Was quite surprise to see this week that we have in some circles the believe that the Springboks can beat the All Blacks on Saturday at Newlands.

Even saw our media suggest that the All Blacks will not be up for this test as it is a dead rubber test after already winning the Championship again.

One thing the Springboks and the supporters can be sure about the All Blacks will come out to play as they have done always and that is to be the best they can be in eighty minutes. If that is a 57-0 score line at the end or a 31-30 it does not matter but the World Champions do not play to lose test matches.

For that reason their coach Hansen have picked his best possible side for Saturday and although they are the nicest bunch of people off the field on it they will go as hard as they can.

We need to be honest with ourselves and know that we are in for a very difficult test which we will properly lose and it may be a repeat of the 57-0 even.

Look, the Springboks have tried to change their ways and game plan but the execution is far from where it should be and it start with the set pieces. Last time around the All Blacks dominated our set pieces and we were as poor as we have ever been a few weeks ago.

To be honest we only dominated in certain stages against Argentina but struggled in both Aussie test and the All Blacks test.

Losing Coenie was not ideal and selections from Coetzee did not help the team in getting to a point to dominate for long periods of time against Australia and New Zealand.

If we do not get the set pieces right we will get hammered again by the All Blacks.

Apart from the scrums Coetzee team hopefully worked on their attack which was dreadful against the Aussies. Against New Zealand with better defence and working towards turnovers in defence the Springboks can be in for a long afternoon on Saturday.

Quick ball is needed with Jantjies not standing so deep and midfield running straight and not sideways. It is the easiest thing in the game to defend against a attack that play towards the sideline.

The last thing that still is a huge problem for the Boks is the so-called attacking kick where in the case of the Springboks it is more the “Kick-‘n-Pray”. We need to kick with purpose when we do kick against the All Blacks.


You can never say a win for the Boks is impossible but what we do know that all the stars need to align and the Springboks needs to execute everything 100% to even stand a change to beat them.


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  1. Toeties team lost to the ABs 41-13, 57-15 and 57-0 since he took over.

    It is clear that he is setting them up for this weekend. The New Zealanders will be overconfident and the Boks will pounce.

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