Springbok Francois Louw have rejoin the Springboks in Pretoria for this weekend Rugby Championship test against the All Blacks.

Louw played in all four the first four test of the Championship but went back to his club Bath after the Wellington test.

Loose forward Francois Louw is back in South Africa and has joined up with the Springbok squad in Pretoria.

Louw form part of the Bath team that were defeated but Saracens over the weekend.

The Springboks are still waiting to hear on the groin injury Warren Whiteley has suffered last week and at this stage it is uncertain if he will be ready for this weekend test.

Erasmus will name his side for the match on Thursday.

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  1. We going to lose if we go back this way. 1step forward 2 steps back. not a good move. This is not building.

    Start van Staden if you want am opensider. Together Marx this should be plenty. Kolisi can play 8th man if whitely injured.

    I also don’t understand how Thor can just gooff to play for Japan – this makes no sense 1 year out from RWC. If Whiteley is out we want Thor playing not Flo.

    The flanks leading up to RWC select themselves:
    Kolisi, MvS, (rather give Velleman a shot to inject some youth)
    PsDT and JLDP (Mostert can cover)
    Whiteley and Vermeulen

    Maybe Brink and DDP.

  2. Flouw is just too slow… tackles and one turnover for Bath this last weekend, in the days he still had speed before all the injuries at least he could cover 7 too…. those days are seemingly over.

    Looks like PSDT (and Mostert) will be carrying their loosies again this weekend.

  3. @cab: sadly thor is out injured still if I’m not mistaken. Ludeke who coaches him in Japan, has made him available for Boks after Pumas loss

  4. As for flo, I agree. Was a big fan of the guy but he is past it. Don’t think van staden should start yet. He seemed a bit lost against wallabies, but I’m sure he will learn with experience. Also reckon it could be because of a lack of gametime. Oh wait, that is all part of Rassie’s masterplan. Like with our 9’s who don’t get any playing time. Ditto Willemse zero playing time. Why even put players on the bench if you’re not going to use them. Oh wait, I forgot. Masterplan

  5. @Aldo:

    Van Staden starting as a specialist, after umpteenth games off the bench and carrying tackles backs, makes a damn lot more sense than Notshe starting straight back into the test arena out of position.

    Quite frankly there are other loose-forwards I would have been playing over those two.

  6. @bryce_in_oz: I’m not saying he shouldn’t start. Just that there are many players in the squad who have been carrying tackle bags without getting game time and he looked rusty on saturday. That is why I would hesitate to start him. The fringe players couldve played Currie cup the last couple of weeks, I understand you need a bigger squad, but somehow we have to get guys match fit before starting them against the AB’s.

    Rassie should really start using all the players on the bench. Willemse has only played one game in 2 months for western province. Yet he was on the bench last week. Should’ve been given a run. Same at 9. Faf might get injured, especially with his terrier way of playing, we have zero experience as backup for him. I could understand the AB game, but the rest the backup 9’s could’ve come on and gained experience.

  7. @bryce_in_oz: and van Staden hasn’t come on in umteenth games from the bench. Saturday was only his second test appearance. Again, he’s been traveling, but not playing.

  8. @Aldo:

    He’s been carrying tackle-bags for all the rest of the comp as a part of the squad when he could have been back at the Bulls. No wonder he didn’t make ‘impact’ everyone expected last week, no mention that the Boks no longer commit players to the rucks on defence and expect one (Marx) or two (Van Staden off the bench) to miraculously do the pilfering on their own.

    Back to Louw… don’t forget Erasmus had a hard-on for him playing at 8, Kolisi at 7 and Van Staden at 6 pre-TRC. He said on numerous occasions he thought Louw would make a great 8. When it comes to his ‘loose-forwards’ it simply depends on which way the wind is blowing come the endless ‘experiments’ (injuries aside) no matter of actual form nationally or internationally…

  9. Yeah I agree with both of you on this selection – why pick these other players if you not going to trust them with a start? On the other hand, erasmus is a slim Jackals and knows that if SA win on Saturday, it will put the fear of God into them for the RWC

    I think MvS starting in front of his own crowd presents a cv good opportunity to see if he’s got what it takes. Would’ve liked to see Koch start with kitshoff too but I get the feeling erasmus going to play safe here.

    Bokke seem to be hit by bloody inhuries again. Whiteley, Thor, JLDP, Brink, DDA, Serfontein, Sbu – these are all worldclass players. Pity.

  10. @Aldo:

    Couldn’t agree more. The scrumhalf situation is mind boggling. Having a guy on the bench and not using him, only to drop him for the next test? What on earth did the guy do wrong to get dropped sitting on the bench all day?

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