morné @ 7:46 pm:

    Naah, those youngster will
    fill their places IMO.
    Fact is they’re keen and
    cannot be worse than what
    we’ve got.
    Only way I see of turning
    this team around.
    I think Snor will get many
    more cheers than jeers.

  12. Reply to Boertjie @ 8:14 pm:

    Let’s be honest, he will be cheered when he record victories, no matter with who, and he will be jeered if he loses, even with a radical approach and including youngsters.

    Like he said, as coach you go from superman to clown in a split second.

  13. The Bulls have problems in midfield, I was at the game and the sole person responsible for our floodgates there was Dippenaar. That guy won’t be able to tackle a turd rolling down a hill.

    If that is our future we are in big kak.

  14. Reply to DavidS @ 9:23 pm:

    So you want to stick to defending
    the indefensible?
    Whatever Saru does, the Sanzar will
    wipe their asses on it because
    they have right on their side.
    And it’s 2-1.

  15. BTW how did Waylon Murray
    land up playing rugby and
    getting three caps on top
    of it?

  16. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:32 pm:

    Waylon and Brad were good young partnership in 2006/2007. Then the madness of having to find a place for Steyn set in: “perceived as to talented to leave out whilst not the best in any single position”. The young Sharks backs then all took turns to either play out of position or step down so that a place could be found for his Franses.

    Brad buggered off, Waylon went off the boil and Ruan became even more mentally fragile

  17. Reply to farjan @ 9:55 pm:

    Frans Steyn was the best player they had any position from 11 to 15. They stuck with Barrit at 12 for too long. Should have let Steyn play 12 and use Barrit and Terblanche utility backs.

  18. What are the 6 most important test matches every year in the history of the game for the Boks?

    The TRINATIONS where they play their biggest foes (read opponents) according to the history books… and coincidentally consistently the next two best teams in the world by a country mile…

    You NEVER don’t play your best team/combinations/game-plans for these…

    Dominate these consistently and a slightly more managed mix of youngsters and experience should take the EOYT’s as well… the rest is all fluff…

    And in RWC years all Super-rugby games should not be played by the core squad…

  19. @ Bryce (………….f*ck that is a wanker name)_in_oz.

    When you have lost your away games in the manner they did, you need to test new combos/players. Putting the ‘old’ tried and tested players onto the field just so that they can once again wander around the field so effing hoopeloos, arriving breathless at each breakdown….too late, and hoping that their ‘experience’ will get them through, is just not good enough. They don’t need to be discarded, just rested……..and given a big boot up the arse by the younger players who are knocking at the door. This not a fu*king charity, it’s a Bok team.

    @ morne – Like he said, as coach you go from superman to clown in a split second.

    Only if you behave like one.

    Re Lambie, Fransie, Ruan and Gaffie – WTF is wrong with the system that these players with so much talent are completely f*<ked up by useless coaches who cannot see where their value lies….while we keep on flogging the dead horses hopeing for 'one more' good game out of them. Is it the contract system and the cost of getting in young blood? Maybe NZ has got it right.
    :im a idiot:

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