With the Springboks coming of a disappointing tour of Australasia drawing against the Aussies and humiliated by the All Blacks supporters are almost demanding change but all looks like Allister Coetzee will stick with what he has with the last couple of test.

There was a great outcry on the performance of the back three but we need to except that Coetzee is likely to stick with his players he has for this year.

Rhule in particular has been singled out for his poor performance against the All Blacks and specially his defence which has never been his strong point. It is one thing to have attacking ability and for most of Super Rugby you can get away with it but at test level you will be founded out.

Coetzee however said in the media this week that we need to remember that he had a great game against the Aussies, Really?

According to Vodacom Rugby Stats for the Aussies test the picture looks different than what the coach is saying…

He has been the worse defender throughout the Rugby Championship, his tackle completion is 65% for season so far and that does not shout great player at test level for me. Hougie was drop because he has not been great and the feeling is so must all the other players that have not perform. Coetzee explained that Hougie was dropped because he did not do the basics well, so in which universe did Rhule do the basics well in this Championship?

We can now see that Argentina test was no measurement and the skeletons only came out when we started to play against the Aussies and the All Blacks.

We will most properly see some changes to bench only with Leyds maybe filling in a cover. The rest of the backs should stay as before and we can really only expect a change or two in the forwards which should see Louw come in for Kriel and maybe a change in the front row.

The rest of the changes will just come from the bench as Coetzee will look to have a huge impact in the test from his bench players playing in the highveld.

There will be some thinking around who between Du Toit and Moster will start the game but with two great locks it really does not matter. For me, I will start with Mostert and bring Du Toit on a s impact player 50 minutes in.

Everything points that Cronje will be fit again but he also haven’t had any thing to write home about in the Championship. So it will be again a weekend of hope that the Boks can get a win at home with the Aussies that will try and take advantage of the huge lost against the All Blacks.


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  1. dont bet on it. AC flips & flops more than a Bonita in a boat.
    Simply no accountability for AC. Just tsk-tsk’s from the media for losing games.
    AC should have to sing karaoke following each loss – proceeds go to charity of course.
    Winning bidder gets to pick song for him to sing. Id have him sing anything by Madonna.

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