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Crusaders players to be investigated for bad behaviour


The Crusaders seems to be in some kind of trouble following their 19-all draw against the Stormers on Saturday.

Two separate reports surface after the weekend involving Crusaders players.

The first one involve a three of Crusaders players at a McDonald’s in Cape Town.

They are allege to have made ‘limp-wristed gestures’ and mocking.

This broke on social media on Sunday.

In a separate incident All Black Richie Mo’unga allegedly spat beer at a woman and later pinch her bum.

The Woman messaged Mo’unga on Instagram and received an apology from him saying he was ‘intoxicated’

I’m really sorry for that. I’m not aware that I did that. Obviously was intoxicated and should’ve gone home long before that stage. I’m sorry to you and your friends and want to assure you I don’t condone that behaviour and am sorry about that,’ Mo’unga’s message read.

Crusaders and New Zealand rugby will investigate the allegations

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  1. Yes, sadly rugby has been put on the backburner once again here in Christchurch and there is a media driven frenzy all fueled by these sketchy allegations coming out of my hometown.

    The story broke on Sunday with alleged homophobic gestures and comments supposedly having been made by Crusader players and management who were at a McDonalds in Long Street last Saturday after the controversial drawn game with the Stormers. The gay man and his partner who alleged this posted an inconclusive video alleging the offense under his Greek sounding name but others who were at the same McD dispute his account and question his motives. Over here there has been a howl of protest from rugby followers who don’t support the Crusaders and the usual non-rugby supporters who were demanding that the Crusaders drop their name after the Christchurch mosque attack who now have added ammunition. I am waiting for our politicians to wade into the issue – PM Jacinda will be lecturing us on TV again.

    Meanwhile to add to the issue a nameless girl who was at a bar in Cape Town the previous Saturday straight after the Crusaders slaughtering of the Bulls alleges a further misdemeanor (again on social media). The Crusaders had said before leaving here how much they enjoyed being in Cape Town and after the Friday night victory at Loftus headed down there ASAP. The next night Richie Mounga and others who were having drinks are spotted by the nameless girl who thought the players were All Blacks or “some New Zealanders”. What then transpired is unknown but Richie is alleged to have spat beer at her and pinched her bum. What did the girl and her friends do or say to illicit this response? You don’t just casually walk up to some random girl spit beer at her and pinch her bum. Anyway why did she wait a whole week until the homophobia allegation to come out with this?

    If there is some good that has come out of this social media frenzy it is that the whole SA refereeing and TMO skandaal which once again had us Saffers labelled as cheats has been swept under the carpet.

    Richie Mounga was contacted by the girl alleging the beer spit and bum pinch via his Instagram page and he replied saying he could not remember the incident, admits he had drunk too much and if the incident did occur, he apologizes and does not condone such behaviour. Reasonable of him and just wish the girl had left it there. Instead we now have Richie being tried by the media, the media misreporting both incidents depending on whether they are sports media or not and there are already calls for Richie to be stood down for the important game against the resurgent Blues here in Christchurch. So rugby rivalries will determine whether you judge Richie guilty and given the argument about whether Mounga or Barret should be the All Black #1 flyhalf all very disruptive.

    The Crusaders CEO has appointed a lady who is now in contact with both people making these allegations, CCTV footage and witnesses are being sought and rugby supporters just wish the whole thing is solved ASAP and we can get back to the game we love.

  2. By the way Bunny, you have some problems with your software on this site. If you don’t use your correct password the system promises to send you a link to reset it but this does not work.

    I wanted to comment on your observation that Rasta had come under criticism from outside SA for his refereeing of the Lions v Highlanders game. That is correct but it gets worse. A very balanced NZ journalist Tony Johnson published some alarming stats on his Sunday night rugby show Rugby Nation after the game. In the last 3 games at the Lions homeground the penalty count has been 43-6 against the away (overseas too) sides. That is unbelievable and indefensible. Games 1 & 2 were reffed by Egon Seconds (is he trying to suck up to the Lions after that fiasco at Newlands when they “lost” in the 85th minute)?

    I used to tell the kiwis that SA refs are way better than their’s but will have to shelve that for the moment.

  3. @out wide: Will look into the password issue

    Coming back to your well explained comment…

    “What did the girl and her friends do or say to illicit this response?” – Does it really matter? Does anything a person say justify spitting beer on a woman’s face? Saying he was drunk and should have gone to his hotel long before also shouts out gentleman from Richie.

    The McDonalds thing I think it is just gays that seing themselves as victims because the world are crying out more about condemning gays to hell than more serious problems in the world.

    The problem for these guys are that they are in public light and all their actions will be put on spotlight and as with Israel there will be people trying to condemn everything they do or say.

    On your referee issue I do get the stats that has been thrown at us but I still believe most referees let players get away with murder and the one day they get blown up for the same they scream cheats.

    My problem is with SANZAAR who can not control their referees. They are more inconsistent that SA politicians. This allow the game to be a new sport in every single game because they are allowed to make up their own laws.

    Time has come that referees faults and punishment are made public like with players firstly for the fans so that they can see when a Rasta or Egon have a shit game they get punished and secondly we can see that SANZAAR or World Rugby are working with refs.

    The problem for me is that throughout the year referees are making the same mistakes every week which means that they (SANZAAR) do not give a shit.

    How can after 14 weeks we still have referees allowing players cleaning rucks coming from the side?

    How come after 14 weeks players are still being taken out or held off the ball like with the Jantjies issue at Newlands this weekend?

    How come after 14 weeks 9’s still though the ball straight under the second row feet.

    How come after 14 weeks we maybe found 3 lineouts getting in straight in a game and we can go on and on

    The problems starts and end with SANZAAR and World Rugby not giving a shit and not doing something.

    I see the WC being decided by poor refereeing or a TMO decision

  4. Quite right on both points Jacques. If Mounga did treat the girl in that manner nobody is going to condone such behaviour (he doesn’t either) but we are only hearing one side of the story via posts on social media. Hopefully the lawyer employed by the Crusaders toi get to the bottom of the story (unintended pun) will get sworn statements, cctv footage and witness accounts.
    Of course there all sorts of mother grundies advising that players not be allowed to drink, go out or mix with the public.
    And yes many over here agree that referee and tmo stuffups should be exposed and the culprits sanctioned. Players are , why not the well-paid officials and bring back neutral officials.

  5. @out wide: 100% And I hope if these gay guys and this woman are making up these stories they get sued the living shit out of them.

    People think social media give them the right to spread rumours and lies without any repercussions and the sooner people start punishing these trolls the better it will be.

    To say these things against players who can loose their jobs for acts like this must be taken as serious as the allegations they are making.

  6. Does anything a person say justify spitting beer on a woman’s face?

    Ja I can actually think of a number of things a woman can say which will justify me spitting in her face…

    Your wife is a whore

    Your child is a whore

    Your mother is a bitch

    Those are just off the top of my head…

    You want equality… then get equal treatment…

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