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Cheetahs to get paid out if axed from Super Rugby


SANZAAR is set to drop three teams for next years Super Rugby competition which, if rumors are to be believed, will be the Southern Kings, Toyota Cheetahs and Rebels.

SANZAAR have been struggling since creating the complicated conference system last year which saw TV-ratings  and stadium attendance drop. The expansion was done two years ago to accommodate the Southern Kings, Sunwolves and Jaguares in the competition.

The changes of kicking out the Sunwolves or the Jaguares is slim and it looks like that South Africa will have to drop two teams and Australia one.

Under the current contract the Cheetahs will be offered a two-year payout from SANZAAR if they are being axed from the competition the Sunday Times reported this weekend.

Super Rugby franchises receive upwards of R28-million every year, with some, who accept wider responsibilities from SA Rugby getting R33-million.

The newspaper also reported  that a local rugby boss said earlier this week that the Kings and Cheetahs’ expulsion from the tournament was a done deal, but SA Rugby president Mark Alexander told the Sunday Times that ‘no decision has been taken’.

Meanwhile, in Australia, there is talk that the Brumbies and Rebels may have to form a similar partnership to the one that saw the Lions and Cheetahs form the Cats in 1998.

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  1. A question, where are they going to get the money to pay 2 seasons, at 28mill a season? I thought Sanzaar was rather cash strapped.

  2. This would destroy the Cheetahs IMO… Currie Cup is not enough to keep players in the country let alone the province…

    Jeez R28mill to sustain 33 players, coaching staff, travel etc sounds like peanuts…

  3. Make no mistake:
    ZeeBulls see dissolution of Cheetahs as a “must have” the same way the Devil sees innocent souls to corrupt.
    Sweets Marais & the “Goon Platoon”of admins cling to the Death Star like bats do a cave, are soooooo horrible at talent mgt, they need new bodies on which to feed.
    SARU is begging for a Ctrl+Alt+Del & hopefully this keystroke will take the bane of the land….ZeeBulls with them !

  4. Here is what I don’t get. These are the viewership number from 2012. Top 20 viewed games. Only 1 game does not feature a SA team and even in that game, there were more SA viewers than from the other countries. Surely we should not be the one losing 2 teams?

  5. @Aldo: That is why we got the Kings back. NZ and Aus want the Sunwolves and Jagaures so they are voting us out…I think

    We need to seriously look to trade this shit for the Pond and go north.

  6. @Jacques: The more I think of going north, the more it makes sense. The argument has always been about quality of competition. For that I reckon we should keep Rugby Championship, but club or provincial level, the clubs up north have serious talent and that is where the money is at. Superrugby has run it’s course.

  7. We will also get much more money and our overseas players will be playing in same competition which makes the eligible as well.

    We are in middle earth so I think we can pick where we want to be playing. In SANZAAR it is only the NZ teams that is great, Aussies are like Vodacom Cup teams these days and Sunwolves are crap.

  8. @Jacques: We also get to see our foreign players play against the players that are in the country, which would make it easier to gauge form of the overseas players.

    I’m all for us playing Rugby Championship and then a northern hemisphere competition. Superrugby can then accomodate a PI team or 2

  9. Agreed.
    Go North & reuinite with the SunKing on the plains of….
    Let nz/aus/arg/japan sort it out – perhaps keep a SA team or two down there to round out the comp?

  10. @Aldo:

    2012 was eons ago… I very much those numbers have much to do with who pays how much in broadcasting fees taking into account exchange rates…


    No Jacques it was the other way around… South Africa ‘insisted’ they get the Kings as a 6th team when their ‘play-off’ debacle failed as the Lions relegated the Kings after their first disaster year.

    Bringing in an Argentinian team (entering their first year in a professional era and untapped market) and a Japanese team (with their increased domestic interest and untapped market) was the only way to accommodate 6 Japie teams and make the competition somewhat workable. It was all South Africa and their politics and there should never ever have been 6 teams.

    As for playing up North… there is no way in hell NH teams would now start sending their teams down South every other weekend when they are playing only a few hrs (at the most) drive from each other weekly… it would never ever happen.

    The closest a South African side would ever be included… and I state that in the singular (or two teams if lucky) would be to have a team based up there (somewhere) much like the Puma’s did in the Currie Cup (or VC). Where does that leave the remaining 4-5 unions… playing CC? It would be the final death knell in RSA rugby. Never going to happen… NH have nothing to gain… nada. but then the permutations of possible ways one or two teams could be added has been done to death to no avail.

    Getting back to South African sides… took me just a few seconds to go to the Waratahs/Reds websites and access with full transparency their annual reports… seeing exactly how much they are receiving from the ARU (I wanted to compare to the Cheetahs figure above). It’s effectively double the amount ($4-$5mill) which is actually fairly in line with a basic generalisation for the difference in living expenses I’ve always used as a rule of thumb between the two countries.

    My point on that note is… if the broadcasting money the unions are receiving is essentially the same… and I’m assuming with far superior numbers through the gates in RSA… just what the fuck are the South African teams and SARU doing with all the money. Because their transparency is so shocking (read non existent) nobody (particularly the fans) will ever know.

  11. @bryce_in_oz:

    It’s no wonder the likes of Watson jump at the chance to get in and drain a union in just a handful of years with no recourse…

  12. @bryce_in_oz: Bryce, according to what I’ve read, Supersport still pays 605 of the broadcasting fees of all countries involved. How that money is used, is sad, like you say. There is just no way to know. Transparency and clean governance is not really a South African strongpoint. All smoke and mirrors.

    The fact though remains, the South African teams draws most of the viewership numbers. Even a poor team like the Cheetahs. I am struggling to find last year’s viewership number, but will share it once I’ve found it.

  13. South Africa most definitely still brings in the biggest portion of the broadcasting cake for super rugby, but it is decreasing:

  14. According to that graph, SA brings more viewership than the other two countries combined.

  15. @bryce_in_oz: More viewership equals more money. More money means more say, or it should. If it is all about money, then it doesn’t make sense to take out a side from the country that brings highest viewership numbers.

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