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Episodes of Loving have produced more Semi’s than this …


Our favorite Irish Free State supporter vents his spleen about certain tactical consequences of the ELV’s on overseas players . . . . . Patrick beware.

The standard of rugby seen from SA sides in the Super 14 in the 1st week is not good enough to win the, Vodacom Cup and in the 2nd  week, the Curry Cup if a minimum amount of tries was required to reach the Final of 2 per match for any side as an average.

There was a slight improvement from some of the sides or players but not enough to get me excited.

We have shown a complete Zero in the appreciation and interpretation of the new laws and the type of rugby they reward and the type of rugby the punish.

The Cheetahs, Bulls and Lions have shown very little growth from the 1st week and the Stormers the most, The Sharks were expected to be our best hope yet they struggled to beat what is a hapless Mountain Goat herd, without the Great Sheppard himself in charge.

I spotted the lack of fitness David Nuccsie speaks of early in the first round. It will get worse as the NZ sides hit match fitness fuelled by the intense pace they are exposing themselves to.

Between Falie Oelshig and Fourie DP , I can’t  say who has less respect for the new game but both are costing their sides dearly. Not that I have anytime for the new laws other than the 5m back from scrum which is proving the most successful as it rewards sides that attack off 1st phase.

The offside law is ok but it has not seen its full effect due to the rules about giving Free Kicks where Peanuts once abounded. The best example of this is Ritchie Break The Law McCaw, he has quickly worked out that there is now no consequence to breaking the Law…

Example , Side A attacking and gaining momentum soon to expose cracks in a defensive line struggling to fall back under constant pressure … enter Ritchie, get hands in ruck and don’t let go!

2 results possible

1 = Turnover

2= Free Kick , thereby stemming the tide of an attacking side gaining momentum and allowing my side team b to reform in structured defense …

“Dead F@ckin Easy ay ”

i.e. no consequence of 3 points so why the hell not !

The Bottom line …

Not 1 SA side in the Semi’s



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  1. I loved the bit “Richie Break the Law McÇaw” I didn’t think you fellas had a bit of humour in you…..top marks,


    But we’re going to getcha again this week !

  2. Fact the only Reason that NZ teams are scoring so many tries is ..

    The are running off 1st phase against teams that only have defense patterns for crash ball rugby

    It is not all due to the new rules , just a lack of adaption across the board

    Like in the Super 12 when the Aussies invented fanning out and as soon as everyone copied them they went straight through the middle

    Theseare natural cycles in Rugby, the Aussies were actually running off 1st phase last year

    Now the NZ sides do it and once again we are behind

    Nz are just in better condition as they didnt have a super 14 and WC fianl to contend with plus all the jet lag of going to Russia to get Laureus awards and frostbite

    The Aussies are behind beacuase of the binge drinking culture that has consumed them

    that and the Great Stirling Mortlock is injured !

  3. plus all the jet lag of going to Russia to get Laureus awards and frostbite….

    bwa ha ha ha. Don’t forget the possibility that they might have had more vodka than normal too, hence them not feeling the frost bite.

  4. There are only 5 of the new rules applying at the present time, I think.

    AS you say the 5m rule has been a real boom because it does accelerate scrum play, and it will now be an attacking weapon. But scrums will change as we know them from last year…no more slow fatties, every scrum player will need to be an athlete, and have an ability with the ball in hand, and there will be at least twice as many scrums per game.

    Not being allowed to kick the ball out on the full will encourage players to improve their kicking out of hand, and that’s good.

    The only rule that is not working is the line-out rule and that is simply farcical. It has absolutely no bearing on lineouts whatever. I’m firmly convinced we need to go back to the original line-out ruling of all players forming up. Remember we will not be having anywhere near as many lineouts now that the ball has to be bounced out to gain ground.


  5. Patrick


    The Lineout law is a contradication to opening up the game

    it contradicts the idea of disallowing loosies to break off the scrum early as we did back in the day , as in a lineout now they will line up to play who can kill the flyhalf and 1st centre

    There is no danger of leaving too few players in a lineout to counter a maul as now you may pull the maul down

    its also stupid cause look at the impact of the 5m from scrum law in opening up from set phase the lineout caould be equally awesome in setting up 1st phase attack were it consistent with thiis

    The laws should not change the requirements fundamentaly of the type of player a position requires as this has always been rugbys appeal

    fatties , thin ones , tall one short one …

    the scrum law and the offside law with penalties would have been suffient to open the game

    I believe that the free kick rule is a lead to allowing hands in at the ruck

    As soon as the ref’s get flak for the way Ritchie and friends are “spoiling” due to lack of consequence

    The powers that be will say ok fine then hands in then we dont have to stop it to allow structured defense to form and the game will be open …

    problem … = No rucking allowed to stop the frees to spoil hands in to be kept in check to stop slow ball !

  6. Dawie – the Irish Free State became the Irish Republic in the 1940s.

    The 5m rule in the scrums is a good one also because it encourages big fast no 8s (Spies if he ever comes back; So’oialo; maybe even Big Joke) to have a go.

  7. MArk my words North Hemisphere will reject these laws

    They have enough threat from League

  8. I can’t help being disappointed in the new laws, and it has nothing to do with SA’s performance. I’ve watched every Super match since it’s inception, and there was the odd smattering of bollocks amongst a sea of pleasure.

    This last weekend, I found myself getting really bored with this fluffy new game, I struggled to stay awake in it. The South African sides have been poor, disappointing, but so has the entertainment value in my opinion. Watching The Hurricanes game, one of my favourite teams over the last decade, was so ho hum, and almost every other game.

    And then, at the end of the day I found myself thoroughly enjoying the 6 nations.

    I’ll give it a while longer, but it I must be quite honest, the beauty about Rugby for me, has like it’s varied players, been the variable success of opposite patterns.

    A game where defensive and offensive strategies come head to head in field of blood. A game that was as much for fatties as it was for tallies, shorties and all shapes and sizes.

    I am not enjoying the floss

  9. It is very interesting to read that guys say the game is supposed to for all shapes and sizes, but yet the past four years I have read on numerous occasions that players are told, they are too small for rugby.

    Are these laws maybe going to give the fit professionals the inside lane?

  10. Comment by Donner — February 26, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

    Some of those Lions players on the weekend were fit enough but way to small to stop the Blues…

  11. I hear that while everyone has been focused on Bakkies signing for Toulon, they went after another Botha and it is almost a deal.

  12. Comment by JT — February 26, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

    And those midgets at Loftus just couldn’t keep up. :evil:

  13. lions are too small and the bulls are full of bravado except fold when playing against kiwis equally as tough. in this respect WP and the Sharks have always put up more of a fight, but i really feel the loss of Burger is a massive shame.

  14. Burger is a massive shame.

    Comment by cab — February 26, 2008 @ 1:56 pm

    It is a shame that he lost his cool. Don’t think we will ever know the real reasons. However, this might give someone else the chance to step up.

    It seems that SA players don’t even like just the possibility of sitting on the bench. They sommer go to France.

  15. Comment by JT — February 26, 2008 @ 2:09 pm

    I am a Stormers supporter but what Schalk is doing is bringing elements that I hate into the game I love! Like Danie C use to say, no one is bigger than the GAME!
    Faalie with his acting on the weekend pissed me off big time too!

  16. Donner, by all shapes and sizes, I don’t mean that Brent Russel should be allowed to play lock

    There are tons of examples of good little guys, also tons of examples of good fat guys.

    I noticed the kiwis recently using Os du Randt as an example of a slow big guy, but when he started I guarantee you he was faster and more mobile then Carl Hayman has ever been.

    Sorry, I am just not convinced by the new format.

  17. DK,

    I realise that.

    Thing is that these days the coaches are looking for backline players that is even bigger than the locks. Kids are using creatine by the kilo’s to bulk up or they just won’t make the team.

    At top level I don;t really have a problem with it, but at school I still believe it is a game and everyone should be allowed the chance to play it.

  18. Donner and JT,
    i agree totally in that punishment deserved, also have no time for that, but i believe its a shame for the stormers (and schalk letting himself down a bit), perhaps u are right that someone can step up but i dont think there’s anyone in SA with that presence on the field, and its that which might have been used to upset the saders who smashed a bulls pack devoid of such exp and fight.

    with schalk there are rassie’s defensive systems, an upset was on the cards, potentially shitfting their entire mindset, but i see the loss of Burger as a genuine upset to these plans and what little chance of a turnaround has evaporated. i suspect Erasmus is pretty furious.

  19. :roll: I know Gary left allready, but what prevents him from signing with the Frogs.

    So I’ll take it that it is BJ then, or am I missing other Botha’s?

  20. Schalk gets 2 weeks for bringing the game into disrepute.

    Willie Roos get 0 for bringing the game into disrepute 2 weeks in a row.

    All refs wring their hands with glee and triumphantly declare justice has been done……

    Go figure?

  21. All Scahalk should have got was a stern talking to, a vociferous waging of the the index finger and a serious warning.

    Roos should be made to apologise to the nation, he should be docked his match fees for both days and his reffing licence should be endorsed to the effect that another day at the office like that and he’s out.

    The trained athlete, one of the best in the world gets nailed where the paid official, one of the worst in the world walks away.

    Ag nee man!!!!

  22. All I’m asking is on a scale of 1 to 10 which of the two made the biggest and most mistakes over the last two weekends in their respective jobs, the athlete or the snicker?

  23. Not even a nibble, a tug, nothing.

    Confirms my sentiments, refs aren’t even any good as bait either.

  24. Should kick the bunch of no good SARU pro’s out and leave the whistle to the likes of the amateurs such as school teachers, club refs and so on.

    They are probably more passionate about the game in any case, they do it for the love of the game after all?

  25. At least there was some funny things as well so far.

    Watch Earl Rose put a dummy to the Laarnie vannie States

    I nearly pissed myself he he he he

  26. A Bit More,

    There is still room for all shapes and sizes in Rugby, but not professional rugby. The odd shapes could still make it but they will have to get their fitness levels up to current pace. I suspect the heart surgeons will do some good business.

    Back to the lineouts….do you realise that under the new laws that we will never see the combo of Victor and Bakkies plying their trade again, Nor Sharpe and his mate from OZ….firstly the oppo against the combos will simply have the very short throw-in. Lineouts are just as much part of rugby as scrums….we should make a helluva song and dance about the acceptance of the new lineout garbage,

    Just think of a current Bok side without Victor and Bakkies….is that what you want,


  27. Aggenee man!!!

    He (Rose) made as if he was going to throw a quick lineout, but actually was never intending to, so in the action the ball went to the ground, but he made the pass movement, and all these cheetah players made this dive attempt to catch, but Rose never actually passed.

    I laughed my ass off at this laaitie pulling a funny one on the boerseuns from Bloem!


  28. That’s exactly what I mean Patrick, I don’t want 15 men that all look the same doing the same thing. If I wanted that, I would watch league, why kill the stuff that makes this game unique.

  29. February 26, 2008 @ 12:20 pm
    i’m inclined to agree with
    your opinion on the new rules
    but found the 6N,
    apart from the england france game,
    also poor quality.
    Maybe simply post-WC blues?

  30. Dummykick,

    Well, shout your head off, write to the media, tell them you want proper lineouts. If all of you don’t do that we will get these crappy apologies for lineouts for ever.



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