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GLRU pro is looking for a new CEO


The new CEO needs to be an accomplished business person with a proven track record. Looks like Kevin De Klerk is shopping for talent!

But don’t dust your CV off… the criteria is strict.

You need 10 years plus at executive level… a leader, diplomat and capable of working with a strong and diverse set of board members. Although not an absolute a history in sports would be a good recommendation.

Knowledge of marketing, media and sponsorships is a must as well as being a dynamic enthusiastic person with excellent communication skills.

Obviously (given recent reports) good financial acumen is ultra important for the person to have.

Ten years experience at CEO / CEO / top exec level is a must with marketing and sports being beneficial experiences.

If you think you’re the one… have a look at the full job spec at the Lions website.

I actually know exactly who I would choose but she is in another venture right now… she has ALL the right qualities and qualifications and experience and what’s more she’d shake rugby to its core.

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