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France slams World Rugby on 2023 bid report


We know the French are passionate in most things they do and do not stay away from controversy and that is just what French rugby president Bernard Laporte did thsi week when he slammed World Rugby’s evaluation report that placed South Africa as the preferred hosts for the 2023 World Cup.

On Tuesday World Rugby has confirmed that South Africa’s bid had been ranked first with France coming in second and Ireland scoring the lease amount of points in the evaluation.

This did not sit well with Laporte who questioned the report from World Rugby.

Laporte wrote to World Rugby chairman to point out errors in their report calling process incompetent.

He complains about ratings being done by the committee on Hotels, doping and their security


He demands in his letter to get answers on these questions and get it changed to have France be placed in front of South Africa.

The final vote will be on the 15 November to decide who will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.


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