I state before the game that we should be very disappointed to loose this test against England and that is exactly how I feel after watching this poor performance from the Springboks.

The silence of the packed crowd at Twickenham in that first twenty minutes tells the story on the quality the home team dished up but the same for the Springboks really.

Rassie Erasmus and his team got it terribly wrong on the day. On a dry Twickenham pitch I found it strange that they decided to go with a kicking game.

Actually a kicking game is maybe not that bad if you execute it right. It was not just the kicking game that was poor.

One can not express how disappointed it was to see we losing critical lineouts.

The scrums was slightly better, but it was a scrum that gave England the penalty to win the game at the end.

I was never impress with Van Zyl starting the match and I was even less impressed after the test.

He is slow behind the pack so much so that you can every time see him looking up first to pass the ball.

Now I am no expert on scrumhalf but we could see the difference when Papier came on in the last five minutes and suddenly we saw the same Springboks team that did so well against New Zealand in the Rugby Championship.

Now most properly Van Zyl played according to the game plane from Erasmus, so I am not a big Rassie fan today.

I always struggled to understand why teams at this level can not go into a game with more than one game plan.

Now if you want to know the difference between the All Blacks and the rest, it is exactly that, they can change their game if it does not work.

To say I am upset is the understatement of the year, we are much better than the nonsense we dished up on Saturday.

99% Of the test England was giving each other high five’s on Springbok mistakes, that is how poor our execution was in this test.

We gave away silly penalties which gave England the test, and that is just not good enough.

Here’s how I rated the Boks at Twickenham and it is not pretty. 

Damian Willemse: 4




Except from taking a few high balls he added nothing to the team on the night.

He looked nervous and never got into his game we know he can produce. He never added something extra like Le Roux in the backline and his kicking game was poor.

S’bu Nkosi: 6.5





About the only player that shown something in the test. He looked dangerous all the time and scored the only try. Was a total waste on the wing with most of the balls being kicked away.

Jesse Kriel: 5




Did a few things good with ball in hands and was solid on defence. Lost a few balls on attack and did not create anything from the midfield.

Damian de Allende: 6




One of the better test matches for Damien but that only last for the first 50 minutes.

For some reason he decided he can run over the whole England team and never gave a better player opportunity out wide.

He was impressive with gaining carriers but still gets to much into contact with ball.

Aphiwe Dyantyi: 6





Had a quite game but made his tackles and were good on scramble defence.

He came into the line a few times but again did not get too many ball from too much kicking from his 9 and 10.

Handre Pollard: 5




Average game to say the least. He did not do much wrong but did not add that spark one need if you play with an inexperience halfback.

Pollard attack the line brilliant when they did decide to not kick it away.

Not the kind of performance (though you could have said that about several team-mates) where he deserved to be on the losing side. Much that was authoritative and confident about his play at No 10, and his 76th-minute, long penalty that might have won the match cruelly met the paint on the outside of the right upright.

Ivan van Zyl: 3




Poor service and even worst kicking game from van Zyl. His service behind the rucks was slow.

I was not impressed and Papier showed in 5 minutes at the end more than Van Zyl in 75 minutes.

He is not ready for this level.

Warren Whiteley: 5




Normally do the donkey work but we did not see enough from him on attack.

He gave away a crucial penalty in the lineout and did not stand out as we got used to.

Duane Vermeulen: 5

I almost asked at halftime to my friend if Vermeulen was taken off in the first half because I did not really see him at all.

Very quite game from the big man but made some huge tackles. Jury still out if he should be moved from number 8.

Siya Kolisi: 4





Did not future at all in the test. He made some good tackles but we did not win the contacts at rucks as we normally did and his decision making was poor as a captain.

Pieter-Steph du Toit: 7




I think you can give du Toit any jersey on the field he will give you 120%.

He was massive again in defence and was about the only one that looked like he wants to play.

If only we can have 15 -Du Toit’s in our team.

Eben Etzebeth: 6




Eben did his bit before he went of and was good with ball in hand and in defence.

His power in the scrum was clear to see and his work at the breakdowns was also great.

Frans Malherbe: 5




He scrummed, he supported in the lineouts and he made his tackles but that is that.

Still of the opinion that he is not close to his form from last year

Malcolm Marx: 4




Surely one of the worst games we have seen Marx played. He was not hitting his mark at lineout time and was totally ineffective at the breakdowns.

He also was not good in open play. We needed better from Marx in a big game like this.

Steven Kitshoff: 6




Also one of the standouts. He was massive in the scrums and were great on defence.

Arsh of the week

Agnus Gardner for getting it totally wrong on the tackle of Farrell on Esterhuizen. Just not good enough from Gardner.

Here is the tackle you make your own judgement

Rassie Erasmus – 3




Can not go without rating Rassie Erasmus as coach. I am one of Rassie biggest fans but on today’s performance he was poor. He should have taken Marx off when he did not perform. The same goes with Van Zyl.

His game plan was wrong and even more frustrating was the fact that the Boks did not have a plan-b.




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  1. Janee bunny has spoken – from those lips to gods ears.

    Agree – not on Kolisi tho – he adds so much.

    Erasmus got to loosen up. Attack Rassie.

  2. I watched the game on TV now – I was surprised how offside England was at rucks. The was especially towards the end of the game – which rushed the Boks a lot. I thought Elton played well when he came on. Willemse fluffed a possible try when he came in at 10 (trying to do what Willie does for us). We must really stop our (poor) kicking. Like Willemse kicking grubbers with 41 minutes on the clock infirst half – and Bokke on attack.

  3. Vermeulen was nowhere in this test. Kolisi was doing a lot of work off the ball ala Mostert hence not able to play his game. Rassie gets the fail mark for me. If a Mostert can’t play you bring in another lock not move your best 7 to lock.
    Hope we learn from this

  4. @Oupa Joe: Kolisi made 4 tackles – what did he do off the ball? Read a newspaper? He is Captain Uber Slapgat – only making an effort every 4 games. So maybe next time?

  5. Feel Marx should get knocked down a carrot or even two. His inability to execute one of his KPI’s were directly responsible for the loss.

    Thought Siya was quiet without being bad but he needs to learn to manage the ref better and on that he can keep his 4, his decision making was pants.

    Rassie getting into this pattern of setting up a few good games and then having a clanger, this is Argentina ll over again. Ivan van Zyl? BAH!

  6. Viewed in isolation you could say so and not get too many arguments but truth is that aside from the clangers of yesterday and Argentina the team is really evolving nicely and lost a few close ones.

  7. Yeah we might be playing better, but 6 losses out of 11 is poor. We can stupidly blame Gardner for the loss and don’t get me wrong, he got that last call horribly wrong, but that would only plaster over the cracks.

    Our rugby intelligence is really low. We don’t make the right decisions. We had the dominant pack. Gardner sends off one of the more physical members of the England pack. We have a penalty on their 5m line. The English are on a team warning. We go for the line and lose the opportunity to get points. Smart call would’ve been to call a scrum and go for the pushover or penalty try against 7 men.

    So a bit later we have another penalty 5 out and against setup the line out. We know Marx is struggling to find his jumpers. So go at the front of the line out then to secure your own ball. Nooooo, we go for the back of the line out ans lose another point scoring opportunity.

    We sucked, even though we dominated, we did not deserve to win. The team with more points deserve the win.

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