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Gatland and even a possible return for Lancaster as England coach


The RFU are apparently going to talk to Warren Gatland about taking over from Eddie Jones.

Jones took charge of England after the 2015 World Cup and although he has signed a extension till 2021 we will have to wait and see if he will continue after the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

Steve Brown who resigned as CEO of RFU was replace by Steve Brown in the intern, said that he wants to have a chat to Gatland after he announced that he will step down after the World Cup as Wales coach.

Warren’s a very good coach but I’m not sure what his plans are,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’ll speak to Warren and a number of others and then we’ll see.”

Aparently Melville also have no problem interviewing Stuart Lancaster who was sacked after the failed 2015 World Cup campaign on home soil.

“Why would it be a problem?” said Melville of Lancaster’s possible appointment.

I didn’t get rid of anyone. I’ll talk to anyone who has the requisite talent to do the job for us. I am English, this is England, and, of course, it would be great to have an English coach.

“I haven’t spoken to Stuart so [I’m] not sure if it’s the path that he sees for himself but we have been monitoring everyone for the past 18 months.

“We have got a spreadsheet of everything and everyone, different levels, assistant coaches, kicking coaches, all sorts.

“We have English coaches working overseas as well, quite a few of them in France [the likes of Joe Worsley, Alex King and, recently departed, Rory Teague].

“I’ll be meeting with everyone who is a potential target for us. All our top English coaches will be contacted. We have got to have the best coach for the job.”

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  1. So –gross– & retrograde.
    ERU admins have as much imagination as a wind-up toy that gets stuck in a room’s corner.
    Total losers.

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