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Interview with EP star Curwin Bosch



The dust has just settled on one of the most unique Craven Weeks to date. The star of the show? A talented,  young and commanding flyhalf. Curwin Bosch is humble and has kept his head level and his feet on the ground. Benedict Chanakira spoke to the Craven week star on a huge week in his life…

Curwin Bosch
Curwin Bosch

Hi, how are you?

Hi Benedict, I am good thank you.

Tell us about Curwin Bosch’s love for rugby?

I’ve played rugby from a very young age and so did my love for the game over the years of playing.

A pivotal player for Grey High, and now EP. What do you credit your quality displays to?

If you love the game as much as I do
you’ll find a way around any excuses
not to train and play the wonderful

What was going through your head in that last minute conversion against the Blue Bulls?

I’ve been in this situation before for my school so I knew that I had the teams momentum in my hands. Going through my usual routine as a kicker, made it easy for me to relax and kick as if its just another kick.

You not the biggest player, do you feel size is important in the game? Are small players slowly being excluded from the game?

Well, not really. Rugby is about having a big heart and doesn’t matter how big you are, you heart determines your size.

You a 7’s and 15’s specialist!  What format do you prefer ?

My love for the game is enormous, 7’s or 15’s, I don’t mind, but for now I’d like to carry on with 15 man rugby.

You have been the best player at this tournament, have led your side to historic wins and you are still 17. Describe how you feeling after Saturday?

Being part of such a great team is a privilege and honour and doesn’t come your way often! We have worked together as a team and chased our goal which we reached! My words cannot describe the way I’m feeling now!!

Who has made the most impact on your playing career?

Family and friends play a big role as they always supportive towards me. My school Grey High has also played a role in making me the person I am today. Greatful!

Where do you see yourself in five years ?

I have set myself some goals for the future which I’m working towards. I would like to grow as a player and become a better person in the game.

Standout performances at Craven Week have caught the attention of  several Unions? Have you decided on your future?

I’m still 17 years of age so I’ve still
got next year to decide.

Favorite player?

Daniel Carter

Favorite movie?

Remember the titans

Favorite quote?

“The most critical decision is made
when you feel like giving up”

All the best in your career Curwin!



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  1. When it comes to blaming of woes its difficult to go wrong with these:

    Politics: Obama/Bush

    Personal: Global warming, Racism, Conspiracy against me by malevolent forces due to jealousy.

    Rugby: ZeeBulls

    Sure I could be wrong sometimes but the chances are so statistically insignificant it doesn’t warrant the additional thinking which is always a bonus.

  2. @Americano: Unfortunately i have to agree. The only union producing Springboks is the Blue Bulls my visit there opened and kicked the stubbornness out of me.

  3. I am not a fan of them but they are irritatingly good at producing the goods… churning good schoolboys into Springboks…

  4. @DavidS: Sharks and Cheetahs have produced springboks at 10 the last couple of years.

    Everybody have the mind that a fly half can just come from the Bulls, go and look at the gamplan from all SA teams they playing a Bulls game, kicking game is part of modern day rugby.

    The kid need to look future than the trend, don’t just become like all the poephols and think the Bulls are the only future. Pollard is their and if he is their you will stay behind him until he leaves. Look at what happened to a few Bulls players and remember the Bulls kicking coach is now at WP.

    I still say his game will suit it the best at Lions or Cheetahs

  5. @bryce_in_oz:

    And I still maintain my view on Swiel. Made his SR debut this year and will go bigger and better from here on in. Just don’t know if it will be in SA or the UK…

  6. *elephant in room* Pat Lambie test career could be over. Why? Willie le Roux; Morne Steyn and Handre Pollard! Some spice- injuries!!

  7. Thank you BC.
    No thanks to Pat Lambie’s agent. His stay at CCells is like letting your kid just eat candy all day then wondering why his teeth are falling out.
    Lambie is Test TOAST if he stays longer.
    He needs to go to Cheetahs & get some flair, dirt in his teeth & mess up that hair for crying out loud.
    Perhaps you could do a write-up on this tragedy in the making?
    Working title….Golden Fleece

  8. Let me see if we can come up with enough ammunition but it id sad. He is a good player!

  9. Agreed BC – He is a good player.
    His shepard is blind & he needs a new pasture.

  10. After the games Warren has agreed to an interview. Americano i need your email for the Golden fleece draft.

  11. Why on earth would Lambie move from a winning team to a team that finished below the no-name Lions?!!??!

    He’s been injured most the season and the entire dynamic changed with him back on as first choice 10 and Steyn to 12 (his rightful position)…

    Nope a move to the Cheetahs and he’d be playing in Japan or NH in less than a fortnight…

  12. Bryce,
    While I appreciate your counterpoint regarding Pat Lambie’s career plateau….
    The disparagement of Cheetahs is excessive.
    My contention that Lambie needs a change of scenery isn’t because I think he’s a loser – I think he needs to be challenged & who better to grow with than the premier creative force of SA rugby – Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux?

    It’s because of the high esteem I have for his talents that I think he needs to go. Those same talents shown early in his career also make his stagnation all the more obvious. This is a common need for great talents everywhere – Gauguin had Tahiti, Hemingway had Paris, Lambie…Bloemfantain.

    If this does not happen he will fade away & he will remembered only as that Shark flyhalf who looked like Andy Roddick vs the test force he could have become.

    BC – I’ll conspire with DavidS to get you my email – hopefully your piece will inspire a change & keep Mr. Lambie from being a footnote in the history books.

  13. @Americano:

    Hehe… eloquent and succinct as per normal…

    Lambie will be just fine under Jake White if he can stay off the injury sheet.

    Look at Toomua, Jesse Mogg, Speight, Timane, Kuridrani… all exceptionally creative and earned their stripes under JW…

    Prospective test greats all need to play in the heat of Super rugby play-offs, semi’s and finals… something he would just not get a wee bit North of the border…

    I could think of nothing worse than Lambie having to carry his backline’s defensive woes all game every game

  14. Why ask Curwin Bosch about size… watching his highlight reel he’s quite big for a lightie… looks the same size as Goosen already?

    Cannot find his profile though…

  15. Fair point. Just that he has been part of a winning team and still in test wilderness. Injuries have not helped.

    Bosch is about 82kg and aint small. He is 17, he will be facing 100kg + boys so wanted his overview on size.

  16. @bchanakira2:

    For sure the question was valid… these days under 100kg for a back is small… and they only get bigger when you look at some of the NZ/Aus Islanders coming through 110kg’s plus and fleet-footed…

    I found his profile 184cm and 82kgs… alright for a schoolboy back… hope he eats his Pronutro…

  17. At 17. One more year at school he will be fine. Oh and when we or they manage to get to an academy or system. He will get bigger and injury prone.

  18. Province already courted him. No injury prone. Lets say some stuff makes you grow but kills you internally. Look at Pat

  19. @bchanakira2:

    Yep hence ‘natural’ size… but then some like Etzabeth and Bekker also too injury prone even though they are natural giants…

    This is why the Aussies and NZ’ers are so lucky to have the Pac Islands as a feeder… guys like the Fijians were born to play rugby…

  20. What are the chances we could steal a few islanders ? I had a boy from Fiji i coached last year. I tell you they are made for this game. Playing at the Puma under 21 currently . #monster

  21. @bchanakira2:

    Heheheheh… I would love to see us court some Nigerians

    If you look at some of their 100 meter athletes and their boxers those are BIG blokes…

    Same with DR-Congolese… I’m sure with the right coaching they would easily outsize those PIs.

  22. @DavidS:

    Cannot be long until they filter through the RSA schools systems… have you seen how many there are in Durban (although mostly the dodgy stereotype)… and I’d imagine it’s quadruple that in Gauteng…

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