New Zealand hooker Andrew Hore apologised on Thursday for a hit from behind on Wales lock Bradley Davies that resulted in a five-match ban, saying he had let down his team and the entire country.


Hore, who will miss Saturday’s Test against England due to the ban, said he was “embarrassed” at his action early in the 33-10 win over Wales last Saturday, which resulted in Davies being taken to hospital.

“It is not the All Black way and I have let myself down and the team and probably the whole country that is pretty proud of what we do,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

VIDEO: Andrew Hore hits Bradley Davies

Hore said he had personally apologised to Davies in a phone call and he hoped the Welshman, who will miss this weekend’s Test against Australia after suffering concussion from the punch, made a swift recovery.

The 74-Test veteran said senior All Blacks had taken a dim view of his action, which leaves New Zealand lacking an experienced hooker against England with Keven Mealamu likely to miss the Test with a calf injury.

“The All Black management and the leader group that I’m a part of has been pretty stern on me for getting us into this situation and I have to take what I have got and go back and start building a reputation as a good, clean, hard footy player,” he said.

“Hopefully I can do that in the next Super Rugby competition when I get back playing.”


  1. “The All Black management and the leader group that I’m a part of has been pretty stern on me for getting us into this situation”

    Good if this is true, would just like them to condemn actions like this publicly.

  2. Thanks for posting this Morne. It does bring some balance to some of the hysteria surrounding this bad incident. Some of the comments say more about the motives of the commentators than Hore himself and some are inaccurate. Like Stephen Davies, Mark Reason who wrote the article posted by Bryce is a known AB-hater whose claim to fame is through his one-sided articles and few take them seriously. Few have seen the BBC video from the front rather than the one from the back that everyone with an axe to grind is commenting on. From the front Davies is seen to alter the angle he is running several times to impede Hore while he is following the kick up field and then an angered Hore cleans Davies out when the Welsh player enters the ruck from the wrong side. From the front there is no evidence of Hores fist making contact with the player but there is contact between Hores knee and the player as the Welshman goes to ground. Whether it was intentional or not this was foul play and Hore was rightfully punished for this.

    The “tap on the wrist” 5 weeks suspension was reduced from 8 supposedly because Hore pleaded guilty, apologised and made daily contact with the injured Davies, has an exemplary record in more than 300 first class games, showed remorse and conducted himself accordingly during the hearing. While what he did was wrong and everyone acknowledges he deserves punishment, it is also wrong to put Hore in the same boat as other serial “enforcer” type offenders as they seldom if ever exhibit any of the the mitigating factors mentioned above.

    Boertjie, I agree it may seem like Hore gets off lightly missing the England game but with Mealamu already injured it is no wonder the coaching staff came down on him for his actions and as for missing the Highlanders warm up games and S15 game versus the 2012 winners, this is a bigger deal than it seems. Coach Jamie Joseph has made Hore captain of next year’s Highlanders squad and the axing of the previos captain, Jamie McIntosh of Southland has not gone down well with Highlander supporters there, so enter another coach who will be fuming at Hore with the disruption his actions have caused.

  3. Reply to out wide @ 1:09 pm:

    Forget the incident (if you will). I think most just wanted an acknowledgement of some sort that it was a stupid act.

    There was an interesting article on Rugby365 today where they chatted to Davies (the guy that was donnered) who was banned for 7 weeks not too long ago. Asked on why players ‘lose their minds’ at times he said he doesn’t know – he did, Hore did, in the moment stuff.

    Not ever excusable, but if you know you fucked up, man up.

  4. Agreed. It was certainly not charitable and I’m glad it wasn’t his wife.
    I have compassion for Hore because he is pretty dim from interviews I’ve seen and he looks like a Hobbit.
    Tis the Christmas season after all & all that.

  5. He probably never even wanted to be a hooker. What more than likely happened, was the coach asked, Hey you, yes you boy, you with the dumb expression, what’s your name. Hore sir, came the answer. The coach then after hosing himself, said well you look like a forward and sound like a hooker, so I’ll be damned if I dont make you a hooker.

  6. Lol you guys. I had a good laugh at that but hell you wouldn’t be making jokes about the man’s surname or his looks if you ever got down to Central Otago – unless you were looking to get moered! Andrew and his old man ( who he looks a lot like) farm sheep down there in a place called the Maniototo and are as tough as nails as are most of the people there. It is a very unusual part of NZ being reminiscent of the Karoo and Namibia as it sits in a rain shadow area and if I really want to get homesick, I go down there. The people are really friendly there much like Namibian and Karoo people – salt of the earth people.

  7. Reply to out wide @ 1:09 pm:

    Your comment also say something about you.

    If a Welsh player had similarly decked McCaw at the very next ruck for a much more blatant obstruction, would you also have posted at length about what he did to deserve it, or how it looked like not much from a different viewing angle?

  8. Timeo, I think we can let it rest. Yes there are players that do stupid stuff, but the guy apologised. Just hope they give us the same treatment, allthough I doubt it, cos the Boks are dirty Boers in the eyes of the AB’s. But he apologised and as such deserves to be forgiven, all of us do something stupid in a moment of anger.

    He shown genuine remorse, and there was justice handed out in the form of a 5 week ban. It wasnt right, but then neither was Bakkies’ headbut on cowan from behind, yet we could forgive him when he apologised.

  9. For me the real lesson to learn here, is to make sure that your child does not play hooker if your surname is hore.

  10. At the risk of sounding like a province supporter, has any one of you had a jimmijagga yet? It is bloody nice.

  11. It are a red wine spritser, wiff a hint of plum. Of dis wat die botteltjies van myne gese het. Vriendin het dit gekoop en gese ek moet een probeer. Is nogal lekker.

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