That is the view of All Black coach Steve Hansen, who witnessed his side annihilate the Boks 57-15 in Durban on Saturday night.

The difference in quality between the side’s was crystal clear and the Boks now have a 4 from 9 record under their new coach, but Hansen urged the public not to be too critical too soon.

“I think they’re a good side. There are really good players and I think Allister is a good coach,” Hansen said of the Boks.

“I just think it’s a difficult competition at the moment. We’ve managed to play well and put other teams under pressure whereas the rest of the competition is really tight. It’s difficult.”

Hansen drew on the abuse Wallaby coach Michael Cheika received at the start of the Rugby Championship to illustrate his point.

“Everyone did it to the Australians when we played them in the first two games,” Hansen said.

“People came out and said some atrocious things, that they were a poor side and the worst team in history … they’re not. They’re a really good side. And I think South Africa are the same.”

Hansen had no doubt that the Boks would show improvement under Coetzee.

“I think you’ve just got to give them time. They’re a new coaching management and they’ve lost some players; some real experience,:” he said.

“It’s always difficult to replace that.

“I think there is potential there for them to be a very good side if people can just be patient and give them the opportunity to do that.”

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  1. Steve’s right of course. There is tremendous respect for Springbok rugby here in NZ but you have to wonder if that’s based on the historical record rather than today’s result.

    Hansen, ever the diplomat, even slipped in some nice words about Cheika for goodness sake. The Aussie coach still has to learn the art of dishing out compliments and is in for another hiding in Auckland in 13 days time unless Hansen plays his B team.

  2. Nonsense. The Boks are not playing. This Hansen must also stop talking kak. When the Boks drill the kiwis 57-15 we will also say that the kiwis must have patience

    This invite worst. The Boks are no longer a tier 1 rugby side. I can tell you right now if you think that drop Australian side is worth better by 5 penalties at loftus, you ate clueless. The Italians will beat this bok side, I’m telling you right now.

    They don’t play rugby. They do folded in on themselves worried about their shitarse systems that they’ve forgotten what the bloody game is all about.

    actuallly that it, I can’t even follow this kak anymore. Waste of time.

  3. Cab, calm down. Hansen doesn’t engage in kakpraat and knows a thing or two about rugby. As the man said … patience.

  4. Not really a case of the franchises providing Toetie with talent when only the Lions performed in Super Shit. Mallett is right: In NZ all the franchises sing from the same hymn sheet, here everyone has their own choice of music.

  5. Audacity via ABs coach Steve ” Puffy ” Hansen.
    Can you imagine Puff employing the same patience in the midst of one of his “Snack Attacks”?
    I think not. The waiter would get the sharp end of the stick were there a delay with his order of fatty foods & salty lagers.

    All that said Puff is a maestro. Albeit a chubby one….a maestro nonetheless.

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