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Coetzee survives axe and stays on as Springbok coach


In the end SA Rugby will choose the soft option by retaining Springbok coach Allister Coetzee for the immediate future following a review process of his first year in charge, reports Times

A well-placed source confirmed to Times Media on Wednesday that Coetzee was to stay in the job – at least until after the June series against France – after weeks of reviews and speculation.

The source indicated that there was a split about whether to retain Coetzee or not. SA Rugby had not officially confirmed the outcome by the time of going to print.

How the governing body came to the conclusion that a 33 per cent winning ratio, a non-existent gameplan, poor selections, sloppy defence and a decaying team culture that led to perhaps the most embarrassing season in Bok history, were reasons to keep the coach on, remain unclear for now.

But stay on he will, although the reprieve may be short-lived if the Boks fail against France. Which just adds to the confusion.

SA Rugby will also try to shuffle the deck chairs behind the coach by beefing up the back room staff.

It appears that backline coach Mzwandile Stick will be sidelined but not necessarily sacked – as if his limited input was the reason the Boks were so poor in 2016 – with Cheetahs coach Franco Smith taking over backline duties. Stick may have been out of his depth but laying the blame at his door is scapegoating at its worst.

It appears that SA Rugby came under pressure from the sports ministry to retain Coetzee, because Times Media has reliably learnt that Rassie Erasmus had been coyly courted as time was running out to trigger his escape clause in his Munster contract.

How Coetzee will feel knowing SA Rugby were seeking alternatives is anyone’s guess, but not highly motivated or positive would be a good guess.

To add further confusion to the situation the source indicated that there would be a role for respected coach Brendan Venter to assist Coetzee.

But on Monday the Italian Rugby Federation confirmed that Venter would assist them until the 2019 World Cup. Venter did not respond to queries about his involvement.

So the Boks will stumble into a new season with the coach vowing to change things and for results to improve. And they might, but improving on a 33 per cent winning ratio shouldn’t be all that difficult.

Last year, in the immediate aftermath SA Rugby president Mark Alexander said the organisation had put a target of a 75 per cent winning ratio for the Springboks under Coetzee. Even if the Boks win all of their Tests in 2017, they would only climb to a 66 per cent winning ratio under Coetzee. And they aren’t going to win all their matches.

There was no word on whether SA Rugby have revised that number downward, but considering Coetzee has survived on his current performance, they must have. Mediocrity is the new target for SA Rugby.

 – TMG Digital

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  1. Pathetic. Once again we are supposed to be satisfied with SARU not doing a proper job. Well, they can get stuffed, I’m out. I will not spend a cent on the Boks until there is meaningful change at SARU.

    I’ve got better things to do with my time than spend it watching the type of drivel we had to put up with last year.

  2. The bets rumor is that Brendon Ventor will assist AC and that is after he signed a deal with Italy , where does so called media stream get these shit from

  3. If only SARU were a bit more forthcoming with their communication all the speculation and rumours would stop. But no, the clowns have now had 2 months to decide whether Toetie had a shit year in 2016, apparently they are still not sure and need another test series to make up their minds.

  4. Out of goodwill, I will just say good luck to AC. Whether I will get excited about Bok prospects at all this year is a completely different story

  5. This coach def going to get whipped by the frogs and he will then make excuses that he is building a team, which of course the french are also doing.

    Saru are useless. They needed to find a foreign replacement that could get the job done. Who cares about the coaches confidence. The Boks confidence is shot. Kaput.

  6. Gdam useless tool. Get Mitchell. DavidS pull your finger out. Tell your mate de Klerk to swallow his pride and beg for Mitchell’s hand in matrimony.

  7. @cab:

    Mitchell???? Haha that fool is second only to Coetzee as the worst coach in 2016… plunging the Eagles to new depths of despair!

    Under him they have now lost to gobshite teams like Tonga, Romania, Uruguay… hell and even Brazil!!!!

    Hahaha I stand corrected… his win ratio is 30%… he is even worse than Coetzee by 3%…

    What a loser!

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