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Currie Cup still great for SA Rugby




By: Bunny (Jacques Nortier)


For the first time in 4 years I found myself flying to South Africa and I will actually be able attend a rugby match at Loftus next week when Western Province will have to face the much improved Blue Bulls side in the play-offs.


Sitting on the plane to Johannesburg it made me we think how privilege all you buggers are to be able to attend rugby matches throughout the year.….or is it?

Looking at the attendance the past Friday in Cape Town and Nelspruit then I have to ask myself the question why our stadiums are running on empty?

Yes for an dude like me visiting South Africa every now and then it will always be an great day to pack the cool-box and family and drive to Loftus or Emirates Airline Park for any rugby game.

Some great initiative has been taking by almost all the unions to make it financial more attractive for supporters to bring the families and enjoy the day out supporting your team. I do believe they can do more as I struggle to understand why rugby bosses have not seen the success of having full stadiums with cheaper tickets compare to a quarter stadium at high prices.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to get that one by the way and soccer in South Africa has done it successfully for plenty of years but if the experience and off-course you team is winning it makes it much easier to get your bud to a stadium.

A few weeks ago I was at a Game Range in Zambia where I met two Canadians who just arrived in Zambia. It was not a great day for either of our teams as Canada lost there opening game as well as the Boks doing the unbelievable and lost against Japan.

In between our bitching about our teams we started talking about there travels which they have done all over the world. They told me about there visit to South Africa a few years ago and there unbelievable experience of a rugby match for the first time at Newlands.

It was surprising to see how they could not stop talking about the people at the game, the bars and drinking beer before and after the game. The stadium itself and the great atmosphere on the stands,(I took that WP won on the day) with all the people and the game itself.

There total experience of South Africa for them was highlighted on that day they went to see a Currie Cup match at Newlands and this made them following the game.

Sometimes I believe we as South Africans bitch just because we have nothing else to do and it takes up some time.

Sport have always played a huge part in my life and that of my family and will do so till the day I have to go to the tall trees.

So to answer the question….Do we have too much rugby? Yes we have, but hell that is that makes us tick and keep the blood flowing. The day I stop having sports in my life’s is the day you must bring the firing squad and shoot the crap out of me.

Next week it will be Province vs the Blue Bulls at Loftus and in many supporters life’s you do not get anything bigger than that in the Currie Cup.

I will be there in the stands supporting not just my team but also the game. Confidant that my team can upset Loftus, fat change but it does not matter because in week from now I can say I was there and that is anough…….

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  1. Must say plenty of folks are finding it really lovely to go to rugby games. The nice “family” welcome made at Ellis Park has caused an influx of many people to watch rugby. Coupled with “surprise surprise” the team winning this has helped the union immensely.

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