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    It was a game of two halves but at the end a drop goal won it for France 23-21.

    Argentina did all they can but just did not showed up in that first half.

    It was a nervous start for both sides trying to play in each others half of the field.

    With both teams trying to get over the defence we saw some big hits coming in from both the sides.

    It was a brilliant break by the Argentinians that led to the first points in the match through a penalty. This gave them a 3-0 lead early on.

    From some great backline play France took the lead when Gael Fickou got over. The conversion was good and they led Argentina 7-3.

    The French turned on the magic showing off their handling skills and support play when Antoine Dupont got over in the corner.

    This extend their lead to 14-3.

    France still controlling the game got another penalty and extend the lead to 17-3.

    Argentina did come back and had plenty of opportunity to get more points on the board but decided to go twice for lineout drive just to get penalty against them in the scrum.

    France had a late penalty in the first half to stretch their lead to 20-3 at the break and a lot to do for Argentina if they want to win this in the second half.

    Argentina had the perfect start to the second half getting a penalty and going again for the lineout but this time score through Guido Petti Pagadizaval.

    This brought them back into the game reducing the lead to 20-10.

    The Pumas kept the pressure on and were camping in the French twenty two.

    Montoya was at the end of another driving maul form the Pumas to reduce the lead to just 5.

    Argentina took the lead through a penalty just to get it snatch away through a drop goal by Camille Lopez.

    With 10 minutes to go France led by 23-21.

    Argentina had a last change with along range penalty but it was missed and France held on for the win but just.


    France: Tries – Gael Fickou, Antoine Dupont Conversions – Romain Ntamack(2) Penalties – Romain Ntamack(2)

    Argentina: Tries – Guido Petti Pagadizaval, Julian Montoya Conversions – Nicolas Sanchez Penalties – Nicolas Sanchez, Benjamin Urdapilleta(2)



    Date Time League Season Full Time
    September 21, 2019 09:00 Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 Japan 2019 80'


    TeamLosing Bonus PointPenaltyTriesConversions4 TRY BPPointsOutcome


    23 - 21Full Time
        • 80'

          IT'S missed!!! seconds to play #FRAvARG

        • 79'

          Kick it over, Argentina win, miss it they loose easy as that #FRAvARG

        • 79'

          Penalty to Argentina....playing in the air....long way out though #FRAvARG

        • 77'

          Kick is missed and still only 2 points in it with 3 min to go #FRAvARG

        • 76'

          Penalty to France and they can stretch the lead here.... #FRAvARG

        • 70'

          Drop goal Camille Lopez France back in the lead again #FRAvARG

        • 67'

          Argentina going for points....Argenina take the lead after being down 20-3 #FRAvARG

        • 67'

          Both going for ball fair contest, good call #FRAvARG

        • 67'

          TMO now come in for challenge in the air #FRAvARG

        • 67'

          Penalty for Argentina and 10 meters for some pushing form the French now what to do? lineout or points? #FRAvARG

        • 59'

          All the momentum with Argentina at the moment #FRAvARG

        • 59'

          Argentina on 🔥 #FRAvARG

        • 53'

          20 PLAYES 15 With France leading still bit just #FRAvARG

        • 53'

          TRY TIME!! Argentina Montoya over from the drive brilliant drive from the Pumas #FRAvARG

        • 52'

          Another penalty against France and right so France gets their warning #FRAvARG

        • 46'

          A brilliant scrum by the Pumas, need to step it up and they look like they doing it right now #FRAVARG

        • 41'

          Argentina back in it with that try #FRAvARG

        • 41'

          TRY TIME!! Argentina!! just what the doctor ordered #FRAvARG

        • 41'

          Penalty first up for Argentina great take by Boffelli #FRAvARG

        • 40'

          France with a great lead at halftime, dominating most of the play in that first half. Argentina wasting opportunities and have plenty to do in the second half #FRAvARG

        • 34'

          Another penalty against the French in the red zone #FRAvARG

        • 32'

          France defence in close very good #FRAvARG

        • 31'

          Argentina going for the big play. set up a lineout #FRAvARG

        • 29'

          Penalty to France and they are going to points....OVER as they extend the lead #FRAvARG

        • 24'

          TRY TIME!! France!!! great rugby from France, great hands and support play from the French #FRAvARG

        • 18'

          France in the lead #FRAvARG

        • 18'

          TRY TIME!! France!!! brilliant backline play from the French getting the first try of the match #FRAvARG

        • 14'

          Argentina take the lead #FRAvARG

        • 14'

          Brilliant play from Argentina, getting close to the French line #FRAvARG

        • 12'

          Argentina with the ascendancy in the scrums at the moment #FRAvARG

        • 10'

          Some huge tackles going in form both sides #FRAvARG

        • 4'

          The kicking about wayward from both sides early on #FRAvARG

        • 4'

          Pumas getting the first penalty in the scrum #FRAvARG

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        • And we ready for the next one

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        1. France with a great lead at halftime, dominating most of the play in that first half. Argentina wasting opportunities and have plenty to do in the second half #FRAvARG