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    Japan had to work hard in that first half but was just too good for the Russians with Kotaro Matsushima scoring a hat-trick of tries.

    At the end they picked up the win and a bonus point to start their campaign beating Russia at the end 30-10.

    It was Russia that put huge pressure on the host from the kick-off forcing a lineout which they got a penalty from. Although they did not get any points from it they still kept the Japanese in their own half.

    From a kick down field Russia kicked it back and a mistake from Japan gave Kirill Golosnitskiy the first try of 2019 World Cup.

    Japan answered back the best possible way in speeding up the game and got to send Kotaro Matsushima over the line.

    The conversion was not over so that left Russia still leading 7-5 after 12 minutes.

    Russias have come to the match to play and although it looked like they were getting out of steam they stayed in the match counter attacking each time they got the ball in hand.

    Japan was also making some ordinary mistakes and poor judgement on attack kicking the ball away with some players on the outside to spread it wide.

    It was a struggle for Japan but after a disallowed try Kotaro Matsushima he got over for his second just before halftime.

    This gave the Japanese a well deserve lead going into the break.

    Japan had a great start to the second half getting a penalty over first and then former Cheetahs Pieter Labuschagne ripped the ball to run in Japan third try of the match.

    This extended their lead to 20-7.

    Russia had a good period playing in Japan twenty two but some desperate defence from Japan kept them out from scoring their second try of the match.

    Russia pulled 3 back through a penalty by Yury Kushnarev. This made the lead 20-10 after 60 minutes of play.

    Yu Tamura kicked another penalty over for the host nation and extend the lead again to 13 points.

    Kotaro Matsushima got his hat-trick of tries on the 70th minute when Russia kicked a ball down field which was quickly spread to the speedster to get over for a 30-10 lead.

    That was the final points of the game as Japan open their campaign with a good win in Pool A.


    Japan: Tries – Kotaro Matsushima, Kotaro Matsushima, Pieter Labuschagne Conversions – Yu Tamura, Rikiya Matsuda Penalties – Yu Tamura(2)

    Russia: Tries – Kirill Golosnitskiy Conversions – Yury Kushnarev Penalties – Yury Kushnarev


    Date Time League Season Full Time
    September 20, 2019 12:00 Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 Japan 2019 80'


    TeamLosing Bonus PointPenaltyTriesConversions4 TRY BPPointsOutcome


    30 - 10Full Time
        • 80'

          Great start for the host nation as they get the win over Russia in the opening match of 2019 World Cup #JAPvRUS

        • 70'

          Good lead now going into the final 10 minutes for Japan #JAPvRUS

        • 70'

          Hat-trick for Kotaro Matsushima !!!! loose kick from Russia and no invitation needed from the speedster to run in fo the try #JAPvRUS

        • 64'

          Japan extend the lead again with a penalty Yu Tamura #JAPvRUS

        • 60'

          Russia reduce the lead through a penalty #JAPvRUS

        • 56'

          Russia with all the play and on the Japanese line but give the ball away through a silly penalty #JAPvRUS

        • 47'

          Japan extend the lead #JAPvRUS

        • 47'

          TRY TIME!!! Japan!!! Pieter Labuschagne the man over strips the ball and run in a great try from the former @CheetahsRugby #JAPvRUS

        • 44'

          15 play 7 after a penalty kick from Japan #JAPvRUS

        • 42'

          Japan out of the blocks quickly in the second half #JAPvRUS

        • 40'

          Here we go with the second half Japan leading Russia #JAPvRUS

        • 39'

          Japan take the lead #JAPvRUS

        • 39'

          TRY TIME!! Japan!!! no mistake this time Kotaro Matsushima, gets his second try #JAPvRUS

        • 34'

          NO TRY !!! Lost control of the ball while trying to put it down!!! crowd not happy.... but right decision #JAPvRUS

        • 34'

          TRY TIME!! Japan!!! had to come....TMO To check !! Kotaro Matsushima the man again over for Japan #JAPvRUS

        • 33'

          Just too many small little mistakes by Japan, some wrong decisions on attack and poor under the high ball #JAPvRUS

        • 29'

          Russia has definitely came to play, having some great moments so far in this match #JAPvRUS

        • 25'

          Russia turnaround take play back in Japan half #JAPvRUS

        • 23'

          Japan slowly taking control of this test, making all the play leaving Russia to defend and try slow down the Japanese ball #JAPvRUS

        • 18'

          Japan making a few mistakes under the high ball in the opening 20 minutes #JAPvRUS

        • 12'

          Japan on the board but Russia still lead #JAPvRUS

        • 12'

          TRY TIME!!! Japan!!!! Kotaro Matsushima the man over after some dominate play from Japan, best way to answer to the first try of Russia #JAPvRUS

        • 10'

          Japan speeding up the game....#JAPvRUS

        • 8'

          Japan now with some pressure on Russia but they survive the first attack from Japan #JAPvRUS

        • 4'

          Japan finally exit from the scrum but a spill and TRY TIME!!! Russia !!!! Kirill Golosnitskiy getting his hands on the ball and OVER!! #JAPvRUS

        • 3'

          Russia keeping the pressure on Japan going for lineout from penalty but lost it just for the host to spill the ball for a 5 meter scrum #JAPvRUS

        • 2'

          Penalty first up for @russiarugby as they put the pressure on the Japanese side from the kick-off #JAPvRUS

        • Here we go.....

        • Players coming onto the field now for the anthems and start of World Cup 2019 in Japan

        • How great for Nigel Owens handling the WC 2015 final and now taking charge of the opening match in WC 2019....one of the great referees of our time #JAPvRUS

        • "Mentally we are in a good spot at the moment" Japan head coach Jamie Joseph

        • Japan are going in as favourites to take the win in the opening match of the 2019 World Cup

        • Russia has only won one test before against Japan

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        1. That is halftime!!! Japan had to work hard for the lead 12-7 with Russia giving it their all but no idea how long they will be able to keep up. Second should see Japan pulling away quit quickly #JAPvRUS