How to play

You have to be registered to play

Log onto Ruggaworld and click on the link “Make predictions” at the top of the right sidebar. You will be able to see the next 7 games and be able to load the predictions for those games. (We call it predictions and not tipping as there is a bit more involved than just picking the winning team and margin)

You will have to predict the score for each team in the game. Once you have entered the score click on the “Save” button and all done.

Should you wish to change your prediction sometime later before the game starts, just go back to the “Make Predictions” page and overwrite the score you wish to change and hit “Save” again. Due to the fact that we allow this, you will not be able to see other players’ predictions until the scores have been tallied after the game.

That is it. Locked and loaded, sit back and enjoy the game.

Scoring system

The Rat Race scoring system is split into 2 levels, the base points & the bonus points.

The base points are allocated as follow:

Predict the winning team and exact scores of both teams = 5 points

Predict a draw and actual result is a draw = 6 points

Predict the correct winning team = 3 points

Bonus points are allocated for:

Predicting the correct score for a team = 2 points

Predicting the exact points variance = 3 points

Predicted points variance is 3 or within from actual variance = 2 points

Predicted points variance is > 3 but < 8 different from actual = 1 points

Should you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask. We realise the calculation of points are difficult if you played in the forwards or anywhere outside the Cape province.

The Admin stuff

The Rat Race log will be updated each Monday morning. It might happen earlier, but the exception will not become the rule.

You can track your own progress by clicking the “Your Rat Race” link at the top of the sidebar.

For a quick view at the log, you can click on the “RAT RACE Log” tab in the sidebar.

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