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Bulls refuse to pay Pollard while injured


Handre_Pollard_Bulls_SR_training_2014_Lee_Warren_Gallo_Images_620_395_s_c1_top_topThe Bulls are refusing to pay Handré Pollard while he is sidelined with a knee injury due to a technicality.

The Springbok injured his shoulder in playing in the off-season for NTT DoCoMo Red Hurricanes which he had contract insurance and upon his return to the Bulls he injured his knee in his first training session which will see him out of action for the rest of the season.

According to a report in Die Burger, Pollard needed to play for the Bulls, after returning from Japan, in order to be covered again by the injury insurance. This leaves Pollard in loosing millions in match fees and his contract with the Bulls for Super Rugby.

Pollard already had his operation on the knee he injured are busy with his recovery.

The Bulls will on start paying Pollard again when he returns to the field.

This should be a sound warning to players who go and play in the off-season in Japan….


  1. Japan Will cause lots of injuries. Unions will look to not foot the damage Japan causes. Gone ate the days the rugby is slow and not as physical. They have more tanks playing there. could discover it will be very high intensity by 2017.

    Agree with Bulls. They must not foot bill.

  2. All unions have this arrangement.

    Maybe if people read the damn artiicle properly they’d see that THE INSURANCE COMPANY is refusing to pay Pollard…

    Fuck me this is just pure standard South African labour law…

    You have 36 sick leave days over three years. Use them up and noo work no pay….

    No magic no strange no illegal no unethical.

    ALL players via SARPA get player injury insurance. Flippit Jannes Labuschagne of the Lions a few years ago had THREE YEARS paid while injured PLUS he worked a s a dentist at the same time!

    Blame SARPA’s brokerage for making a kak deal not the Bulls…

  3. Ya know Bunny –
    I, like all( inshallah )who peruse Ruggaworld are at our core sentinent beings.
    Even given this fact, its tempting to get numbed by the consistent & heartless atrocities ZeeBulls inflict upon the sport of rugby union & the individuals who dwell within it.
    So its incumbent upon us & congruent with our nature to speak truth to (evil) power at each & every transgression.
    To keep saying “never again” in hopes that our pleas will be heard by some higher power ( Saru or the army perhaps) will deliver us from this constant evil & provide dawn to what seems like the longest of nights.
    Add Handy Pollard to the body count of rugby stars that thought they could wager with the devil & win.

  4. Also – whats with the craven legaleese ZeeBull**** of having to play a game before getting the contract fulfilled?
    He blew his knee at a ZeeBull training for pete’ sake.
    All players that now carry the cross of being enslaved by this organization should feign injury in pre-season camp & only go full out once they make the field in a real game that starts their contract.
    In other news….was Handy Pollard’s contract negotiated by an actual contract lawyer or a buddy signed off on it in a tavern & the document was written up on a cocktail napkin?
    I just don’t understand the GLARING gap in remuneration in the duties of a contracted player!

  5. See how the Stormers actually re-signed Jaco Taute ( hopefully seeing this name spurs the need to repent for all of you who hilariously thought could be even within the same hectare of SunKing Willie LeRoux talent-wise when he was the media darling – ahem Bryce)
    when he was on one leg!
    Say what you want about Stormers seeing double when it comes to talent recognition ( just kidding you could go on for a month lol) but at least they have loyalty!

  6. @Americano: Did Taute also go to Japan during the OFF SEASON?

    I would like to believe that all unions would have put their foot down, these rugby players consistently hold the unions to ransom with all their demands.

    Pollard probably earned more money in Japan during the off season than he would have had for the Bulls all season anyway.

    There will no doubt be clauses in players contracts so Pollard, his dad and his lawyers would have known the risks of going to Japan BEFORE he went there, it would not have been a secret.

  7. GrootBull & Bunny….
    Let’s stick to the facts & be reality-based.
    I’d be with you if Handy got hurt in JAPAN.
    But he got injured in ZeeBulls training camp. Thousands of miles from Japan & wearing ZB training uni.
    Next time you see someone littering or hear of a company dumping toxic waste into a waterway…..know that’s exactly how ZeeBulls treat rugby union. Exactly.
    I hope they are brought up on SARU charges of some sort & the judge hearing the case to see if they are suspended from the union…is Bekke.

  8. @Americano: The whole idea is to protect the union, say Handy injured his knee already in Japan… but kept it secret (I am not saying that is what happened, but it very well could) Then the insurer sits with a big bill… so in that case the insurer will have enough fortitude to structure its policy that that wont be the case.

    So the insurer refuses to pay, now the Bulls have to foot the bill? I think not.

  9. So i don’t know all the ins and outs of rugby unions, but I am sure insurance will be taken out at a THIRD PARTY.

    So you should actually be criticizing them…

  10. Am I missing something or is there no longer such a thing as cause-and-effect.

    1. If pollard cannot play because he got injured in japan, then one can understand the bull’s position. If Pollard cannot play because he got injured playing for the bulls in training, then one cannot understand the bull’s position.

    2. If jurie is found by the law to be skeef, then jurie is a dief and gaan tronk toe, this has nothing to do with Hoskins or the ANC. If Jurie is innocent, so be it, let the evidence decide.

    I cannot understand this reverse logic.

  11. @cab: @GrootBull: @Americano: I think David need to help here…

    But my feeling is that players do not get enough rest by allowing themselves to play this silly Japan off-season period.

    If I was insurance company I will also say stuff you Pollard.

    Legal side I have no idea how it works

  12. Like all employees players get 36 days offf in every three years cycle as sick leave.
    Once that is used up they are on unpaid sick leave.
    Thus SARPA has arranged insurance for the players who are sick for longer periods due to injury.
    However like all insurance underwriters have prerequisite qualifications before the injury insurance kicks into place. I know for instance it is limited to to no more than three years.
    This insurance is cover for the Bulls in case they have an injured player adn for the player in case he is incapacitated temporarily.

    It’s like your car insuurance exclusions. You have it in case your car breaks.. hell they’ll even throw in a replacement… except if your car breaks while you’re bush drag racing.

  13. People get too lost in the romantics of rugby, but in the end it is a professional business like any other.

  14. ZeeBulls has the most $$ of any of the teams in SA.
    Even with that….they chose to leave their star #10 behind & attempt to hide behind a technicality for doing the right thing.
    This soul-less attitude can be extrapolated throughout the entire organization.
    Notice to all players thinking of tranferring to the darkside.
    Think again.

  15. I think we need a rugby journalist to investigate if de allende is also not getting paid by WP till April… Come BC there is your assignment

  16. @GrootBull: Just asked two of the top agents and they think DDA is fine. The Bulls stance continues to shock me. Looking to see how they come to this.

  17. @Provincejoulekkading: @Benedict Chanakira: Thanks, I guess its one of those isolated things we have nothing to compare to.

    No matter what way we lean on our opinions, and even though it is the insurance company that could be avoiding this whole issue regarding a loophole, this is extremely poor PR for the Bulls.

  18. GrootBull,
    I think your last post offers an excellent summation even if you forgot to prefix “Zee”

  19. Can’t believe I am saying this, but I am with the Bulls on this one. De Allende’s case is different, he was injured while playing in Japan and as such will have coverage until he recovers from this injury.

    If Pollard did not play in Japan and had cover from another insurance company, he would still have been under cover from the Bulls insurance from last year and would have been covered for his injury suffered in training. The problem comes in with the transition from Japan cover to Bulls cover. Where is the line drawn? Terms and conditions clearly required for him to play in a game for the Bulls before the Bulls cover kicks in again, he should have been aware of the terms before going off to Japan, and it was a risk he took.

    Why the Bulls are now painted as the bad guys is unclear to me?

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