Ireland is set to bid to stage the 2023 Rugby World Cup with the bid to be unveiled in Armagh on Friday.


The IRFU will join with the Northern Ireland Executive and Irish government to outline their joint bid.

An Irish bid would use both traditional rugby stadia, such as the Aviva Stadium in Dublin and Thomond Park in Limerick, while also hoping to use Gaelic football venues such as Croke Park, which hosted rugby internationals during the renovation of Lansdowne Road.

As far back as May, Ireland coach Joe Schmidt showed his support for the idea, likening it to the 2011 World Cup hosted in his native New Zealand.

“You have got the same population and the same kind of energy around sporting occasions and I think you have got the stadia,” he said.

Ireland has never hosted a Rugby World Cup on its own, however the 1991 edition of the competition featured games in both Belfast and Dublin, as did the 1999 tournament, along with Limerick.

Next year’s World Cup will take place in England before the 2019 edition that is to be hosted by Japan.

Among the other possibilities for the 2023 World Cup, Agustin Pichot has already expressed his intention to bring the competition to Argentina, while South Africa and Italy are also believed to be interested in hosting the tournament.

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  1. Hell it would be fantastic if Ireland got this. Yes I know SA is also bidding but we hosted it already and to be honest we find it hard to keep the lights on as is – leave alone ponder a Malema presidency around that time…

  2. Ireland is roughly the size of the Freestate but with 4 great cities anchoring North, east, south and west and a fanstastic new highway network linking all 4.

    Add to this the proximity of England and French fans as well as the time-zone, and you have a recipy for a mega money spinner as well as a real supporters spectacle.

    In such a small space it will truly feel like a world event (unlike France where in most parts of paris you were hard pressed to find a pub that shows the game. The biggest event during France 2007 (I spent a good while in Paris at the time) was the Scotland versus France soccer game!

    Ditto england where a Man U V Chelsey game will probably draw bigger crowds and TV audiences than the rugby.

    Ireland will be like a small city hosting the Olympics!

  3. Super fast internet, great hotels, a millions pubs all showing rugby and a dark beer with a creamy head….

    Screw Italy and SA – take it to Ireland already!

  4. Italy would be a blast. Better food, all that etc.

    You have to think about the fans too.
    Ireland/North England ( formerly known as Scotland prior to Independence vote) would be an abject death-march for fans.
    World Rugby doesn’t have the funds to actually pay fans to attend.

  5. Ireland has their semi finals and finals stadium sorted.

    The Gaelic Games Association is fairly wealthy and will upgrade their Cork and Galway stadiums which together with Ravenhill, RDS and Thomond park should do it.

    With 7 great stadiums you can easily host it – 2 of which will be brand new and two upgraded.

    Big question is do you host the final at 90 000 seater Croke or 52000 Lansdowne – but the latter has capacity to expand to 80k I think.

  6. @Americano:

    Italy is not a rugby country so again if Milan plays Napoli you have more fans excited over a local foOTBALL game than an entire rugby tournament. In Paris you literally had to go to designated areas and designated Heineken sponsored pubs to see any rugby, and this during a world cup!

  7. The previous occasions 5N teams hosted games they were the “host” cities but games were played all over Europe. Just one QF, one SF and the final were all played in the host nation.

    There is now way the other sports in Ireland can support this. The Kiwis almost folded and their rugby is in deep debt to government over 2011. Small countries should not host alone. The truth is that the little Catholic premier will have to go hand in hat and ask Angela Merkl for money for this little adventure…

    Ah to be sure madam we want soom of yer Euros to have a sports festival…
    Stant at attenzion und say “Heil Merkl” und repeat ziss again… you vont money… hmmm… und ven vill ziss be repaid…

    Oh yeronner to be sure we wouldn’t be borrowin’ if we had the money ma’am so we’ll repay in good time in good time madam yeronner

    Ach zooo… you vish to make terms… provide zee vays und means to repay… und vot collateral vood you provide us…

    Ah yes yeronner oor players roon laterally on attack boot we cad give yer soom stadiums as collateral…

    Nein nein little Irishman… vee vont no stadiums or your silly brown bier… vee make zee best after all… vee vont uzzer sings…

    Vee vont money… you must all buy BMWs, use Siemens und llearn to spik Cherman und set up a legally ambifilent little boy sex trade industry for our horny olt men…

    You see where this is going….

    Merkl has enough issues staying elected and retaining her own money to have to loan the Irish who almost crashed the EU money to live high and ppretend Ireland was anything but a backwater third world Catholic mess until German EU money mmade them live beyond Germany’s means… like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal and Iceland.

  8. ps. In South Africa Pirates plays Chiefs and you get a fuller stadium than any rugby match.

    In Ireland they play their curling or hurling or whatever… same thing…

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