According to The Mercury website, Durban authorities have warned that rugby fans caught drinking in the outlying areas of Kings Park Stadium will face arrest, as police step up efforts to enforce existing liquor legislation banning the consumption of alcohol in public spaces.

Officials have made the decision to clamp down on public alcohol consumption and ensure compliance of the Liquor Act following the death of rugby fan Brett Williams, who was brutally beaten to death by outside the stadium.

Rugby fans could face arrest for having alcohol in their possession outside of legal areas.

Fans will still be able to purchase and consume alcohol within clubs and bars and designated areas in and around the stadium.

KZN Liquor Board chief executive officer Stella Khumalo said Kings Park had a Sports Ground licence allowing it to sell and supply liquor, and allowing patrons to consume it only in the stadium and not in the outlying areas.

Khumalo warned that the liquor inspector would be monitoring the area closely.

Police spokesperson Thulani Zwane issued a warning to fans visiting Kings Park.

“Anyone found in possession of or selling or drinking alcohol illegally will be arrested and we urge supporters to behave themselves and enjoy the beautiful game,” he said.


  1. I like Dirtbin and it’s people but hell the okes want to fight.
    Saturday night in the city and you can see the okes with the harregat attitude. Both brothers have been invloced in fights there but never any where else.

    Its kak but is like traveling around the small towns in Aotearoa where the okes line you up or even like Kimberley.

    The Cape Crusaders were blamed for fighting at Newlands but all I saw was hoops knocking the women out.

    Good thing since I gave up drinking cold turkey 13 years ago. :fishing:

  2. Hopefully all stadiums will follow suit, as well with banning alcohol inside the stadiums.

    I was at the Bok/AB game at FNB and saw guys who had to be helped inside they satdium by their mates they were so drunk. I don’t have a problem with guys drinking, but it has been proven that in SA we tend to get aggressive when drunk.

  3. Reply to Mug Punters Organisation of South Africa @ 6:23 am: Reply to Craven @ 7:27 am:

    While I agree with you both it’s still a pity that the 1% hooligans are spoiling everything for the 99% that behave and enjoy themselves with a couple of beers.

    I’ve been to KP quite a few times and the pre-and post match braais are lekker and creates a nice atmosphere. I predict that attendance figures will drop if they strictly police this.

  4. They’re missing the point in it’s entirety…

    The issue is (and has always been) in huge drinking society like South Africa (Responsible Service of Alcohol)…

    The real dopping happens in the suites and more dangerously in the nightclubs/bars in the stadium (and outer venues like Rovers)!

    In Australia it is a> a criminal offence to serve alcohol to a punter that is intoxicated b> a criminal offence to refuse to leave a premises when asked for being intoxicated with on-the-spot fines able to be issued by officers not to mention being locked up…

    All stadiums serve mid-strength alcohol only as well…

    It’s been no secret the majority of trouble-makers are piss-heads coming from the licensed venues, piss-heads buying booze from places like Rovers and heading to parked cars… and every Durbanite has known for years that it’s the easiest place to get spastic as an under-ager… I’ve seen hundreds of fights (and been involved in them) as a 15-17yr old…

    Something like the Brett Williams death was always just around the corner… and because there has been none of the above ‘management of alcohol’ it’s now ‘knee-jerk’ time…

  5. Strange how some go to places with the
    INTENT to become hopelessly drunk – and
    embarass themselves in the process.
    And then afterwards BRAG about it.
    :Rule 9:

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