The Blue Bulls have released an official statement on the issue of Heyneke Meyer and the Bok coaching job.


At a meeting called by SARU, on Tuesday, 24 January 2012, with the Blue Bulls Company’s Board of Directors, SARU informed the Blue Bulls Board of their intention to offer Heyneke Meyer the position of National Coach.

The Blue Bulls Board reiterated its position that Meyer is under contract with the Blue Bulls Company and had appointed Meyer as Executive Rugby, only after an undertaking and commitment by Meyer to lead Blue Bulls rugby over the next four years.

It is the Blue Bulls Board’s position that it would not be in the Blue Bulls interest to release Meyer after many resources and commitments have been made in order to enable Meyer to fulfill his mandate.

Should Meyer however decide to accept the position of National Coach, he needs to inform the Blue Bulls Board of his decision to abdicate his responsibilities and commitments to the Blue Bulls.

Although the Blue Bulls Board would be disappointed with such a decision by Meyer, the Board has faith in the coaching structures under the leadership of Frans Ludeke in taking the Bulls into the future.

Following the Bulls statement, SA Rugby now also released a statement:

The South African Rugby Union (SARU) confirmed on Wednesday that discussions had been held with Heyneke Meyer regarding his possible appointment as Springbok coach – as disclosed in a media release issued today by Blue Bulls Company (Pty) Ltd. No appointment has yet been made.

The Executive Council (Exco) of SARU will be provided with a report back on those discussions at their meeting in Cape Town on Thursday.  The Exco is constitutionally responsible for the appointment of the Springbok coach. Their recommendation has to be ratified by a General Meeting of SARU.

A Special General Meeting will take place in Cape Town on Friday at which the decision of the Exco will be tabled for ratification.

The outcome of those processes will be communicated at a media briefing at 14h00 on Friday, as previously advised.


  1. Strange.
    According to the population breakdown
    the next coach should have been a black

  2. Why is it a joke?

    They’ve clearly made the decision already and are just going through the motions for the benefit of the media and formalities.

    Clearly the committee was supposed to have made its decisions and delivered them to the board fro rubber stamping.

    At what precise moment was SARU supposed to say… yes… this is our coach…

    The Bulls kind of blew open a “secret” that has been known for a week already…

    Give them a damn break please…

  3. Reply to Pokkel @ 12:20 pm:

    Hehe that’s what everyone said last time when Heyneke’s jacket was even made… only to be handed to Snor… three sizes too big and all…

  4. Effectively what has happened is that every time the Technical Commitee has spoken to someone the information has leaked and the media have leapt to the conclusion that the person thusly interviewed is the next Bok coach…

    Alistair Coetzee
    Rassie Erasmus
    Gert Smal
    Piet Div
    Heyneke Meyer


    Amazingly these names were already mentioned when the technical committee sat down to discuss the next Bok coach. Media added John Mitchell and Brenden Venter later… but everyone could have guessed these names would be in the pot for selection…

    So now that out of these one interviewee’s union says

    “We know there’s been discussions and we’d not be haoppy to release him” this is a PR disaster and a bureaucratic bungle…

    The Irish RFU similarly said

    “We know SARU is chatting to Gert Smal but he’s contracted till 2013 and if contracted we’d need compensation.”


    How can this be a disaster or a bureaucratic bungle up?

    Alistair Coetzee says “Ya they can talk but I’m not interested.”

    Rassie says “I’m looking for alternative challenges…”

    So how the hell should the union react when its coach gets interviewed by the Bokke and then the media approaches the unioin and coach and says:

    “So what did they talk to you about? Are you the next Bok coach? Did you take the job?”

    Union says:

    “yes there were talks but we’d not like to lose such a fine coach and because he’s contracted for four years we want some cash for letting him go.”

    Duuuhhh what else can they say?

    SARU says

    “We’ve completed interviews but the board must still decide…”

    It’s like t’s fashionable to be cynical about SARU no matter what…

  5. Reply to DavidS @ 2:32 pm:

    Lay off the cheap East Rand green.

    Simple couple of facts:

    * SA Rugby had no succession plan – none, zilch, zero. A decision needed to be made prior, or at least straight after the RWC on what they wanted/needed to do.

    * You know as well as I do they had Gert in mind since the RWC event. Why then did Gert officially (unofficially) only fall out of the race last week? How long does it take them to negotiate terms and releases from current contracts?

    * Meyer, Rassie, Venter, Allister, Mitchell, Mallet (I might have forgotten a few) have made it clear in December last year already they are not available for this job. This means that some serious (and panicked) negotiations had to take place in the last week or so to convince Meyer to throw his name back in the hat. GBS mentioned earlier this week Heyneke telling him personally at the Bulls year end function there is no way in hell he wants this job and how incompetent SA Rugby is.

    * Further evidence of this last minute rescue act is the statement today by the Bulls. Why did it take SA Rugby up to yesterday (announcement is due Friday) to sit down with the union for the first time to discuss the possible release from his current contract?

    * All indications and media reports in fact are pointing that Jurie Roux met with Meyer for the first time last week only!

    * How does SA Rugby realistically expect any union to release their DOR tasked with a 4 year plan to be released a month out from Super Rugby?

    This whole process is not only rushed, unprofessional and panicked – it is typical…

    Given the fact that ANY coach which could be considered for a national post, forget it being for the Springboks, will either have to be forced out of retirement, or bought out of a current contract. And given SA Rugby’s insistence to only want to employ Saffa’s, and most (all) of the qualified ones are all tied up in Super Rugby roles makes the timing of this even more bizarre.

    But – it’s typical.

  6. Reply to Morné @ 3:11 pm:

    I’d have to agree…

    IT actually smacks of HM not having been the first choice at all… but a fall-back… which in itself is a travesty

  7. Reply to Ollie @ 4:01 pm:

    And the union he’s leaving behind… if the Irish wanted compensation in Euro’s… the Bull’s will be laughing all the way to the recruitment bank…

  8. Morne

    Who said Gert was first choice?

    Uhum,… oh yes… Cape media… not SARU.

    Who said HM was on the list?

    The only for sure name we had from SARU on that list was Pieter De Villiers.

    How do you know how the offer and discussion sessions went or how it was decided?

    You’re making a massive number of assumptions.

    You ASSUME Gert was first choice.

    You ASSUME HM was a rush patch job

    You ASSUME there was no succession planning (note how John Smit said there was however)

    You ASSUME discussions with the choices only started last year.

    The ONLY accurate thing you said which is factually correct is that Alistair and Rassie said they do not want to be Bok coach publicly… but who’s to say SARU did not have discussions with them in any event… or with John Mitchell or Eddie Jones or Brendan Venter…

    You are basing your entire argument on a bunch of unsubstantiated unfounded assumptions.

    Sorry… not going to fly.

    For someone claiming Rassie is not interested in the job you’re doing a good job crowing all over Twitter that Rassie is Technical assistant to the team…

    Recall that De Villiers was being interviewed as little as two weeks ago and publicly said it.

    Who knows what was said and discussed.

    I mean who’s to say PDV did not force SARU’s hand by resigning after the RWC? Maybe they WERE planning to keep him on… maybe planning Gold or Muir as takeovers… who knows… can you see what is annoying me here?

    You’re basing your entire argument on the press release of the Bulls which says

    1. HM is our DOR and had discussions with SARU
    2. We’re not happy to let him but will understand


    * You ASSUME there was no succession plan

    * So what if people made public their preferences last year? Maybe it was a red herring to he media… maybe SARU nevertheless felt they could chat to the proposed appointees and convince them otherwise. The fact that HM has now taken the position appears to show the opposite to what you say… that although publicly opposed he’d have considered it on his terms.

    * The only indication that Gert was the man came in about end December and it was in the media who had similarly reported [previously that first Alistair and then Rassie were first in line… your statement that it was Gert is perfect hindsight and does not hold water. It is unfounded assumptive reasoning.

    * If you recall last year GBS’ website itself reported that the appointment of Heyneke was subject to a clause that gave him a free release if he was offered the national coaching position one would have to say that what they did was purely out of politeness. Yet again given that the discussions have clearly been happening for a while it was actually incumbent on Heyneke to advise his employers not the duty of SARU. Again you assume a duty of SARU to advise the union that it has employed one of its staff… who has a free release clause if he is offered a national coaching position…

    * Indications in the media make no such “indication”. It is assumption. The mother of all f**kups.

    * Seeing as that particular DOR negotiated a clause that if were offered the national coaching position he could get a free release…

    It is easy to use those assumptions to say that SARU screwed up but say it was presented that one assumes

    * They advised possible applicants in November.. after all that’s when all the possible applicants suddenly and unanimously declared themselves unavailable … perhaps at SARU’s request to prevent intense media interest.

    * SARU HAD maybe Gert in mind as first choice but after discussions with the IRE RFU decided he was too expensive.

    * SARU then decides to have discussions with Rassie… who does not want the head job and then asks PDV what he thinks…

    * Then reverts to HM…

    Or maybe HM was second choice after Gert…

    Or maybe they wanted Gert to be assistant to HM…

    Or maybe they wanted Piet to stay on?

    Whichever all we are doing is blowing smoke out our butts making assumptions of inefficiency.

    Can we stop doing that now please.


  9. Reply to DavidS @ 5:34 pm:

    Maybe they WERE planning to keep him (Helium) on… maybe planning Gold or Muir as takeovers… who
    I think Saru with all its faults deserves
    more credit than that.
    Being stuck with the Clown and/or his Cohorts?

  10. Reply to DavidS @ 5:34 pm:

    Jissus but you can waffle, I only got half way and gave up because it is clear you only read what you want to.

    I see you conveniently leave Heyneke’s name of those who publicly stated he is not interested in the job (SA Rugby magazine November issue – note after world cup, Blue Bulls year end function).

    Rassie (while still DOR at WP), Allister, Brendon Venter, Nick Mallet (, news24 – check the archives it’s there) also publicly made themselves unavailable. Rassie even confirming there was no discussions with SA Rugby as did John Mitchell.

    I was personally told SA Rugby administrators chatted to Gert at the RWC, before the final even – the same time I was told Jaque Fourie will be leaving the Stormers 3 weeks before the Stormers even knew.

    If you follow the media you would know Jurie Roux flew to Ireland to chat to Gert. You would also know up and till last week every single journalist in South Africa confirmed this and that he was the preferred choice.

    SA Rugby only chatted to Heyneke THIS WEEKEND!

    In the beginning of January Gert was the ONLY person considered because every single other name made themselves UNAVAILABLE publicly!

    2 Weeks ago it was reported for the first time that they are struggling to come to an agreement and all of a sudden Heyneke is in the picture…

    So the facts are simple; all the names here, including Heyneke and apart from Gert, publicly made themselves unavailable for the post in December.

    Which means ANY talks whatsoever could only have happened in January (after SARU’s shortlist of which two names were a mystery at the time).

    FFS man they are only negotiating a release for his contract 2 days before they want to announce him as coach!

    SO please wipe the shit from your eyes and read/think (or try one at a time to start with).

    Some succession plan.

  11. Reply to DavidS @ 5:34 pm:

    Bliksem I actually took some time to read all the drivel finally.

    Are you playing stupid or are you serious?

    Rassie, Allister, Mitchell, Mallet, Meyer, Brendan Venter – all names that publicly distanced themselves from the job – FACT! Reported in their OWN words – but to you this somehow is a red herring trying to ‘confuse’ the media and public while they are all sitting sipping beer and laughing about their very public and well thought out joke? Are you fucking shitting me?

    Rassie as technical advisor…

    If you are going to quote me on what is said on twitter follow the thing called a timeline… GALLO IMAGES tweeted this is the case, hundreds of people picked up on this, re-tweeted this only for SA Rugby to release a statement saying its bullshit.

    PDV did confirm he had an INFORMAL discussion with Jurie but the Bok coach job WAS NEVER DISCUSSED – please read full articles in future.

    John Smit ONLY referred to the captaincy and players of the team.

    How is denial working for you?

    EVERY single journalist and news agency in SA is wrong according to you. (For once they all reported the same thing)

    Even simple logic evades you (trying to secure a release from contract 2 days before he is supposed to be announced as coach) all because you reckon, or wait, assume SA Rugby had this all covered based on nothing but (what’s that word you like so much) ‘assumption’

    Where I can at least quote hundreds of articles and actual quotes you came up with…???

    Sorry what did you come up with again?

  12. All your assumptions Morne…

    My maybe’s were all in response to your assumptions… It was hyperbole aimed at showing how full of holes your reasoning is. Yes it was symbolic in nature and sidelong but I assumed you would understand the implications.

    Jumping Jiminy are you reading your hysterical bullshit? You sound like you missed your Premarin for two weeks… Get those estrogen levels under control…



    Let’s take this easy.

    Let’s breathe and begin anew…

    You have not answered a single one of my contentions that you were working on an assumptive backgournd.

    Fact is (FACT) is that you did (work on assumptions that is)

    Read what I wrote again and consider it rationally before you throw another toddler hissy fit of hysteria. Just because people made themselves unavailable does not mean they were not approached… surely the fact that Heyneke sow suddenly agreed to the job says something that makes you wonder if the shortlist applicants were available or avoiding media attention.

    Go read RW right after RWC and you will see that Gert was mentioned as a possible BUT that several (primarily Cape based) journos mentioned Alistair Coetzee and Rassie Erasmus as possibles EVEN AFTER THEY TOOK THEIR NAMES OUT THE HAT.

    Now what we have here is say the discussions with your first choice stretches out longer than you expected and stall and fail… then what? You go to Number 2 on the list…

    What is so unprofessional about that? Large corporates do that every single day with board and top management appointees.

    Stop trying to see everything SARU does in a negative light… fucksakes you don’t even know what happened… you are working on assumptions. Do you actually have the technical committee’s list? Do you know exactly who JUrie went to see? Or when? Or what they spoke about? Do you have the technical committee’s shortlist?

    No you do not.

    You have media conjecture and speculation and that is it.

    In the case of Heyneke’s “withdrawal” clearly false too.

    We have a saying in Afrikaans

    “As jy ‘n hond wil slaan is dit maklik om ‘n stok te kry.”

    You’re using little twigs… but at least they are stickish in appearance…

  13. I have a suggestion:

    Let’s drink a toast to the fact that
    we are rid of that clown on helium
    and his coaching crew.

    No matter how it happened.


  14. Reply to Boertjie @ 10:15 pm:

    Okay ek is bereid om truce te roep…

    Ek het vandag my argeologie veldwerk projekte gekry so ek is in ‘n uitstekende bui…

    Truce to…. what’s your new nickname on the Facebook page?

    Oh yes

    Kadawer offers a truce to Vino Collapso

  15. I’ve heard that Heyneke will only pull in
    extra coaches when the Boks are in a squad
    preparing for a series. I.e. they will not
    be fulltime, but employed on an ad hoc basis.

    And it’s been whispered that the Bulls wants
    R500,00 compensation.

  16. So SARFU get to pay R0.5m to the Bulls for the late appointment of a national coach who wasn’t even their first choice anyway? All very unprofessional looking no matter what spin you put on the story.

  17. Blue Bulls’ Louis Nel tells EWNsport that decision on Heyneke was unanimous, including them, but they’re not happy with the process at all

  18. Reply to Morné @ 11:39 am:

    Jip. My sympathy to the Bulls.
    Saru waited till the last minute.
    Other unions did their horse trading
    for coaches just after RWC.
    Maybe because there was lots of support
    for the Clown carrying on?

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