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Clarity behind Kanko’s omission


There has been some confusion over Kankowski’s omission from the Springbok squad of 30 players for the Castle Rugby Championship kicking off in Cape Town on the 18th of August.

Kankowski, who has been in brilliant form over the last month in Super Rugby, was widely tipped to be a certainty in Meyer’s group of 30 players given the injury to Duane Vermeulen and the poor form of Pierre Spies.  However when Meyer announced his 30-man squad on Saturday, Kankowski’s name was absent.

Following a successful recall to the Springbok team during the England series and playing the rugby of his life at the Sharks, Kankowski was full of hope to form part of the Springbok squad to play in the Rugby Championship.

Speaking to Sportlive.co.za two weeks ago Kankowski said that he was fortunate that Heyneke gave him a chance to train with the Boks even though he’d been injured for so long.

“It always helps when a coach says he’s going to back you.  He said that the door was open to show him what I could do.”

“Who knows? The Boks selectors can still select you if you’re that side [in Japan], so it’s not like I’m not going to be involved at all,” said Kankowski.

Asked on the omission of the Sharks 8th man, Meyer told Rugby365 that Kankowski’s decision to sign with the Japanese club, Toyota Verblitz, ultimately ruled him out.

“It is a tricky situation,” Meyer said in Worcester at the weekend, where he revealed the names of the 30 players that on Monday would start preparation for the opening round of the competition.

“We definitely looked at Ryan [Kankowski], I think he is probably playing the best rugby of his life.

“He was definitely considered and we spoke to Ryan as well, but it is quite difficult now for him to be selected and he is not being considered for this Test series.

“We spoke with him this [Saturday] morning and we will remain in contact – hopefully he will be available going forward.”

RuggaWorld has established that an IRB ruling could force the Japanese club to release Kankowski for Springbok duty since the Rugby Championship falls under the designated IRB test window, which suggests that the only reasons not to select him for the Springboks would have been for monetary issues, or the coach’s personal feelings in selecting foreign based players.

Since Kankowski is contracted to the Japanese club the Springbok management would have to pay for medical and injury insurance if they force the club to release the player for international duty whilst under contract with them.  This insurance is tied to his actual contract with the club and his earnings which could run into tens of thousands of Rands.

It is also important to note that Kanko’s contract with the club is only for 6 months where he will be back for Super Rugby next year and the deal was signed before his recall to the Boks in June.

What do you think, is Kanko worth the money we would have to fork out given Spies’ current form and the fact that Vermeulen is probably a month away from full fitness required for test rugby?

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  1. But they were willing to do all this for Fourie?

    Again showing his only blue eyes, for if Kanakaski is in it will mean Useless spies is out.

    DIt is erg deur die kak!!!!!

  2. Tricky one. I hope HM takes note of
    the feelings out there. With regards to
    FduP and Jacques P he is on a bit of
    thin ice.
    Kanko also won several line out balls on Saturday.

    Then again one can argue that Kanko made his
    own bed and now has to sleep in it.

  3. Kankowski is a hard bugger given he walked away from that foul Tameifuna swinging arm as if nothing had happened. He has been the form #8 this year and I agree with you this
    “suggests that the only reasons not to select him for the Springboks would have been for monetary issues, or the coach’s personal feelings in selecting foreign based players.”

    DavidS is always going on about how healthy the Springbok war chest is so it can’t be money – or did those payouts to the Bulls deplete it?

    The All Blacks have in the past punished their players for joining the foreign legion worse than the Boks. I have been impressed how the Boks management have continued to select talented guys like Frans Steyn and Riaan Pienaar putting national interests first before rather naive punishing of players for pursuing $’s overseas. It seemed they recognised the inevitable rather than dishing out punishment but is the coach now backtracking?

  4. Fourie Du Preez had only a one year contract in Japan and he was back in SA by the time Heyneke approached him.

    Once he elected Japan, Heyneke left him.

    Same with Jacques Fourie, Wynand OLivier and now Kankowski…

    So maybe Jacques should stop drinking that kak beer in Zambia…

  5. Reply to DavidS @ 9:18 am:

    Correction, Fourie and Danie Rossouw signed 2 year deals with Suntory, so they are still contracted until 2013.

    Meyer considered selecting both of them for England – in fact, rumour has it Meyer is negotiating with Suntory to release him for the second part of the 4 Nations this year…

    Ruan Pienaar is signed with Ulster until 2014…

    So either Meyer doesn’t rate Kanko, or the Boks does not have enough in their slush fund to pay for his insurance.

  6. Reply to Morné @ 1:03 pm:

    Pay attention Morne

    I said when he said no it was no.

    You’re doing nothing but sucking shit from a Cape toilet drain, spitting it out as fact and stirring it up as though you’re keo’s heir apparent…

  7. Reply to DavidS @ 2:29 pm:

    What are you smoking?

    Heyneke approached Fourie whilst contracted to a Japanese club (and will be under contract with them until 2013). Special dispensation would have been made. Player decided he did not want to, for whatever reason.

    Kanko, contracted to Japanese club, not selected on the basis of that. End of story.

    Better yet, compare it with Pienaar and Ulster where he has a contract until 2014.

    Bok management goes out of their way to bring players in from overseas in certain instances, others are ignored.

    Spot the difference Einstein.

    The FDP issue – player’s decision.

    Kanko issue – coach’s decision.

    And I would be careful in claiming others are sucking any type of shit if you cannot even get your facts right on contract periods of players in question.

  8. On de udder hand:
    Why will HM change a style and game plan
    that was good enough for the final of
    the WC 2012 – if it was not for a totally
    incompetent referee?
    Too much pressure on a coach to deviate
    from the known style.

  9. The way I see it is that it is up to the coach to decide how vital a overseas player is to the Boks immediate success.

    Fourie du Preez and Ruan Pienaar is better than the local scrumhalves we have at our disposal at the moment (especially for the territorial game plan). Ryan Kankowski is not. There is enough loose forwards who can cover nr 8, and Kanko is one of the most inconstant players in Sa. He has never performed well agains Nz and Aus and is not an incumbent Bok. It makes no sense to go through all the trouble for a mere squad player

    DavidS, to compare Morne to Keo is unfair and vindictive.

  10. And correctly HM saw that with no real standout in the opening part of the season he needed to look for a guy who was best in his position (FDP is) and could be a leader (not so sure but HM knows him best).

    At the opening part of the season some were saying JDiv was NOT the best 12 in the country… hell based on the England tests one has to agree that Frans is better, but who knows.

    Now as usual because selections do not suit the suurgat Cape Brigade they whinge and whine and moan.

    And as Morne on twitter in vent kak that suits them stirring the kak they talk up just a bit more.

    I stand by what I said

    You fucking WP supporters are all the same.

    You have cut this coach ZERO slack…

    Not one centimeter.

    If we win 4N and draw one match you’ll demand he be fired because we failed to win that match. And he could have… if he had played more WP players…

  11. Reply to DavidS @ 5:30 pm:

    Ek weet nie na wie jy verwys nie,
    maar ek is nie een van hulle nie.
    Ek het ‘n kritiese belangstelling
    in wat HM doen, maar ek ondersteun
    hom nog.

  12. Reply to DavidS @ 5:30 pm:

    Get over yourself.

    And by the way, Heyneke does not need you or anyone to fight his battles for him.

    When there is inconsistency in policy like there clearly is in this instance there is nothing from stopping anyone to ask why. And that is what I did.

    Yours and others claims to know who Meyer rates and does not rate means as much as my speculation on the same subject.

    Given the praise he has given Kankowski in the last week and not seeing his name in the squad where the reasons behind it was given as his contract with a Japanese club it is not only logical but very pertinent to question why taking into consideration dispensations made for other players.

    Also given the fact that Spies is in poor form, Vermeulen who he rates is still out injured this issue becomes even more relevant.

    If you cannot handle the difficult questions when it comes to player selections and the motivations behind it, find another hobby.

    There is no problem with the ‘Cape Media’ – the problem is people like you who carry a perception that there is.

  13. Reply to DavidS @ 5:30 pm:

    Fuckit. Let’s make this simple.

    Ask your lovely wife to make you a cup of tea.

    Read the question I asked in this article.

    Meyer obviously rates Kanko. Kanko is obviously in the form of his life right now.

    Was the fact that Meyer did not consider him for the Boks a MONEY issue, or a POLICY issue.

    My final question should suggest to you what I think – a money issue – especially since there is no set policy on NOT selecting overseas based players.

    Read it, understand it, move on.

  14. DavidS

    Wp ondersteuners is ‘n diverse groep wat ongelukkig nie deur ‘n lui stelling deur jou onder een sambreel geplaas kan word nie.

    Ek en vele ander Wp ondersteuners ondersteun eerstens die Bokke en daarna die Wp.
    Heyneke Meyer se rekord by die Bulls doen sy eie praatwerk en ek kan nie aan n beter man vir Bok afriger dink nie.

    Probeer dalk eerder by die onderwerp hou in plaas van lui, oneerlike veralgemenings.

  15. Reply to Vetgesmeerde Blits @ 8:23 pm:

    Indien jy nie is nie, dan is jy ‘n uitsondering.

    Ek sou eerder voorstel dat jy na die oningeligte emosionele stelling deur WP ondersteuners op hierdie blog asook verskeie ander en die hoofstroom nuusmedia web werwe nagaan dan sal jy sien dat ek nie veralgemeen nie. Verder indien jy die mense sien wat ons volg op twitter en die aanmerkinge wat hulle maak dan is jou wyse houding in die groot minderheid.

    Eerder, indien jy nie een van die deersnee WP ondersteuner is nie, dan is JY die uitsondering.

    Ek staan by wat ek van die deursnee WP ondersteuner dink. Indien jy nie binne dardie deursnee val nie dan maak ek verskoning.

  16. Morne

    Neither does he need your smarmy tweets and uninformed second guessing deductions to make his life more difficult.

    If the man is not here to defend himself and you play him, then someone has to be the good guy.


    Na aanleiding van jou eerste aanmerking op die Springbok span aankondiging draad weet ek nie hoe akkuraat daardie laaste stelling is nie.

  17. Reply to DavidS @ 10:18 pm:

    Hoekom herhaal jy nie daai aanmerking hier nie?
    Herhaal dan sommer ook die baie daarna waarin ek
    my gewig agter HM ingegooi het.
    Dis nie lekker om ‘n leuenaar genoem te word nie.

  18. David

    Jou argument het meer gate as Joost se onderbroek.

    Daar is nie so iets soos ‘n deursnee Wp ondersteuner nie. Die paar lee blikke wat geraas op rugby blogs en twitter maak verteenwoordig nie die meerderheid wp ondersteuners nie. Die meeste wp ondersteuners wat ek ken is gewone ondersteuners, soos enige ander unie sin. Nie meer of minder krities nie, en wat die Bokke wil sien wen.

    Dit klink vir my dat jy dink dat Heyneke anders hanteer moet word as vorige afrigters. Het jy Jake White en Pieter de Villiers ook so verdedig? Was jy ook so kwaad toe Jake White in die begin deur Blou Bulle gekruisig is omdat hy Montgomery uit Wallis teruggebring het en sodoende hulle gunsteling, Johan Roets van ‘n toetsloopbaan beroof het? Of toe John Smit kaptein geword het en die bloues steen en been gekla het oor arme Gary Botha se plek? Of dalk toe wyle Ettiene Botha as die beste senter in die land gekroon is deur sekere ondersteuners en Jake White die fel kritiek moes verduur omdat hy hom nie gekies het nie?

    Die punt wat ek wil maak is dat kritiek op die Bok afrigter en sy spankeuses, en die felheid daarvan niks nuut is nie. Ondersteuners hou daarvan om spelers van hulle eie unie in die Bokspan te sien, want dit is die spelers met wie hulle identifiseer.
    Dit is beslis nie uniek aan Wp ondersteuners nie, en vir jou om te probeer voorgee dat dit is ‘n goedkoop hou sonder veel meriete.

  19. Nog iets, is dit nie komies hoe sekere Bulls en Sharks ondersteuners nou die morele hoegrond probeer eien in verband met Springbok spankeuses nie. Noudat hulle groot getalle in die Bokspan het maak hulle asof dit nog nooit vir hulle saak gemaak het hoeveel van hulle unie se spelers in die Bokspan is nie. Hulle het ewe skielik in hierdie objektiewe wesens verander wat nog nooit oor spankeuses gekla het nie.
    Kan jy jou die geraas uit Pretoria indink as Alister Coetzee die Bok afrigter was en hy 13 Stormers en net 3 Bulle gekies het terwyl die Bulle die Stormers sopas op Nuweland geklop het?

    Noudat daar min Wp spelers gekies word is daar natuurlik sommige meer emosionele Wp ondersteuners wat onnodig geraas maak. Maar as die skoen byvoorbeeld aan die Bulle se voet was sou hulle ondersteuners dieselfde opgetree het.

    Ondersteuners is ongelukkig baie meer eenders as wat jy dink Dawid. Die ondersteuners uit die Kaap is nie uniek nie.

  20. Dit maak nie saak wie jy ondersteun nie. Jou veralgemenings oor Wp ondersteunens is bog.
    Jy probeer die deursnit Suid Afrikaanse ondersteuner beskryf.

    Die Valke doen goed met die hulpbronne wat hulle beschikbaar het nie. Dis jammer oor daai wedstryd wat hulle in die laasste minuut teen die Pumas verloor het, dit sou baie vir hulle selfvertroue beteken het.

    Is dit waar dat die Valke nou weer meestal ‘n amateur span is? As dit waar is doen hulle baie goed. Dis ook jammer dat die Perkins broers nie meer vir hulle speel nie.

  21. Blits jy het self dan erken dat die wat op blogs en nuus verslae kommentaar lewer is ‘n swak weerspieeling van WP ondersteuners.

    Feit is die oorgrote meerderheid spreek hule self uit soos ek voorstel.

    Jou ontkennings is nonsens.

    Die deursnee ondersteuner van die WP is wat ek genoem het.

    Ek het jou na my avatar verwys want (net soos die deursnit WP ondersteuner wie se bestaan jy ontken) het jy outomaties aangeneem dat aangesien ek Heyneke Meyer verdedig beteken dit ek dra blou brille…

    Wie is nou die stereotipe?

  22. Reply to DavidS @ 3:06 pm:

    Dit was nie – soos jy sê – my post
    net nadat HM aangestel is nie.
    En wat daai Potgieter betref:
    Ek hou by my stelling dat hy bok se gat is.
    Swakker as Spies, net-net.

  23. Ag asseblief man jy gryp nou na strooihalms.

    Ek het gedink jy is ‘n Lions ondersteuner. Toe ek Ruggaworld begin lees het was jou avatar ‘n Lions logo. Jou vorige avatar was ‘n Lions logo, is ek reg? Ek is een van die wat Heyneke Meyer verdedig, dit maak my nie ‘n Blou Bul nie. Weereens jy probeer persepsies as feite verkoop.

    Ek het nerens ontken dat daar irriterende Wp ondersteuners is wat Heyneke Meyer onnodig kritiseer nie, hulle bestaan natuurlik. Net soos al die Jake White en PDV kritiseerders ook bestaan het. Die Wp trolle maak op die oomblik meer geraas omdat hulle vir die eerste keer in ‘n lang tyd ‘n redelike ordentlike span het en dit nie in die Bokspan weerspieel word nie. Dit was presies dieselfde toe Jake White begin het, maar toe was die Bulle ongelukkig.
    Ek se weer, dit is nonsens dat jy dit probeer melk as unieke Wp ondersteuner gedrag.

    Die deursnee Wp ondersteuner is nie wat jy genoem het nie. Jou eie bevooroordeelde, stereotipiese persepsie van ‘n Wp ondersteuner is wat jy genoem het. Jy kan nie al die Wp ondersteuners in dieselfde blik druk omdat ‘n paar trolle op rugby blogs te kere gaan nie. Jou veralgemening was van die begin af oppervlakkig en gebasseer op ‘n baie klein persentasie van Wp ondersteuners. Ek stem wel saam met jou oor die mense wat Heyneke Meyer voortydig kritiseer. Ek het nie tyd vir beterweterige ondersteuners wat altyd beter as die afrigter weet nie. Hulle irriteer my net soveel soos vir jou.

    Ek het ‘n paar jaar gelede die Luiperds vs Valke promosie/relegasie wedstryd gaan kyk by die Valke se stadion, die Bosman stadion? Het lekker rugby daar gekyk.

  24. Partydigheid wat nie op realiteit gebaseer
    is nie is oral ‘n siekte.
    Onder die Cape Spanish gaan dit meer oor
    ras as provinsie. Daar is minstens drie
    bruines wat beter is as die wit spelers in
    die Curriebeker-span.
    Ek moet tog ‘n paar van die stommiteite
    in die SMS-kolomme publiseer!

    Springbok rugby team doctor Craig Roberts believes lock Eben Etzebeth should be fit enough to be considered for selection to face Argentina in the first Test of The Rugby Championship in Cape Town next Saturday.

  26. Reply to DavidS @ 3:08 pm:

    Pel jy praat nou jou kop se kak.

    Sharks ondersteuners moan omdat van hulle gunstelling spelers NOG nie in die Bok groep is nie – kyk bietjie rond hoe hulle gal braak oor Jano bo McLeod.

    Bulle probeer moer hard om sekere keuses te motiveer veral Spies en Potgieter asook Morne wat almal in kak vorm is maar nog steeds gekies word.

    Stormers manne wil weet hoekom n rookie soos JJ voor n erkende Bok soos De Jongh bevoordeel word.

    Vrystaters soek Heinrich se naam in die span.

    So kan ek aan gaan.

    Elke provinsie se ondersteuners sal meerendeels hulle eie provinsie se spelers bevoordeel as dit by die Bok span kom, dit gebeur al van 1910 af en fokol het verander nie.

    Jou eentonige siening dat enige kritiek vir Heyneke van die Kaap af alleenlik kom is die grootste klomp kak wat ek in ‘n lang tyd gelees het.

    In elk geval wat de doner het my opinie oor Kanko soos in hierdie draad enige iets uit te waai met ‘n WP ondersteuner oogpunt?

    Meyer sal sy kritiek kry (verdiend of onverdiend) soos enige Springbok afrigter voor hom.

    Vandat ons hierdie blog begin het was ek en ‘n handvol paar ouens die enigste mense wat die coaches se oordeel bo algemene kritiek verdedig het.

    En as jy eintlik mooi terugsit en bietjie kyk sal jy sien niks het verander nie.

    Die enigste verskil tussen nou en die ander 2 coaches wat ons gehad het voor Meyer is die ouens wat saam met ons die coach voor enige ander kak ondersteun.

    Meyer geniet by verre die meeste ondersteuning onder Suid Afrikaaners van enige ander coach aan wie ek kan dink in die verlede wat ‘n eerste in my oogpunt is. Maar hy is nie verwyder van kritiek nie.

  27. De Villiers kritiek was heeltemaal geoorloofd.

    Hy was ‘n swak Affirmative Action keuse gemaak deur swak besluitnemers in ‘n kommittee en sy resultate het gewys hy is te stupid en te swak om die Springbok coach te wees.

    Jake White en Rudolph Straueli en Harry Viljoen is baie kans gegun… in die geval van Straueli drie seisoene… Mallett insgelyks.

    Die coaches wat gebrand is was John Williams (oor die Bulle vooroordeel, Ian Macintosh (Reeks in NS verloor en Sharks vooroordeel), Markgraaf (weens sy eie domheid en geen kans gegun deur die media nie) en Carel Du Plessis (l;eftfield aanstelling van iemand wat dit nie verdien het nie) en laastens lyk dit my nou Heyneke Meyer word insgelyks geen kans gegun nie.

    Soos ek reeds geskryf het… julle drie WP’s maak asof julle hom kans gun maar sodra julle net die kleinste persepsie van provinsialiteit het dan skree julle – ek onderstreep dit. Gaan kyk na die kommentaar van ONS lesers na die derde toets teen Engeland… en ons is ‘n gebalanseerde blog vir meer intelligente lesers.

    Dis feite… daar is nie so baie Sharks kritiek as wat daar WP kritiek is nie. Boertjie jy en Jan De Koning het al voor die einde van Super 14 aangegaan oor Peter Grant… selfs jy het sulke ongegronde aanmerkinge gemaak soos dat Grant “ver kan skop” en na halwe seisoen skryf julle almal sonder enige werklike gronde dat Johan Goosen Springbok losskakel moet wees…

    Meyer is nie helig nie Morne maar hy hoort verhewe te wees oor die kleinlike kak wat julle WP’s hom alewig toesnou…

  28. nou om terug te kom by kanko, en weg te beweeg van die so called blou brille van HM.

    Uhm die artikel is about so akuraat soos my ouma sonder haar bril. Kanko het homself onverkiesbaar gestel. Hy is nie uit die span gelos soos die hartseer kaap ens dit probeer uitbeeld nie. Moet nie die groen gras masjien stoot en dan dit afmaak as feit nie.

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