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D-Day for South Africa #2023


It is D-Day for South Africa, Franc and Ireland with the announcement of which country will host the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

South African has been given the inside line after they have been named the preferred choice by World Rugby. This did not sit well with the French nor the Irish who have shown their disapproval of the committee recommendations

To be honest any of the three countries could host a great World Cup but this afternoon it will fall on the shoulders of only one.

As South Africans we know what World events like the World Cup will do for the country as we saw in 1995 and 2010.

South Africa is more than capable to host such an event.

The Announcement will be live on SuperSport and off course we will keep you updated as well.


The final decision rests with 26 World Rugby council members, who collectively exercise 39 votes and among whom a simple majority is required to secure the hosting rights. The three bidding countries do not vote.

Those eligible to vote in the secret ballot on 15 November are: Australia (3 votes), England (3), New Zealand (3), Scotland (3), Wales (3), Italy (3), Argentina (3), Canada (1), Japan (2), Georgia (1), Romania (1), USA (1), Asia Rugby (2), Oceania Rugby (2), Rugby Africa (2), Rugby Americas North (2), Rugby Europe (2), Sudamerica Rugby (2).

The announcement is scheduled for approximately 15:00 (SA time) on Wednesday.


  1. @DavidS:

    Prefer Ireland… it is the new hub of rugby excellence the last few seasons domestically and test-wise.

    France is another Islamist attack in the making.

  2. ps.

    As I have said before

    The Old Boys Club of the Brits, New Zealand, Australia and France is as corrupt as any African nation

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