Bulls rugby

Blue Bulls brand and what they stand for, it shows the world that we are more than just a rugby team… and to us it’s more than just a job or winning a game – Its about passion, pride, and most importantly FAMILY




  1. Boys

    In the preamble to this match between ultimate evil and ultimate good my daughter will be donning her red, white and black Gauteng Lions Gymanstics Federation tracksuit and leotard to meet the evil Blue fuckers on the field of battle (well for gymnasts four fields of battle) on Saturday afternoon.

    We know she and her team mates will presage the Loftus battle at the Eldoraigne Matsport Center in Centurion (in the baby Dark Star’s belly so to speak) by thoroughly thrashing the evil blue fuckers, thus serving as inspiration for a famous victory for the Jedis from Joburg!

  2. I find the name calling very comforting. It comes from a place of fear. Al wat ek sien is die Blou Masjien!

  3. First DavidS – my condolences. A clove of garlic tucked in her kit will safeguard her during the visit ( & triumph) in that den of demonism.
    Here I thought ZeeBulls were just a compartmentalized “what if Kim Jong-Il administered a rugby union” thing. Had not idea this virus has mutated into gymnastics!

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