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England beat disjointed Springboks at Twickenham


England added to the Springbok disappointing year when they beat the them 37-21 on Saturday outscoring them with four tries to two.


It was a very disappointing first half from the Springboks as they went into the break 20-9 with England scoring two first half tries to none of  the Springboks.

The midfield defense was yet again as poor as it was the whole year so far with England scoring their first try from the lineout and creating the overlap in the backline.

Both teams went to the boot in the first 20 minutes and trying to play in the others half of the field but it was England that took advantage off some poor play from the Boks.

The Springboks did not look much like scoring in the first half and was kicking too many balls away with no real pressure put on these kicks which gave England enough time to counter or send the ball back into the Springboks half.

England was more direct with their play and on attack in the second part of the half and got their second try turning a ball over deep in their own half. The back three of the Springboks could not control the ball and conceded a second try just before half time.

England quickly extend their lead in the second half when they put huge pressure on the Springboks and found a huge gap again close to the ruck and went over to get into a commanding lead.

The Springboks looked like a team with no plan, no direction and worse of all they looked like they could not keep up with England after 50 min. When England attacked they it looked effortless and when the Springboks went on attack it look disjointed with no real impact.

With England on the front foot the Springboks did manage some good hand speed down the touch line to send Goosen over for their first try of the match.

The rest of the match seemed like the Springboks just went through the motions and no real impact on attack and adding to that they made some ordinary schoolboy errors all over the field on attack and defense.

It even seemed like England was not even close to their best and were able to beat the Springboks with no real effort.

It seems like we just get more questions than answers with every match the Springboks runs out onto the field

Next week it is Italy and then Wales waits for us in two weeks.

The scorers:

For England:
Tries: May, Lawes, Ford, Farrell
Cons: Farrell 3
Pens: Farrell 2, Daly

For South Africa:
Tries: Goosen, Le Roux
Con: Combrinck
Pens: Lambie 2
Drop Goal: Lambie


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  1. Cannot get much worse, can it? Well yes, if they lose vs the Italians. And that seems quite possible.

  2. Boer – I think there a v good chance they’ll lose to Italy. Totally useless. That shoreline was actually flattering and that’s a kak ordinary English side.

  3. More clueless combo’s all over the shop next week… I’ve stopped counting at around 15 in 2/3 of a season…

  4. How I miss the days when we complained the bokke were over coached – how bad can it get? Well I will witness it live and in person next weekend in Florence italy… at least I will enjoy a beautiful city with some great wine and Fiorentina Steaks
    My suggestion to get the Bokke back on track – BITE the bullet and only select players playing in SA, get a coaching squad that KNOWS what they are doing and have a plan. We fly in the overseas players a week before a big game and think we can get it sorted out in a week, how stupid is that?
    The bok coaching staff should embed themselves on a weekly or biweekly basis at the franchises during the Super Rugby, this way they get access to players who will play for the bokke. Get these players on the same page and get them ready when they play for the bokke – build success and a culture and if any of the players overseas looks at that they must think – damn I want to be part of that – and get them back to SA if they are good enough…
    We may not turn it around on day one but at least that would be a sustainable solution to build on…

  5. @JT:

    Could not agree more…

    As and aside if you like Bistecca Alla Fiorentina then it’s a must to travel the 50-off km’s to Panzano for the mad butcher Dario Cecchini’s 1kg charcoal grilled version. A night to remember and boef to dream about.

  6. Could it be that Coetzee and his coaching team have lost the players? This Bok team seem so demotivated and disinterested when they are on the field.

  7. @Craven:

    Without a doubt see my post on the Duane thread and read this yet another excuse from Coetzee “‘Players will have to learn how important individual errors are in big Tests and take responsibility. If we need to pick different players to make this team stronger, we will.’”

    He did that in his Stormer’s days as well… blamed the players after every loss and took not one bit of responsibility for himself…

  8. @bryce_in_oz:

    I just loved it when he blamed the super rugby coaches for the lack of skills, etc earlier in the year.

    He seems to forget he was a super rugby coach and some of the players spent a lot of time in his teams back then

  9. @Craven:

    Not to mention saying he had no problems with the quality of his assistants and then saying he needed more help at the Indaba…

    I used to have a lot more respect for him… the excuses have always been there… but I don’t remember them being like this… perhaps he’s just become too arrogant and has forgotten if it were not for the likes of Neinaber and co they’d never even have made the play-offs… or the pressures and reality of the job and failure at this level is coming home to roost and his inadequacies becoming apparent.. or a combination of both… who knows…

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