I truly believe that Springbok coach Allister Coetzee will become a politician after rugby with the way he is speaking in the media.

First Coetzee told us that there is no issue with Pollard not playing almost any Super Rugby matches nor any other matches since World Cup 2015 and days later he say Combrinck has not played enough rugby to warrant a Springbok call up.

Then this week he spoke to the media and said e certainly wasn’t ready to write Rhule off.

Don’t forget how good Raymond was against Australia [in Perth]. I’m not a coach who will look at one poor performance and chuck someone away. He was outstanding against the Wallabies. There were a few areas where the All Blacks targeted us, but we will work on that and get better. In the seven Tests Raymond has played, he has gained a lot of experience, so now do I just throw him out and start all over again with a new player?

It’s our job as coaches to ensure that the plan is simple, and that he understands his role and his job. We will help him to improve from the last game, and that’s our responsibility. Having said that, he was the first guy to text me and say: “I watched the game again and I could have been better here or there”. The big thing is about owning up and taking responsibility, which is what I enjoy about this group of players. All of us have to accept responsibility and it’s our duty to turn it around.’

Then the next day Coetzee send Rhule, Dan Du Preez and Nkosi back to their unions.

I am sure that Coetzee is half Chameleon half human.



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  1. Geeze. Hope everyone doesn’t rub Ray Rhule nose in it. It was a set up! He is young still and needs more time. AC used him like bait. Ray will bounce back. He is a Cheetah they always do!

  2. I saw a moron on msn claim hat Heyneke Meyer “had an easy time” as a coach

    Creezzus ghist!

    What fucken planet was that moron living on?????

    Meyer was castigated from the minute he got appointed!

  3. @DavidS: Whoever said that, was right. Hak Hak could pretty much do what he wanted, and media was dead silent. Even on this site it was basically me and Cab shouting that the emperor had fokol clothes on! Suddenly after Japan, everybody suggested that they knew he was shit all along!!! Jake was nailed in the media, as was Pivvy. So far AC had an easy ride – but time is running out for him and his farken schizophrenic coaching staff.

  4. LOL Bekke with your description of how you disapproved of HM
    You were on him like paparazzi on Princess Diana.
    If SA coaches were boxers – whatever ref that’s calling the fight with AC is a sadist. If he had any heart he’d jump in now & end it like how the Mcgregor Floyd fight went down.
    AC is out on his feet.

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