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EP Kings CEO resigns


EP Rugby CEO, Mr Anele Pamba, has resigned from his post with immediate effect. This news has come as a tremendous shock to the staff and Executive of EP Rugby.


Mr Pamba was the EPRU Deputy President in 2008 and agreed to take up the interim CEO position in 2009, up until such a time when the Kings gained ascendency into Super Rugby: a goal which was attained a couple of months ago.

EPRU president Cheeky Watson paid tribute to Mr Pamba’s contribution over the years “of course this decision comes as a shock to many of us, and certainly Anele’s (Mr Pamba’s) enthusiasm and dedication will be sorely missed. However, we cannot prevent him from wanting to pursue other avenues and projects and we certainly wish him well in his future endeavours”.

General Manager, Mr Charl Crous, will act in the CEO position up until such a time when a fulltime replacement is found to resume the CEO duties.

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  1. Contributions?
    What contributions?
    On what base did he get the job?
    Or has he suddenly realised he does
    not have the balls for the job?

    Owner of Budget Meat. Maybe there’s
    more money selling skaapkop, pap en derms?

  2. Which white man are you refering to, as they way I have it.
    Cheeky Watson is a black man who stopped apartheid on his own?

  3. Reply to Golden Earring @ 9:52 am:

    no you’ve got it all wrong. He is a white man who wished he was black, raised a son who has a very weak stomach, hence the puking at the sight of a bok, and ten he stopped apartheid all on his own, by playing rugby in the ‘black leaugues’, saying it was by choice, when in actuall fact he was never good enough to play for the Boks.

  4. Thank you Aldo!

    So. like in all SA sport and politics, which seems to be very much part of each other. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors?

  5. With the Kings absolute intention of showing the world that the Eastern Cape is the cradle of black rugby in SA, am I wrong in the assumption, that their next CEO, will also be from NZ, like the rest of the management team?

  6. Yip golden earing, all smoke and mirrors. Dis maar hoe ons rol in SA. Jy moet sherlock holmes wees om te kan uitfigure wie is reg en wie is verkeerd.

  7. Ja better to assume that people in power are corrupt rather than on the straight and narrow. It’s easier not to be disappointed that way.

  8. Cheeky het ‘n winkel in die township gehad
    – om vir hulle te speel het seker geld
    Daar was ‘n gerug dat die winkel onder
    vreemde omstandighede afgebrand het.

  9. Reply to DavidS @ 5:33 pm:

    I had a bit of a larf at that then a sombre moment… we have monkeys here in Aus at the top level too… only difference is they don’t drive the latest Land Rover nor take 1st world CEO salaries…

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