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    It was one of those epic test matches you wish for and only comes along once or maybe twice in a lifetime when Japan beat Scotland 28-21.

    Japan was all over Scotland although Scotland scored first in the game. It was all Japan that just blew Scotland off the field in that first half.

    Scotland did manage to come back but the lead Japan build up in that first half was just too much.

    It was Scotland with all the pressure early on playing in the right side of the field and putting huge pressure on Japan line.

    It was Finn Russell that found space after the forwards drew in the defence to score for Scotland and take an early 7-0 lead in the match.

    The match was played with speed from both sides with Japan that had the better of ball in hand but the Scottish defending well.

    But some brilliant offload and hands saw Kotaro Matsushima scoring the first try for the host nations to make it 7-7 after 20 minutes.

    Japan kept the ball in hand as they kept Scotland pinned in their own half starting to break the defence for the Scottish.

    It was a sure pleasure to watch the skills and class of Japan as they scored their second try through Keita Inagaki after some brilliant hand to hand passing from the host.

    This gave them the lead for the first time of the match 14-7 after 29 minutes.

    Japan was keeping the pressure on Scotland and playing in the right side of the field which made it easy to keep the lead and get more opportunities to score points.

    It was a frantic start to the second half for the host and with pressure on defence they turned the ball over in the tackle and Kenki Fukuoka ran all the way for his second try of the match.

    This gave the Japanese a 28-7 lead.

    Scotland started to keep ball in hand and kept it with their big men to send WP Nel over for their second try.

    This gave them a slight hope still in the match trailing by 28-14 after 50 minutes.

    Scotland kept pressing the Japanese on attack and they took not long to get another try this time from Zander Fagerson to reduce the lead to just 7.

    With both sides throwing all they have in the game it was frantic stuff with no inch given or taken in the final quarter of the match.

    Scotland threw the kitchen sink and and everything they can at Japan but some luck and brilliant defence saw them hold on to the 7 point lead and take another historic win, the first over Scotland.

    This allowed them for the first time in the quarter final and they will face the Springboks.

    The moment history was made…


    Japan: Tries –  Kotaro Matsushima, Keita Inagaki, Kenki Fukuoka(2) Conversions – Yu Tamura(4)

    Scotland: Tries – Finn Russell, WP Nel, Zander Fagerson Conversions – Greig Laidlaw(2), Finn Russell

    What was said after the game…



    Date Time League Season Full Time
    October 13, 2019 12:30 Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 Japan 2019 80'


    TeamLosing Bonus PointPenaltyTriesConversions4 TRY BPPointsOutcome


    28 - 2112:30

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        1. Penalty from the scrum for Japan and they kicking for points just before halftime….but the kick is kissed to the left #JAPvSCO

        2. TRY TIME!! Japan!!! Just too good for sloppy Scotland defence!!!! Kenki Fukuoka pick the kick ahead up and over #JAPvSCO

        3. That is halftime….what a brilliant half from Japan!!! they score three tries to one of Scotland and it will take a massive effort from Scotland to get a win form here #JAPvSCO

        4. TRY TIME!! Scotland!!! WP Nel shows off his power to get over!! Better play from Scotland playing with their big men #JAPvSCO

        5. Japan deserve everything that comes their way, what a game of rugby and we are not even in the PLAYOFFS yet. They beat Scotland

        6. I’m pretty surprised / that 1st half japan were unplayable – if boks kick the ball down the Japanese throat – could be another upset.

          Better hold onto the call v japan – cos they are deadly on attack.

        7. @cab: not even the slightest worried, our so called boring rugby will be to strong for Japan. We will starve them from ball and that will be the end of it.

          Our defence is also 300% better than Scott’s and maybe even best in the world

          Will take this game with 15+

        8. @Oupa Joe: Most properly they will, beside from the French referee we have the best their is, mistakes may be made but that is life. Springboks should put Japan away, if we leave them to beat us due to one mistake by a ref then it is all our own fault and we should not go to the semi’s

          Just my feeling

        9. @Jacques Nortier: Our gameplan is JUST the opposite – we give ball away like cheap lucky packets on Christmas in Loeriesvlei. Remember your adage: Defence wins world cups? If Flaf kicks everything away again, I will certainly root for Japan!!!

        10. @Jacques Nortier: You said (and I quote :-)): “We will starve them from ball and that will be the end of it.”. And as I rightly said, that is NOT how we played so far. On the contrary (and YOU also pointed this out many times), our gameplan is to kick the ball just back and rely on our defence. So sorry mate, but you are BS on this – unless we CHANGE our gameplan, we will actually GIVE them a lot of ball (NOT starve them).

          Whether it will work or not depends on how effectively we shut down their wings and disrupt their offloads. Simples.

        11. @Bekke: Offcourse it is the way we pay.

          Look pass the stupid Canadian game. We control ball with box kick putting pressure on them, playing for territory to attack from set pieces and killing them with our defence.

          Has been our gameplan for the past 12 months. Once game opens up we can attack and play this Pajama rugby as well.