The Hurricanes put a young side on the field and were 24-5 behind at the break but came back in the second half to take a 29-24 win.

With most of their star players out the Hurricanes would have always struggled against a Blues side that has been not that bad as their log position suggested.

The Blues went into an early lead of 10-0 with a try and and penalty to start off with. The Hurricanes made enough play early on but handling errors cost them when they got in the red zone.

The Blues were in control in attack more than the Hurricanes and with that got two more tries in that first half with the home side manage one try.

This gave the Blues a 24-5 lead at the break.

The Hurricanes got some boost in the oranges at halftime coming out and scoring two quick tries to pull the lead down to 24-19.

They were looking much more the side we got used to this season creating something out of nothing.

The Hurricanes did not stop with the onslaught and kept the pressure on the Blues in their own half.

It mark a great come back form 24-5 down at halftime for them to take the lead in the 65 minutes 26-24.

The Hurricanes got a last penalty over to seal a great win with their young players as the beat the Blues 29-24.


Hurricanes Hurricanes  29 v  24 Blues Blues


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