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Force get axed from Super Rugby


The Australian Rugby Union board has announced that the Force will be axed from Super Rugby next season.

The ARU has won its arbitration case against Rugby WA and said it would ‘discontinue the Western Force Super Rugby licence’.

ARU chairman Cameron Clyne said: ‘This has been a complex process to reduce Australia’s Super Rugby representation to four teams as agreed by Sanzaar following its review of the competition.

‘We are regretful that this issue has consumed so much of the public commentary on the game in 2017. It was clearly not our intention for this to play out over such a lengthy period, however, there have been factors outside the ARU’s control that have prevented us from completing the process.

‘Our decision to exit the Western Force has been guided primarily by financial outcomes.

‘As we have reinforced throughout this process, there are commercial realities, which are linked to declining on-field performance across our Super Rugby teams which has put Australian Rugby in a position where it can no longer sustain five teams.’

The Force still have the option of appealing the decision in the Supreme Court.

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  1. This whole thing is turning into a shit show. Seems the Force will definitely head for litigation on this one, added to that rumours that the Western Australian government have spent millions that they will want to recover from the ARU as well.

  2. @Craven:

    It’s more than that mate… as it stands WA is one of the richest states in the world with their mining rights… everything from Iron Ore to Gold to pretty much 30% of the world Uranium deposits… but they now have Twiggy Forester in their corner… the Mr Iron Ore of Australia… who has been a fan since the beginning and has come up with some sneaky plans http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-union/union-news/western-force-boosted-as-andrew-twiggy-forrest-issues-warning-to-aru-20170807-gxqui4.html

  3. Bryce

    I think twiggy is poked and he knows it. bet you he not spending big on appeal. No chance unless you going to repeal the others.

  4. @cab:

    You obviously don’t know who Twiggy Forrester is mate… a behemoth in his field… and a man of his word.

    Quite frankly even as a Rebels fan I think it’s a disgrace the Force have become collateral damaged for the ludicrous expansion of Super Rugby two seasons ago! And this is all stems back to SARU baying to political pressure and including a 6th team in the Kings.

  5. You kidding right?

    Rebels and force and all Ozzie teams are crap. I think our worst side (the Kings) in 3 seasons are probably at a level where they could beat the best OZ side.

    I don’t believe reducing the teams will make much difference. They’ve got a travel issue to address and rheres so much test rugby that it barely registers – bit of a shame.

  6. That eastern cape region a goldmine of black playing talent. Look at th players coming through under Davids. It’s terrible that an area like that with so much talent has no cash to develop it and yet sunwolves and rebels and force got all this dosh but zero talent.

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