According to Rapport Victor Matfield said no to the Bulls coaching job.

Apparently the Bulls has asked Matfield to reconsider his shock decision in turning dow the job.

Matfield, Deon Davids and Pote Human was on the shortlist to take over from John Mitchell who left them.

According to Rapport, Matfield said no because of family reasons and his long-term offered to him by SuperSport as expert commentator.


  1. Anyone dare to kick around the idea that Matfield may have considered his existance BEYOND this earthly one?
    That he may have thought that “gee whiz further entanglement into this dark cult know as ZeeBulls guaranteed eternal damnation for like forever”?
    Apparently not.
    Humans can be such illogical things in the eyes of FAKE NEWS rugby journos when they employ LONG TERM thinking.

  2. So Victor chooses job security from a cushy TV job over exposing himself to being fired if the team performs poorly, which given recent results, is sort of a given. And its news. Also Matfield stated that if he takes the job, it would be with Fourie du preez as assistant in some sort of capacity. That seems to not be happening.

    This same site criticised the Matfield idea, yet is now quiet on the fact that the Bulls have opened negotiations with dobson and all his assistants to come to Loftus.

    Yeah David I agree. Must be his white privilege

  3. But then the whole dobson thing also seems a smoke screen as the Bulls are set to make an announcement at 11 am this morning about the next SuperRugby coach, which would indicate pote human as Coach.

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