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This site has always been about giving something back to the game, and this is exactly what we hope to achieve with our new club rugby project.

I asked on Twitter whether folks would be interested for us to feature their club on our site for some exposure and the response was quite overwhelming!  Personally I have a very soft spot for club rugby having played and coached at that level in the past, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it is the soul of the game of union.

With that in mind, we would like to help rugby clubs in South Africa (and neighbouring countries) in every possible way we can, and this site is the perfect vehicle for that.

So here is what we plan to do:

We want to feature a club every single week on the site.  In this weekly feature we want to post a minimum of two articles on our site and stick it right at the top of the page so all our visitors can see it.

The initial idea (and this will change as we go along I am sure) will be to post each article every Tuesday and Thursday, with the first article being an introduction to your club, a bit of history around the club, it’s players, coaches, and notable historic achievements.

The second article will ideally deal with your club today, where it finds itself (leagues you play in), current stars, league positions, special upcoming events and/or big sports-day’s derbies coming up you want everyone to know about.

If you have them available, we will slap your club’s emblem or logo’s on our site, have them link back to your site and/or give folks contact details to get in touch with you whether it be phone numbers, email, website and even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The idea is not only to get your club out there but also get clubs to interact with one another, perhaps even get some banter going and hopefully getting people in your area aware of your club, it’s social events and even recruiting some youngsters!

Our idea here is to let YOU drive this, it is for YOUR club after all, so if you have any suggestion you are more than welcome to forward them to us for consideration.  And remember, it does not matter if your club is in Kathu or Pit-Sonder-Water – we want to know about it – this is for everyone.

If you want to get in touch, you can email me on morne[at]ruggaworld[dot]com.  Initially it will be treated on a first come first basis, but I will communicate all the details and what we require with you through email.

Also remember, this is at ZERO cost to you, FREE, MAHALA!


  1. Great to see Morne, as you know when I was still in RSA I loved taking my family to club games and spend time their. It’s great for the family and the kids where they can be themselves and enjoy proper hard core rugby. The way we played it and enjoyed it. Wish I could give something back, can we promote Zambia clubs as well? :applause:

  2. What about Rawsonville.

    Ran into a Cape Spanish family walking on the beach. Greeted them and they flat ignored me and my girls who also then greeted.

    Can go f**k themselves….

    Africans suffered far less and have less of an attitude than that…

  3. I know a team who desperately needs coverage, no coach, no sponsors and no supporters. They have been dumped from their league too.
    The Lions.

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