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Devision at WP Rugby as the infighting goes on.


If only people can put their ego’s aside at WP Rugby, then just maybe the union can concentrate on rugby.

SARugbyMag has reported that WPRFU executive committee overruled WP Rugby board on an exit strategy for Paul Treu.

WPRFU president wants Treu to replace Gert Small when his contract runs out in October but but the players are against it.

They had a meeting with WP Rugby officials last Monday explaining their grievances.

A rumour was also going around that the players are considering a strike if Marias follows through with appointing Treu.

This led the board to come to a decision to implement an exit strategy which the executive committee, which falls under the amateur arm, overruled the board’s decision.

Now a group of former players, under the leadership of Corne Krige has been commissioned to look into the union’s infighting.

According to Rapport, Krige and several other concerned ex-Stormers and Western Province players have been tasked to gather factual information from all parties involved before making public any findings or giving a verdict on the saga.

The union, under the leadership of Marais, is reportedly openly undermining its business arm, which is under the leadership of CEO Paul Zacks.

Zacks and Marais are also believed to be at loggerheads. Both have an office at Newlands, but barely speak to each other.

Be sure that this sepie is not in its final season….


  1. hahahahaha!!

    What a bunch of losers. How in this day and age the amateur arm can still run things is an absolute joke.

  2. Best thing that could have happened is to get ex players involved, specially Krige.

    This time old Thelo is getting his fat arse kicked full of old shoes.

    As Remgro have said today, the unions need to get privatised and run properly with corporate transparency for the sustainability of our game.

  3. The Cancer that is Thelo Wakefield has been eating away at WP rugby for years. He’s to comfortable to do anything in his job and no accountability at all.

    Should have been fired 15 years ago…


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