Heyneke Meyer took some time off from preparing the Boks for the first Test against England to answer your questions sent in to him by readers of BOKzine.
June 07, 2012

Heyneke Meyer took some time off from preparing the Boks for the first Test against England to answer your questions sent in to him by readers of BOKzine.

Your Question: The Bulls defence is suspect, Bob showed it during Boots and All Thursday night 31-05-2012. The record also proves it. Why do you not employ the Stormers defence coach? He has made the Stormers the best defencive side in the Super 15? – Owen Hughes

Heyneke answers: That is a good question Owen. I won’t say the Bulls’ defence is suspect, in some of their tour games they rather made individual errors which allowed tries to be scored. I have a lot of respect for Jacques Nienaber and we’ll look at getting him involved in some role in future, but we’ve gone with John McFarland as him and I have been working together for years. He also does more than just defence and is very involved in our kicking game as well as helping the hookers with their throwing, being a former hooker himself.

Your Question: Howzit going boet? I am really a massive fan In fact my spare room has every scarf, hat towel, flag, big springbok and little springbok I have all the rugby balls dude from BOKKIE to world cup, I’ve been to all the Scotland and South African games…. I was wondering what are the chances of getting a signed card or something from the BOKKE. thank you. – Trevor Conradie

Heyneke answers: It’s always nice to hear from someone who is a passionate Bok fan, thanks Trevor. I’ll have to speak to the relevant people to see what they can come up with. All the best!

Your Question: Heyneke, What I would like to know is if you could name ANY former Springbok to the team for this series, not as a way to add depth, but in terms of the effect you feel the given player has on a squad as a whole, who would it be? Please consider more than just the players who retired from Test rugby recently. – AJ White

Heyneke answers: I’m really happy with my squad and I know the guys can do the job for us. Now that the team has been named, it would really be unfair of me to single out any specific player from days gone by, I’m sure you understand. We considered all available options and now it’s up to the players in the squad to show they can stay here.

Your Question: We can expect the All Blacks and Australia to play an expansive game, and they clearly have exceptional backline players to accomodate this. What is your thinking in terms of how the Springboks will counter this – do we take them on at their own game or do we go for a more traditional approach? – Gareth Brown

Heyneke answers: Gareth, I think we’ll have to wait and see. The All Blacks were certainly not the most expansive side at the World Cup last year, in fact, they kicked more than any other team. We will go for the approach that will help us win Tests. But we’re only focused on playing England at the moment.


Heyneke answers: Hi Michael – this question was answered yesterday when I named my team. Juandre is in the mould of Andries and Victor as line-out specialist and organiser (very important) and Eben and Flip are more like Bakkies, who do the hard work around the park. There will always be room for both kinds of locks in a team.

Your Question: Hi coach, I seriously hope you will give Joe Petersen a chance at fullback as I think Zane Kirchner and him has been far the best fullbacks this year. Also just one thing please? Please pick players on form only? No matter who the players are- if they are not performing drop them. Thank you and good luck!! – Marius

Heyneke answers: Hope you like the team we announced on Wednesday Marius, but I’m guessing you would’ve preferred Joe over Zane. We’ve gone for the best players that we think can do the job against England and I can assure you that Joe is not out of the picture at all, but he is injured at the moment.

Your Question: Im still over the moon u got the job ! Dont u think its ridiculous that bizzy was selected to play a hapless lions team days b4 Eng series, they arnt exactly going to loose if a hungry/fit//fresh 180% Burden plays ??? U agree that our plyr mgmt should take a leaf out of the Crusaders & NZ re rotation/injury comeback etc. – Holzie

Heyneke answers: Thanks for the support Holzie, it’s nice to see I’ve still got some fans out there ;-). We don’t have any say over the way the Vodacom Super Rugby franchises utilise their players and I have faith in their coaches. We communicate with them regularly, but in the end they also have a job to do and I understand that full well, having been on the “other side” as well.

Your Question: Hello Heyneke Meyer, do you think you right to coach the bok team. And do you got a different format than the province coaches. – Desmond

Heyneke answers: I’m very excited about this opportunity to be entrusted with this big job. It’s not up to me to say whether I’m the best man for the job, but I will always do my best for the Boks. My format will be to use our traditional strengths or whatever it takes to get the Boks back to winning ways again.

Your Question: Indien klein Lambie gesond is gaan daar ‘n plek vir hom in die Bokspan wees? Veral gesien dat Francois Steyn nou ook terug is. Al is dit net op die bank om iemand tussen die agterspelers wat beseer word te vervang. Gaan ons no. 1 stut geleer word om reguit te druk – onthou hy het die meeste strafskoppe teen hom van enige stut!! – Dirk C le Roux

Heyneke answers: Ja Dirk, altyd, soos jy gesien het met die spanaankondiging. Pat is uiters talentvol, het ‘n goeie voet, kan aanval en is veelsydig. Ons het goeie losskakels en heelagters en daar sal altyd plek wees vir ouens wat my wys hulle wil vir die Bokke speel. Ons stutte het baie hard gewerk aan hul tegniek saam met ons skrum-afrigter, Pieter de Villiers. Dis iets wat vir ons baie belangrik is.

(Dirk asks about what role Pat Lambie will play and if our loosehead prop will push straight. Heyneke said there will always be a place for Lambie as he is very talented, kicks well, can attack and can play in different positions in the backline. And that our props will be ready as they’ve worked hard with scrum coach Pieter de Villiers.


Heyneke answers: Basil, ek ag Heinrich baie hoog – asook ‘n hele klomp ander oopkantflanke wat vanjaar skitterende rugby gespeel het. Dis altyd moeilik om span te kies, maar ons voel gemaklik met die span wat ons vir hierdie eerste toets gekies het. Brussow is beslis nie uit die prentjie nie – ek dink ook hy is ‘n baie goeie mens en dit maak dit soveel moeiliker om hom nie te kies nie.

(Basil says Brussow has not conceded many penalties but that Oosthuizen has. Heyneke says that it’s never easy to select a side but that they are happy with the team selected to face England and that Brussow is not out of the picture at all.)

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  1. Some cringe-worthy questions some good answers… nothing new here really…

    Now it’s time!

  2. Yikes. Looking at those questions, I think I would have gotten a hearing with a question on if the leaving out of the side of Messerschmitt Willie LeRoux is indicative of you needing a visit to the eye doctor for a new prescription.

  3. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 10:22 am:

    Knowing SARU they probably took the questions before the team announcement… and then gave them to HM to answer afterwards without telling him…

    Or they’re just dumb-f@cks!

  4. I’m thinking that this makes the ave SAfrican look like an American…

    Luckily for me the two Afrikaners asked reasonably intelligent questions which establishes to me where the dof is in this country…

  5. The question I would have iked to see was: Heyneke will be look at the reasons why the Bulls struggle in the last quarter of matches.

    They either run our of ideas and ontinue with the same thing without variation, or when they lead they keep kikcing possession away and allowing tems to run at them.

    How will this affect you gameplan for the boks?

  6. Questions point at the average IQ of
    the average Bok supporter.
    They populate the SMS columns too.

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