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Coetzee – Happy with midfield without Rohan


Surely something that will not sit very nice with supporters  is the fact that Springbok coach Allister Coetzee have told the media that in Damien De Allende he has what Rohan Janse van Rensburg offers him.



Coetzee defended his midfielders following a difficult June Test series against Ireland and the ongoing Rugby Championship campaign.

“I’m happy with the centres we have at the moment,” Coetzee told SA Rugby Magazine.

“Juan de Jongh has brought a lot of energy to that position. Jesse Kriel defended well in that recent game against Australia.

Coetzee addressed the calls to select Lions number 12 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, who had an incredible season with the Johannesburg outfit.

“Rohan enjoyed a wonderful Super Rugby competition with the Lions, and is probably on the radar. But I don’t get emotional when I assess players. I look at the stats. And if you consider what Rohan can do (breaking the gain-line), we have that in Damian at the moment,” he said.

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  1. I’m a massive fan of Janse van Rensburg and he should be in the Bok squad IMO, but what do the Stats Toetie refer to say?

    Rohan Played 778mins in Superrugby, Damian de Allende 785mins. Rohan scored ten tries vs De Allende 2. However, it seems that DDA passes more than Rohan. DDA has 3 try assists, to the 1 of RjvR. Rohan however offloaded 5 times in tackles, to DDA’s 4. DDA is the better defender, having made 61 tackles and missing 15, RjvR made 39, missing 14.

    RjvR is more successful at attack than DDA, RjvR had 99 carries, De Allende 106. RjvR made 19 clean breaks, to the 7 of DDA. RjvR beat 39 defenders to the 29 of DDA. RjvR made 654m on attack, DDA 374.

    So looking at those stats, the only thing similar is the amount of minutes played by the 2. Rohan needs to sharpen up on defense, but I call bollocks on the Boks having someone similar to him in DDA. Not if AC is going to base it on stats alone, like he said. We need him in the Bok squad ASAP. None of the Boks can defend anyway, so might as well give him a go!

  2. Super stats does not tell you that Rohan played against the top AB sides, while DDA played against lesser opposition. On the other hand, Rohan had the benefit of decent coaching / better forwards / better 9 and 10 than DDA. So we must be careful to just review stats. What is clear in the actual Bok games played, is that our centres are crap – so why not try out Rohan? But then he has to find a place for his love-child DDJ.. who brings energy remember!

  3. @Aldo: SARU has a bit mor4e stats than the Vodacom App…you must ask Morne to explain, much more going into stats than what we think or even can think.

    Tackle completion I have heard is very poor from Rohan…

    Oh Bennie also into these more advance stats maybe he can write something

  4. @Bekke: Agreed, you cannot just use stats, but as shown in those Stats, Rohan was better if they just refer to stats. And as you mentioned, our centres have been poor, why not at least give a guy on form an oppertunity.

    @Jacques: Bunny, I know they probably have more stats, but as can clearly be seen, Rohan made an impact, DDA not. Rohan did this while playing NZ teams, DDA played poor Aussie teams. Rohan’s defense is an issue, but down to technique rather than commitment. He is young, he should’ve been in the squad, even if he just got 10 min in second half in both games.

  5. DDA and Juan de Jongh are there for the same reason as the backline coach, Stick.

    Any other international coach would have been chomping at the mouth with prospects like Frans Steyn or Rohan JVR as inside centres.

    Then again, any other coach would have been playing Goosen at 10, and Kriel at 15.

    Daars nie salf aan te smeer nie, life is tough as it is, and it’s even more tough when you STUPID

  6. @Welshbok die Brandwag: He is effectively removing all the Lions stars of the 2016 SR season. Marx came and went, Rohan never featured for some weird reason, Mapoe is chucked (playing outside out of form inside 12s); Faf and Jantjes are on the chopping board – fortunately Combrink is injured! Mosterd may not feature anymore – due to the ongoing fascination with Lood. Jaco Kriel only features for a few minutes from the bench (why he still has Mapoe and Slo Flo there, only he will know!). And Whitely is only there because Duane is “injured”. He is quite quickly creeping back into his old tried and failed plans…

  7. I see Steyn scored a brilliant try for montpellier. He would’ve been a welcome addition to our centre stocks

  8. @Aldo:

    Brilliant try and knocks over 50 plus metre PK’s every week!

    Coetzzee actually included Frans with RJVR…

    I would wager Jantjies and Mapoe would have been stronger with the bullocking RJVR alongside them…

  9. Bok rugby has always been it’s strongest when there is a bruiser at 12… much the same with NZ well and every other top tier country… currently they do not have that and the 9/10/12 channel is a revolving door where the likes of Mahoje have to be posted to ensure there is a tackler there…

  10. @Aldo:

    Paige is not a test player in the slightest… he has a great pass that is it… put him in a side who is woeful at the breakdowns then there is trouble coming up. But he gets his chance…

    Like every top team including the Boks need a physical 9 (as well as 12)… they’d arguably be better having started with a 9/10 combo that is tried and tested namely Hougaard/Steyn.

    He is also keeping JDJ at 12… disaster! If you are going to have a small center at 12 he’d better be a playmaker like Giteau… that JDJ is not…

  11. Let me put it this way Bryce, I don’t think any 9 would make a difference. They are not getting protected by the pack of forwards. He has a great pass though, so hopefully can clear quickly. I’m not overly confident of our chances on Saturday, but I am hopeful.

  12. Surely this whole thing just proves that Allister has to conform to the numbers game? The guy has no choice.

    1. He dropped Mapoe for not performing and had to include De Jongh to fill the “player of colour” void left open.
    2. He is now thinking of dropping Jantjies, which would mean he has to draft Paige in to fill the void.

    Or am I missing it completely and it is all a coincidence?

  13. @Craven:

    Exactly how selection works… pretty much why Mahoje starts every game… or Beast for that matter instead of giving Kitschoff a go with Koch…

  14. Don’t forget on JDJ though… AC was chmapioning his cause when he was away with 7’s… he’s Snor’s version of Jacobs…

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