Sure Michael Cheika new theme song will be The Clash hit from back in the day.


The future of Michael Cheika is still unclear after the Australian board meeting but they did say a decision will be made before Christmas.

Cheika had one of the worst years as a coach for the Aussies in 2018 with many people asking for him to be fired.

With only about four test left for the World Cup it is not an easy decision to change too much in the coaching.

Cameron Clyne did not share too much with the media after the meeting leaving most frustrated on the future of Australian rugby, specially those who want Cheika gone.

He said it is an ongoing review on the year that was and the board did received a presentation from Cheika himself as well of the high performance department.

Although Clyne did not give much to the media on the future of Cheika he also did not gave his absolute support either, which may be an indication that it can still go both ways.

Today was our December board meeting, it’s our last board meeting of the year, we had a pretty full agenda,” he said on Monday.

“We obviously received a presentation from Michael Cheika and we’re going through a process, so I’m not really in a position to elaborate.

“We’ve had a presentation from Michael, we’ve had some data gathered from him, from his coaching staff, from his players and from our high performance unit and we need to go through a fairly thorough review process.

“We’ve got all the information we need and we’ll be going through that process.

“I know people are very keen to know what’s going on but I felt it was important to at least let you know where we are in that process and obviously we’ll have more to say and have that process wrapped up ahead of Christmas.”

There has been a few candidates mentioned to replace Cheika from Jake White to Scott Johnson and David Nucifora.

Well atleast Cheika is going to get a something under the tree, the question is just what?


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  1. It would be critically wrong to dismiss him in a RWC year.. then again.. Australian rugby is proper fucked and the little uplift of the 1990s is long gone… except for beating the decaying Vroteas in Australia…

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